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  • 2002
  • 1 Season

Airforce is an Australian documentary series produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The show follows the daily life of the world's second-oldest air force, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), offering viewers unprecedented access to the inner workings of Australia's airpower.

The series' first episode, titled "The Future", sets the tone for the rest of the season by exploring the RAAF's vision for 2020 and beyond. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and exclusive interviews with high-ranking RAAF officials, viewers are taken on a journey into the future of air combat, aeromedical evacuation, unmanned aerial systems, and more.

From the future, the show jumps to the past, shedding light on the RAAF's rich history in its second episode, "The Legacy". Starting with the formation of the Australian Flying Corps in 1914, the show vividly chronicles the stories of the RAAF's missions in World War II, the Cold War, and beyond. Interviews with former RAAF pilots, historians, and military experts help provide valuable context to the struggles and victories of Australia's air force.

With the groundwork laid, the series moves into more contemporary issues in its third episode, "Gallant Few". Here, viewers get an unprecedented look into the rigorous training regimen that the RAAF's elite special forces undergo. These airmen must prepare for high-risk missions that involve everything from parachuting into enemy territory to conducting search and rescue operations.

The final episode, "A Pilot's Life", takes a personal look into the lives of RAAF pilots. The show follows pilots as they prepare for takeoff, embark on dangerous missions, and return back to base. Viewers get an intimate look into the hard work and dedication that goes into becoming a pilot, as well as the incredible thrill of flying high above the earth.

Throughout its season, Airforce showcases the RAAF's impressive arsenal of aircraft. Viewers get up close and personal with fighter jets, transport planes, helicopters, and more. Each aircraft is lovingly detailed in its design, capabilities, and mission objectives, allowing viewers to truly appreciate the incredible technology behind modern air power.

The show also doesn't shy away from the tough topics, such as mental health issues that commonly affect pilots and airmen. In one particularly moving segment, viewers are introduced to a team of RAAF psychologists who are working to identify and treat mental health issues early on, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of RAAF personnel.

The show is superbly produced, featuring stunning visuals and a compelling narrative that will appeal to both military enthusiasts and casual viewers. The use of drone footage and POV camera angles puts viewers in the cockpit of some of the RAAF's most formidable machines, while the interviews with RAAF officers and veterans help provide invaluable context and perspective.

All in all, Airforce is a top-notch documentary series that provides a fascinating look into the RAAF and its storied history. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or simply someone looking for an informative and exciting series, Airforce is a must-see.

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Future Shock
5. Future Shock
November 21, 2002
The era of the fighter pilot will be over by 2050. In the last decade wars have erupted in Central Asia, the Middle East and Central Europe. With each new eruption the technology becomes cheaper, more intelligent and more destructive.
Flying Metal
4. Flying Metal
November 21, 2002
The realities of 'command and control' combat and weapon systems. RAAF have to decide by 2006, what will replace its jets and bombers. It might be the stealth bombers like the F22 Raptor, or unmanned aircraft like the Global Hawk.
Flying High
3. Flying High
November 21, 2002
The biggest problem facing the RAAF is hanging on to its best people. The RAAF has just under 13,500 men and women. The skills and intelligence they display is also required in higher paid activities such as IT and computing on many levels.
Intelligent Destruction
2. Intelligent Destruction
November 12, 2002
Australia's Air Force is facing the most costly dilemma in its history. It's about to scrap 71 fighters and 33 long range bombers. By 2015 or 2020 most of these aircraft will be in a junk yard.
The Billion Dollar Question
1. The Billion Dollar Question
November 21, 2002
Australia's air force must give the government a plan of action, for their future, by 2006. This plan must cope with a new style of war, particularly post September 11, and the increasing demands made by Government.
  • Premiere Date
    November 21, 2002