The Adventures of Jim Bowie

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  • 1956
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.1  (227)

The action in this adventure drama centers around the exploits of Jim Bowie, a wealthy planter residing in the Louisiana Territory near the start of the 19th century. Central to the action is his encounters with many famous and infamous residents of New Orleans, as well as his ability to defend himself with a knife that he invented after a faulty knife almost cost him his life in a fight with a grizzly bear.

The Adventures of Jim Bowie
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The Puma
38. The Puma
May 23, 1958
Reporter Tebbs asks Jess Miller to travel to San Antonio and retrieve $7,000 for Bowie. In route, Miller is mistaken for Bowie, first by bandits whose leader needs his help and then by a corrupt colonel who wants the money and pits the bandit leader against Miller in a fight to the death.
Man on the Street
37. Man on the Street
May 16, 1958
A Creole aristocrat, with substantial land holdings in New Orleans, loses heavily at the crap tables. When he refuses to honor his IOU, Bowie offers him a partnership to develop the land in exchange for canceling the debt.
The Cave
36. The Cave
May 9, 1958
Bowie tracks a seemingly delusional young bride who is kidnapped following her wedding. He learns that she may have been hypnotized so he sets a trap for the suspected hypnotist.
Bowie's Baby
35. Bowie's Baby
May 2, 1958
On the trail, Bowie rescues a sole surviving baby from a burning covered wagon. When the local sheriff refuses to get involved, a tavern owner agrees that she will watch the baby while Bowie tries to find a family willing to adopt.
A Night in Tennessee
34. A Night in Tennessee
April 28, 1958
While visiting Tennessee, local politicians enlist Bowie's help in defeating Davy Crockett for Congress. Bowie agrees to help them but then refuses their smear tactics. When Bowie threatens to expose their scheme, they take him prisoner.
Bad Medicine
33. Bad Medicine
April 18, 1958
Federal government tells Choctaw tribes to move from Mississippi to Arkansas. One tribe refuses because chief's son is sick. As Bowie guides a doctor to examine the boy, they encounter a young couple who are about to deliver a baby.
Patron of the Art
32. Patron of the Art
April 11, 1958
A plantation owner will sell his plantation to Bowie but the price is a rare Venetian painting. The painting's owner is willing to sell but the painting is stolen, held for ransom and, unbeknownst to Bowie, duplicated.
The Brothers
31. The Brothers
April 4, 1958
Bowie returns to Louisiana to organize an expedition to rediscover and develop the Apache silver mine in Texas. He meets a young army lieutenant, Jeff Davis, who is interested in his plan. However, Jeff's older brother Joe has less adventurous plans for his younger brother.
30. Apache
March 28, 1958
Bowie joins the Lipan Apache tribe. He helps them in their war with the Comanches who are assisted by Bowie's old horse trading friend, Cephas. The Apaches agree to take a blindfolded Bowie to their lost silver mine but Cephas follows them.
Horse Thief
29. Horse Thief
March 21, 1958
Bowie purchases a horse from an old friend for Ursula, the daughter of his business partner and future Mrs. Bowie. Unbeknownst to Bowie, his friend has stolen the horse from the wife of the local Lipan Apache chief.
The Lion's Cub
28. The Lion's Cub
March 14, 1958
Bowie thinks he's pulling a joke on an Englishman who makes an offer to buy his "bear repellent", but the joke backfires and he winds up serving as the man's valet, and two men riding with them have other plans, to obtain the man's gold.
Up The Creek
27. Up The Creek
March 7, 1958
A family of backwoods grifters capture Bowie and convince him to pay them a dowry in exchange for not marrying the family's daughter. Bowie and his cousin try to recoup the money but their plan goes awry.
A Grave For Jim Bowie
26. A Grave For Jim Bowie
February 28, 1958
John Chapman rescues Bowie following a riverboat explosion. In turn, Bowie saves Chapman from murderers who are looking for a supposed inheritance.
Apache Silver
25. Apache Silver
February 21, 1958
While in San Antonio, Bowie obtains a map to a lost Spanish silver mine in Apache territory. However, seeking the mine could jeopardize peaceful relations with the local Lipan Apaches who also act as a buffer against the Comanches.
24. Ursula
February 14, 1958
While in San Antonio on business, Bowie accidentally meets his future wife, Ursula.
Deaf Smith
23. Deaf Smith
February 7, 1958
Deaf Smith intervenes when Bowie is attacked by bandits.
Home Sweet Home
22. Home Sweet Home
January 31, 1958
Bowie trusts a gambler to sell tickets to a benefit for actor/songwriter John Howard Payne.
