8 Days a Week

This television drama is based on the best-selling book series by Lyah Beth LeFlore. It focuses on six twenty-somethings who demonstrate a hunger to get exactly what they want out of every aspect of their lives and how they concentrate on always coming out on top.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
August 24, 2011
Web Originals, Reality
Cast: Justin Williams, Skye Townsend, Alex Lynn Ward, Justin Jacoby
8 Days a Week

8 Days a Week Full Episode Guide

  • The crew realizes that the road to their dreams is complicated.

  • The crew toasts to the beginnings of their success, but as they raise their glasses the moment is disrupted by bad news.

  • Mamie and J Shine start work on music and Blue and Jade work on their friendship.

  • We meet Blue's mentor and Blue, J Shine, Jade, Whiteboy, Zoe, and Mamie finally become friends.

  • Blue breaks up Jade, Mamie, and Zoe at the cafe while they are discussing their future.

  • The group is defeated after their crazy night. Blue discovers a hot demo and discovers he has no money. Maime and and Jade work on their gigs.

  • J Shine and Blue Reynolds get a taste of the high life while recording at Rah's studio.

  • J Shine, Blue, Jade and Mamie all compete for their big break.

  • Blue and J Shine are warned by Whiteboy about connecting with Rah, a high-level record exec. Introduced to Jade, Mamie, and Zoe.

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