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This sweetly engaging, classic Britcom stars Richard Briers (The Good Life) as the Reverend Philip Lambe, a vicar in a sleepy country parish. Feeling that his life has become rather too cozy, he decides to transfer to an urban parish for a fresh challenge, setting off for the big city with his somewhat reluctant family in tow.

All in Good Faith is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on December 30, 1985.

Where do I stream All in Good Faith online? All in Good Faith is available for streaming on Acorn TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch All in Good Faith on demand at Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel online.

Acorn TV
3 Seasons, 18 Episodes
December 30, 1985
Cast: Richard Briers, Barbara Ferris
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All in Good Faith Full Episode Guide

  • A gang of con men are victimizing the elderly in Edendale. Philip thinks he can tell the sheep from the goats, but that's before the intervention of the Divine Brotherhood of the Celestial Beacon.

  • Gambling fever is something that should be resisted at all cost, but when £30,000 are involved, even Philip begins to weaken.

  • Philip is called in to investigate a poltergeist. The resulting manifestations include a headless dog, a phantom toilet roll, and the miraculous cure of an old faker.

  • First-night nerves grip a prospective groom. The cure includes an unexpected train trip, an overdose of liquid courage, and a full bottle of Desmond's special formula.

  • A broken fan belt, a dud TV, and the dent in a can of talcum powder are all clues when Philip is called upon to investigate theft and loneliness in an old people's home.

  • When Philip is asked to baptize the children of a local gypsy, a pair of tenants makes sure that he's the one to be immersed in water first.

  • When his father decides to emulate Philip and take on a tough urban parish, Philip tries to dissuade him. His arguments end up falling upon deaf ears, two of which belong to a ventriloquist's dummy.

  • Philip is visited by a stranger who believes he has a divine mission to fulfill. A few days later they meet again, but, on this occasion, the stranger has a gun.

  • The baptism of a child should be a happy occasion, but in this case, the father and the grandfather can't agree on anything, let alone a name for the baby. When a commonsense approach fails, Emma rushes in where Philip fears to tread.

  • When Philip tries to alter the parish hall bookings, he comes into conflict with a local martial arts club. A firm hand is called for, especially when Philip is invited to shatter a few tiles himself.

  • The plight of an elderly widow prompts Philip to ask Oscar Randolph, the local supermarket tycoon, to help him aid the old people in the parish. Philip soon discovers that Oscar, as usual, is helping no one but himself.

  • A homeless couple arrives on Phillip's doorstep late one night and are given shelter. On further acquaintance, having no home turns out to be the least of their problems.