A Gardener's Diary

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A Gardener's Diary is a show that takes you all over the world searching for gardeners that are either professional or garden as a hobby. They tell about the garden and the gardener that created it. These gardeners will talk about the things they put into the garden and what all comes out of them.

You will learn what type of mulch needs to be used for different types of gardens. They will show you how and where to get the mulch and even how to make your own that will save you money.

The gardeners will tell you about the different landscaping you can achieve and how to achieve the look you want. You will learn the best tools and materials to use, and what colors will best fit your landscape ideas.

This show will allow you to get ideas on different type of gardens you could create in your own yard. Some of the gardens are shadow garden, colorful shade garden, meditation garden and even all your summer and winter gardens.

You can learn to create a colorful garden down your walkways, driveways and paths. They will show you techniques to create an oasis garden around your pool and patio to give you a vacation feel every time you step outside your patio.

This show allows the gardeners to show you the techniques and secrets that they use to achieve their beautiful gardens. They will talk about the soils, foliage and fertilizers to use on your gardens. You will learn how to water and care for each different garden type.

You can have a beautiful Rose Garden and learn how to choose the best place to grow it, how to plant the rose bushes, what colors would match and blend well with each other and how to maintain them.

This show will show you how to place and plant different green foliage to finish off any type of garden you may have or want to give a fullness and color that will last through the season.

You will learn what is the best food is provided for your plants and flowers to grow and produce the brightest and most beautiful colors. You will learn where plants and flowers grow best and what weather conditions are good or bad for each.

Whether you are planting and creating a garden of your own or having someone do it for you, this show will allow you to learn the dos and don'ts of gardening.

14 Seasons, 35 Episodes
January 13, 2001
Home & Garden
A Gardener's Diary

A Gardener's Diary Full Episode Guide

  • Tour a garden in Virginia that's like a miniature forest.

  • Visit an incredible camillia garden in Florida.

  • See a South Carolina gardener's fantastic topiaries.

  • See how a gardener uses moss to create a lush background for her garden.

  • Jimmy Shine has created a wonderland of citrus and flowers in this garden.

  • This Texas garden exhibits European roots.

  • Visit a NC garden with everything from roses to grasses to tropicals.

  • Here's one amazing garden with treasures from all over the world.

  • Tour a Texas organic nursery filled with flora delights.

  • See a garden filled with brilliant fall colors.

  • We visit a garden that's said to be created by a hobbit.

  • A couple bought the adjoining property to extend their garden.

  • Barbara Rion's overgrown garden now welcomes visiting wildlife.

  • Linda Ragland's garden is a riot of color in the summer.

  • Virginia Israelit has a series of terraced gardens in Portland, Oregon.

  • A couple adapt the garden around their 19th century family home.

  • Jean Woodhull has been an influence in the preservation of green spaces.

  • Nani Waddoups and Ron Wagner create a Thai-influenced garden.

  • Sally Reynolds designed an extensive ornamental garden.

  • Bill fell in love with Japanese maples and has collected hundreds of them.

  • Tour a garden full of interesting trees, shrubs and grasses.

  • Bruce & Gerald took an unwelcoming hillside and made a spectacular garden.

  • Jim Lewis has planted over 50,000 four-inch pots of dwarf mondo grass.

  • Don Shadow is bent on preserving both rare plants on his Tennessee farm.