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  • 2011
  • 7 Seasons
  • 7.3  (67)

20/20 on ID is a television show that features investigative reporting on a wide range of topics. This show is a spin-off of the popular ABC News program, 20/20. This ID version is broadcasted on Investigation Discovery, one of the foremost true crime channels in the world. The show debuted in 2011 and quickly gained a following among fans with a taste for real-life intrigue.

The stories covered on 20/20 on ID explore crimes, scandals, and controversial events from different angles. The show has a knack for uncovering hidden facts and presenting a complete picture of each story. Some episodes focus on high-profile cases like murders, kidnappings, and political scandals. Others feature human interest stories, including cases of survival, heroism, and everyday struggles.

One of the things that make this show stand out is its journalistic approach to investigations. The reporters on 20/20 on ID take their time to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and conduct research before presenting their findings. This thoroughness offers viewers a chance to see the cases from different angles and form their own opinions.

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, fascinating interviews, and reenactments, 20/20 on ID brings viewers some of the most thought-provoking crime stories on television. The show also has engaging on-air personalities who add depth and personality to the reporting. One such person is "ABC News' David Muir, who began contributing to the show in 2012.

A good example of a gripping episode of 20/20 on ID is the one titled "Capturing the Friedmans." This episode revisits the case of Arnold and Jesse Friedman, a father and son who were convicted of child molestation in the 1980s. The show examines the evidence used to convict the Friedmans and raises serious questions about the validity of their conviction. The result is a gripping, thought-provoking episode that offers insight into the flaws of the legal system.

In another episode, "The House on the Lake," 20/20 on ID tells the story of an idyllic home in Maryland where a young mother, Jane McQuain, was brutally killed. The episode explores her troubled relationship with her estranged husband and the shocking truth behind her murder. The show's thorough investigation and emotional interviews with McQuain's family give viewers a glimpse into the human impact of a senseless crime.

Beyond its sensational crime stories, 20/20 on ID also tackles social issues like medical mysteries, missing people, and justice system reform. One must-watch episode is "The Last One to See Them," which covers the mysterious disappearance of two young cousins in Iowa. The episode explores the difficulties of searching for missing persons in rural areas and the impact on families who must live with the uncertainty.

Another notable episode is "Sextortion," which deals with the growing problem of cyber-sextortion. The show explores how predators use social media to prey on vulnerable young people and extort them with compromising photos. This episode sheds light on a disturbing trend and highlights the need for more awareness and prevention efforts.

Overall, 20/20 on ID is a thrilling and informative show that offers a unique take on true crime. With its engaging on-air personalities, in-depth reporting, and wide-ranging topics, it has something for everyone. Fans of the true crime genre or anyone with an interest in uncovering the truth will find this show well worth their time.

20/20 on ID
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  • Premiere Date
    June 7, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (67)