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This provocative news series takes investigative reporting to suspenseful levels. Taking apart timelines and suspects of some of the most well-known cases of missing persons and murders, these reporters dig deep to find answers in some of the most bizarre cases. Insightful and informative, this highly acclaimed crime series will take you through interviews of prime suspects and victim

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on ID: Investigation Discovery
7 Seasons, 92 Episodes
June 7, 2011
Cast: John QuiƱones
20/20 on ID

20/20 on ID Full Episode Guide

  • After spending 11 years in prison for murdering her mother, Noura Jackson speaks out about the evidence that put her behind bars, the court decision that set her free and the suspicions that turned her own family against her.

  • A wealthy community is shocked after a person dressed like a clown guns down a woman at her front door; suspicion falls on the victim's husband and his alleged girlfriend, but it will take more than 20 years until an arrest is finally made.

  • In a football-crazed town, a star player and a teenage girl end up in a he-said, she-said controversy after a raucous party; investigators ask what happened when the two of them went into a bedroom during the party and closed the door behind them.

  • A small town is jolted by the murder of a young woman, who was last seen with a mysterious figure in camouflage; when a suspect is later convicted, some continue to wonder if the investigators got the right man.

  • An armored truck driver and his family commit a series of heists, eluding authorities for more than a decade; when one of them starts flashing money around, their plan for living the good life begins to crumble.

  • After a man is bludgeoned to death in his home, his wife and father-in-law claim it is a case of self-defense; then investigators take a closer at the crime scene, and the story of what really happened that night emerges.

  • A shot rings out as a New Year's Eve party comes to an end, and Ashley Fallis lies dead in her bedroom; initially ruled a suicide, Fallis' husband is later accused of murder.

  • Kim Long says she came home late one night to find her boyfriend bludgeoned to death, but a jury finds her guilty of murder; then, a new attorney takes a second look at the evidence and seeks to set her free.

  • A man is convicted of murdering a young woman and leaving her body on a riverbank in North Carolina; a crusading attorney is convinced he's the victim of an overzealous investigation and sets out to prove his innocence and free him from prison.

  • A mother of three goes missing; her car is found in flames, but she is nowhere in sight; as police begin to investigate, they find out she has been keeping a secret from her family.

  • After a small-town girl disappears, police have a suspect, but it's her brother who lays the trap to catch her killer; a college professor wonders if it was his classroom where the murderer learned how to cover up the crime.

  • Even though there's no body and no murder weapon, police believe a missing woman is dead at the hands of her husband; prosecutors take him to court four times, trying to unravel the truth about his wife's haunting disappearance.

  • A young woman is found dead in a friend's apartment, but the friend is nowhere to be found; as police hunt him down, they discover a deadly plot, in which one person is a mastermind, while the others are mere actors in his play.