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The American Television situational comedy Aliens in America is all about a young Pakistani Muslim student Raja Musharraf who as part of his student foreign exchange program, was sent to live in Wisconsin with an American christian family. The family of four who had accepted to accommodate a student for the exchange program were expecting a European student but were surprised and disappointed to have a Muslim teenage boy instead. The main character of the family Justin Tolchuck was a young teenage boy who was living with his parents Gary and Franny Tolchuck and his kid sister Claire Tolchuck who was well known due to her great popularity.

Justin had everything he ever needed but was not a popular kid and always got bullied by friends and school mates. This was what prompted his mother, Franny to accept and host an international student who she hoped would be of great help in boosting and improving her sons' social skills.

The experiences were quite challenging for Raja Musharraf and the American boy Justin Tolchuck. The two however got along after some time and the level of friendship that developed between them in the long run was so amazing. This enabled them overcome the challenges of student life especially as high school students together.

Their experiences were centered around dating, deals at school and sometimes saw Raja giving up his opportunities to lead for Justin to tackle them so as to make him popular among their schoolmates.

The main characters of the show have featured in other well known successful television series. They include Dan Byrd who played the role of Justin Tolchuck, Adhir Kalyan who acted as Raja Musharraf.

The show was created by David Guarascio and Moses Port, and produced by David Guarascio, Moses Port and Tim Doyle. The sitcom which was directed by Luke Greenfield is aired on The CW.

The thirteen episode series was was co-produced by CBS and NBC.

The CW
1 Season, 18 Episodes
October 1, 2007
Cast: Dan Byrd
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Aliens in America Full Episode Guide

  • Frannie arranges a date for Raja and a Muslim girl and both families, when its revealed that he is interested in her. Justin goes out with a neurotic girl due to a feeling of pressure to date, and Claire goes out with a German exchange student.

  • Raja creates a mock funeral for a classmate who was "killed" in an alcohol related accident, as a means to raise awareness for Students Against Drunk Driving. But the school's most popular student is jealous when Raja chooses Justin as his pretend victim.

  • When Justin's class is assigned to read the book "Madame Bovery," his mother insists that all smutty books be banned from the schools. Also, Justin's parents learn of his new talent, drawing nude women.

  • Raja's new annoying friend Mindy feels ostracized by her classmates. Mindy thinks she and Raja are dating, and Raja doesn't know how to set her straight without hurting her feelings, so he tells he can't go out with her because of their different religions. When Mindy shows up in a burka, Raja knows he's in trouble.Meanwhile, after Gary and Franny learn some shocking news about their new neighbors.

  • When Raja starts to pray at the airport, the Tolchuck family is detained by security and they have to postpone their trip. Feeling misunderstood, Raja sees Mr. Matthews and asks to be placed with a new family, and the Tolchucks go to a mosque for guidance. Gary and Justin get in a little quality time while searching for Raja.

  • Gary takes Justin and Raja hunting in order to guide his son in a "manlier" direction after Justin decides he wants to be a stay-at-home dad. Meanwhile, Fanny and Claire have an argument that leads to a blow-up at a nightclub.

  • Justin finds himself being preyed on by the school bully, Trey, and makes up a story about Franny being in a coma to win Trey's sympathy. Raja objects to the lie, until he finds himself a target of Trey's actions as well. Meanwhile, Franny has an automobile accident, and Gary has a little accident of his own.

  • The Tolchucks begin attending church again after Raja questions the family's spirituality during the Christmas holiday. Also, Justin prays to have sex with a certain girl in his school.

  • Justin and Raja feel guilty after carrying out the annual junior-class school prank. Meanwhile, Gary searches for a job, Franny sells things over the internet from the household and Claire feels a bond with a herd of alpaca after being left in charge of them.

  • Claire talks Justin into becoming the school's mascot, but is too scared to perform in public. Meanwhile, Gary pretends to be employed at a big hardware store and even helps out the customers.

  • Stress from exams has Raja smoking, which causes former smokers Franny and Gary to start up again. Elsewhere, Claire is snubbed by Justin after she embarrasses him in school.

  • It's Homecoming and Justin is serving on the Junior Float Committee since his idea for last year's float was a hit. However, when Raja questions Justin's idea for this year, the committee chooses Raja's idea instead. Meanwhile, Franny tries on Claire's dress and Gary finds the sight irresistible. But when he learns that the dress is Claire's, he forbids his daughter from wearing it.

  • Raja persuades a sexy girl in school to dress more modestly and concentrate on developing her mind. While working with Raja and the girl on a project, Justin begins to think she likes him. At home, Franny gives Gary a fashion makeover.

  • Raja explains to a class that he's close to Justin, causing the entire school to tease them about being a couple. Horrified, Justin turns to Claire for help and she tells him to ignore Raja. But the strategy backfires when Raja befriends the geekiest kid at school, nicknamed "Small Paul," and Justin is completely alone. Meanwhile, when Claire decides to break up with Jeffrey, Gary gets involved.

  • Justin Tolchuck, a 16 year old, is navigating the social high school nightmare with advice from his well-meaning parents, Franny and Gary, as well as jabs from his popular younger sister, Claire. Wanting to find friends for her son, Franny signs Justin up for the international exchange student program, hoping an athletic Nordic teen will boost Justin's social status. However, when the exchange student arrives, it turns out to be Raja Musharaff, a 16 year old Muslim from Pakistan. Despite their numerous cultural differences, Justin and Raja quickly bond, making them both feel less "alien."

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