Curfew Cannon
21. Curfew Cannon
January 24, 1958
A rich French family entices the Bowie brothers to be their partners in a new bank.
Pirate on Horseback
20. Pirate on Horseback
January 17, 1958
In search of a stolen necklace, Bowie infiltrates a criminal brotherhood which is bent on taking over the state.
The Close Shave
19. The Close Shave
January 10, 1958
An anonymous letter writer threatens Bowie's life.
Choctaw Honor
18. Choctaw Honor
January 3, 1958
Bowie helps a Choctaw Indian who has been accused by the Choctaw tribe of the murder and robbery of a tribal member.
Silk Purse
17. Silk Purse
December 27, 1957
Bowie unexpectedly wins the services of an unrefined young woman from her father in a poker game. He attempts to teach her what it means to be a lady.
Mexican Adventure
16. Mexican Adventure
December 20, 1957
Bowie and Jean Lafitte assist an American diplomat who is being held by Mexican authorities. In turn, the diplomat uses his medical training to help deliver a baby.
Country Girl
15. Country Girl
December 13, 1957
Bowie and Rachel are asked separately to lend bribe money to brother and sister aristocrats.
The Alligator
14. The Alligator
December 6, 1957
Bowie investigates the death of a woman who has been frightened to death by a baby alligator hidden in a doll.
The Bridegroom
13. The Bridegroom
November 29, 1957
To try to escape from a pursuing gang of waterfront toughs, Bowie pretends to be a prospective bridegroom for a wealthy French family's daughter.
Hare and Tortoise
12. Hare and Tortoise
November 22, 1957
Jim discovers a scheme to enrich the owners of a piece of land by getting the state to move its capital there.
11. Charivari
November 15, 1957
Jim's suspicions are aroused when an elderly friend dies suddenly on his wedding night.
The Pearls Of Talimeco
10. The Pearls Of Talimeco
November 8, 1957
Bowie and an Indian friend make up a wild story to trick a crooked storekeeper who is cheating Bowie's friend Sam McCullers but their plan backfires. Bowie then enlists Sam's daughter, Rachel, in an attempt to clean up the mess.
The Whip
9. The Whip
November 1, 1957
During negotiations to purchase cotton, Bowie discovers that much of the cotton farm's labor is provided by the local prison comandante who keeps order by the crack of his whip and who is providing the labor in exchange for supposed donations to the church. However, his plan to expose the comandante as a thief takes a dangerous turn.
House Divided
8. House Divided
October 25, 1957
Jim gets shot, and finds himself recovering from his wound in the mansion of a wealthy family. However, one of the young women who is treating him asks him not to identify the person who shot him. Jim sets out to find out why.
A Fortune for Madame
7. A Fortune for Madame
October 18, 1957
Jim is interested in buying some land, but he discovers that the owners have just been scammed out of it. He sets out to help them get it back.
The Quarantine
6. The Quarantine
October 11, 1957
A desperately needed shipment of smallpox vaccine is stolen, and Jim risks his life to get it back.
Bullet Metal
5. Bullet Metal
October 4, 1957
Jim is interested in buying a lead mine, but runs into a problem: the owner is a pacifist who won't sell the mine if it will be used to make ammunition.
Counterfeit Dixie
4. Counterfeit Dixie
September 27, 1957
In order to break up a gang of counterfeiters, Jim asks for help from a former pickpocket and a former horse thief.
The Irishman
3. The Irishman
September 20, 1957
Jim purchases the contract of an indentured servant, but when they stop at an inn, the man tricks the innkeeper into believing that he is the master and Jim is the servant.
Flowers for McDonough
2. Flowers for McDonough
September 13, 1957
A canny Scotsman outfoxes Jim in a real-estate deal.
Epitaph for an Indian
1. Epitaph for an Indian
September 6, 1957
Jim's Indian friend has been killed, and when Jim goes to his home to deliver the news to his father, he finds that his friend's father has also just been shot.

The action in this adventure drama centers around the exploits of Jim Bowie, a wealthy planter residing in the Louisiana Territory near the start of the 19th century. Central to the action is his encounters with many famous and infamous residents of New Orleans, as well as his ability to defend himself with a knife that he invented after a faulty knife almost cost him his life in a fight with a grizzly bear.

The Adventures of Jim Bowie is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (74 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 1956.

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  • Premiere Date
    September 8, 1956
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (227)