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  • 1957
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (116)

26 Men was a popular western television series that aired from 1957 to 1959. The show starred Tris Coffin as the lead character, Captain Tom Rynning. The show followed the exploits of the Arizona Rangers, a group of fearless lawmen who were tasked with cleaning up the Wild West.

The show was set in the late 1800s and was based on the real-life Arizona Rangers, a group of lawmen who were established in the 1900s to combat the rampant crime and lawlessness that plagued the state at the time. The show depicted the Rangers' efforts to maintain law and order in the territory and protect its citizens from outlaws and other criminal elements.

Each episode focused on a different case or situation that the Rangers were called upon to handle. The plots were often taken from real-life cases that the Arizona Rangers had dealt with, giving the show a sense of authenticity and realism. The stories were well-written and engaging, with plenty of action and suspense to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The show was unique in that it was one of the first westerns to feature a law enforcement agency as the main characters. While other westerns focused on cowboys or other outlaws, 26 Men was able to offer a different perspective on life in the Old West. The show also had a strong moral message, with the Rangers always striving to do what was right and uphold the law, even in the face of danger or resistance.

Tris Coffin gave a strong performance as Captain Rynning, the leader of the Arizona Rangers. His character was tough, no-nonsense, and highly respected by his fellow Rangers. Coffin imbued the character with a sense of authority and dignity, making him the perfect choice for the role.

The supporting cast was also excellent, with each actor bringing their own unique style and personality to their respective roles. Some of the standout characters included Ranger Clint Travis, played by Kelo Henderson, and Ranger Bob Diering, played by Hal Hopper. These characters added depth and richness to the show, making it a true ensemble cast.

One of the most notable aspects of the show was its use of location shooting. Many of the episodes were filmed on location in Arizona, giving the show an authentic look and feel. The beautiful scenery and rugged terrain of the state added to the show's overall visual appeal and helped to transport viewers back in time to the Old West.

Overall, 26 Men was a well-made and entertaining western that offered a unique perspective on life in the Old West. The show was well-written, well-acted, and had a strong moral message that still resonates with audiences today. It remains a beloved classic of the genre and a testament to the enduring popularity of the western television series.

26 Men is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1957.

26 Men
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26 Men Vol 3 The Bells Of St. Thomas
30. 26 Men Vol 3 The Bells Of St. Thomas
January 1, 1957
True stories of the Arizona rangers around 1900.
The Slater Brothers
12. The Slater Brothers
January 14, 1957
When Clint Travis is falsely accused of Murder. Rynning sends him into Galioro Mountains to prove his innocence by finding the cattle rustlers who actually committed the crime.
Man on the Run
11. Man on the Run
January 14, 1957
A Ranger suddenly resigns without explanation. Rynning tries to discover what's behind it and finds that the man is hiding a secret that he won't take a chance on anyone finding out about.
The Bells of St. Thomas
10. The Bells of St. Thomas
January 14, 1957
Captain Rynning and several of his Rangers join a posse to smoke out the remnants of Luke Baxter's gang. The outlaws momentarily give the posse the slip and double back to take refuge in a mission school run for the reservation's Indian children and hold the priests and the youngsters as hostages.
26 Men Vol 3 Man On The Run
9. 26 Men Vol 3 Man On The Run
January 1, 1957
True stories of the Arizona rangers around 1900.
Border Incident
8. Border Incident
January 14, 1957
Clint Travis goes undercover as a gun smuggler to stop Mexican revolutionary Juan Morales' plans to topple the Mexican government.
26 Men Vol 3 The Slater Brothers
7. 26 Men Vol 3 The Slater Brothers
January 1, 1957
True stories of the Arizona rangers around 1900.
The Big Rope
6. The Big Rope
December 17, 1957
A lynch mob in Galeyville hang a pair of innocent Apaches suspected of stealing horses. Summoned to the town, Rydding and Travis receive a cold reception from the sheriff, who denies that the killings even happened.
Dead Man At Tuscon
5. Dead Man At Tuscon
December 3, 1957
Former outlaw Mark Devers faces his past after his son Cain is released from prison. Fearful of Cain's influence on his family, Mark offers him money if he'll stay away from them and their law-abiding life.
26 Men Vol 3
4. 26 Men Vol 3
January 1, 1957
True stories of the Arizona rangers around 1900.
The Wild Bunch
3. The Wild Bunch
January 14, 1957
A member of the notorious Wild Bunch bandit gang escapes from Ranger Clint Travis' custody, resulting in his being fired. Furious, Travis sets out to take on the whole gang and salvage his career and reputation.
26 Men Vol 2- Border Incident
2. 26 Men Vol 2- Border Incident
True stories of the Arizona rangers circa 1900.
26 Men Vol 2
1. 26 Men Vol 2
January 1, 1957
True stories of the Arizona rangers around 1900.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 1957
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (116)