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This is the reincarnation of the game show that brought fit people onto a stage with some of the best gladiators in the world. Contestants compete against each other and the Gladiators to get through obstacle courses that test their strength, speed and agility. When the contestants are able to get through the obstacle course, they can win cash and prizes. When the Gladiators win, they have to bring in a whole new crop of contestants to see if the powerful gladiators can stave them off for one more week.

2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
January 6, 2008
Game Show
Cast: Hulk Hogan, Laila Ali, Alex Castro, Al Kaplon
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American Gladiators Full Episode Guide

  • The final four enter the arena for the final showdown ... but only one man and one woman can win the ultimate Gladiator prize!

  • The final two men and women contestants will battle it out for the winner of season 2.

  • Ally Davidson from Dallas, Texas will challenge Vanessa Warren from Colorado Springs, Colorado in the female semi-final competition. The men's semi-final round finds Alexander Coates from Baltimore, Maryland vs.Tim Oliphant from Branson, Missouri.

  • Returning contestants compete in the semifinals. Ally Davidson from Dallas, Texas will challenge Vanessa Warren from Colorado Springs, Colorado, a mother of three in the female competition. The men's round finds Iraq War veteran Alexander Coates of Baltimore, Maryland, taking on Tim Oliphant from Branson, Missouri.

  • The semifinals will be determined after a detective from New York City challenges an ex-marine in the men's competition. The ladies side finds a student in a duel against a figure skater.

  • It's a battle between youth and wisdom as a 20 year old college student challenges a 52 year old investment manager in the female competition. The men's battle finds a dolphin trainer taking on a media director.

  • This round features four contestants who have had a successful weight loss. The men's round includes a teacher, James Ruggiero from Yucca Valley, California (dropped 65 pounds) takes on a waiter, Sean Hetherington from West Hollywood, California (lost over 100 pounds). The women's tilt features a cheerleading coach Jessie Garcia from Bronx, New York versus a mother of four Patricia Franklin from Leesburg, Virginia, who have both lost over 60 pounds.

  • A special episode featuring two married couples, the ladies competition finds sales rep Ally Davidson from Dallas, Texas and social worker Kendra Sirignano from Tempe, Arizona challenging each other, while their spouces financial advisor Jeff Davidson, Ally's husband battles Kendra's spouse wrestling coach Aaron Simpson in the men's competition.

  • Four more contenders compete to get a place in the semi-final board.

  • The males matchup features a school teacher and a survivor from Columbine. The ladies features a military vet and crime reporter. A special appearance is made by actor/bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno.

  • A tree climber challenges a SWAT officer in the male match-up, while the females find a business consultant facing a distaff adventurer.

  • A pair of Chicago police officers battle it out against the gladiators, as does a couple of female officers from Denver.

  • The women's side finds single mom and black belt Melissa Trinidad vs. firefighter and Chernobyl survivor Elena Maskalik, while the men's event pits grocery store owner Toby Gordin goes head to head with carpenter Randee Haynes. The second hour kicks off with Para-Olympian John Sciliano battles with teacher Gerry Garcia, and the female side finds Air Force Major Vanessa Warren takes on feisty bartender Nikki Key.

  • The season finale unveils the male and female winners, who earn $100,000 each and are signed to be Gladiators for next season.

  • The final semi-finals round features a wrestling coach, a youth administrator, a mother and a rehab physician, all set to challenge the Gladiators.

  • The first of the semifinals begins with winners from previous battles. The men's competition features a fireman and a rock climber. The female competitors features a fitness trainer versus a gymnastics instructor.

  • Competitors include a high school teacher, a dancers, a wrestling coach and a chiropractor.

  • The contestants for this round include a tomboy, a female football player, a fireman and a rock climber.

  • The gladiators are challenged by a shark fisherman and a mother of twins.

  • Female competitors include a Karate instructor and a distaff life coach, while the male competitors include an engineer and a radiation-control technician.

  • The return of American Gladiators includes a pair of men and women who compete against each other and the gladiators. This weeks competitors includes a woman who was a former Marine.

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