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  • 2020
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (26)

America's Wild Seasons is a thrilling and informative documentary series that explores the natural beauty and majesty of America's wilderness. Presented by seasoned experts and featuring stunning cinematography, the show traces the four seasons of North America, from the scorching summers to the freezing winters, and examines how different animals and vegetation adapt and thrive in each season.

The series is divided into episodes, each focusing on a specific theme and location. From the rugged terrain of Alaska to the sun-drenched beaches of Florida, each episode takes the viewer on a captivating journey through America's diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes. Some of the episodes in the series are titled Fall Fury, Winter Warriors, Mountain Magic, and Summer Sizzlers.

The first episode, Fall Fury, documents the fascinating occurrences in the autumn season. Viewers are taken on a tour of the magnificent views of the changing colors of trees and how this affects animals like bears and elk who are preparing for winter. It also shows the migration patterns of birds who embark on their long journey to warmer territories. Through stunning aerial shots, viewers can see the vast forests and winding rivers that are teeming with life as different species of animals begin to gather food and fatten up for the harsh winter months.

The second episode, Winter Warriors, provides a fascinating view into how creatures survive the brutal winters. The episode shows how different animals like wolves, bears, moose, and owls adapt to the snow and freezing temperatures. Viewers get an insight into the unique techniques and strategies that each animal employs. For example, the show follows a pack of wolves, and viewers witness their hunting tactics and the strategies they use to survive the cold and bring food for their families.

In the episode Mountain Magic, viewers get to experience the unique environment that exists in mountainous regions. The show takes the audience high up in the Rockies and offers a glimpse of the world's most stunning and breath-taking landscapes. The focus of this episode is how mountain creatures have adapted to their rugged and often hostile environment. Among the creatures observed are bighorn sheep, golden eagles, and snowshoe hares.

The last episode, Summer Sizzlers, reveals the magic that happens in the summer season. This episode takes viewers to the wetlands of the southeastern US and shows how this region comes to life with breathtaking beauty in the hot summer months. The wetlands become a fertile hunting ground for creatures such as alligators and wading birds, and the episode examines how these animals thrive in the summertime. The beautifully lit wetlands are a haven for birds such as storks, pelicans, and herons during this season, and viewers get to watch them hunt and feed in the scenic wetlands.

Overall, America's Wild Seasons is a breathtaking and insightful portrayal of America's wilderness. The show takes viewers on an incredible journey of discovery, showcasing the fascinating ways in which animals and plants have adapted to the changing seasons, and how they thrive in different environments. The show's stunning cinematography brings the beauty and magnificence of America's natural world to life, and the depth and breadth of information presented by the experts is an excellent primer for nature enthusiasts and anyone curious about the natural world.

America's Wild Seasons is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (4 episodes). The series first aired on October 22, 2020.

America's Wild Seasons
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4. Winter
October 15, 2020
From migrating monarchs to sea-serenading humpbacks to starving bison, follow America's wildlife through a brutal winter.
3. Autumn
October 8, 2020
Follow migrating tundra swans, dam-building beavers, prying sea stars, and other creatures of wild America in the fall.
2. Summer
October 29, 2020
Follow America's creatures as they soak up the sun, look for mates, and fight for survival during a wild summer.
1. Spring
October 22, 2020
Follow bursts of wildflowers, buzzing hummingbirds, reptile romances, and new births as we explore spring in America.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 22, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (26)