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  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.9  (94)

Animal ER was a veterinary documentary series that aired on Nat Geo Wild from 2016 to 2017. The show is centered around the work of Dr. Brian Beale, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and the owner of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, Texas. The series follows Dr. Beale and his team as they deal with a vast array of animal medical emergencies, both big and small.

The show gives viewers a rare glimpse into the world of animal medicine, as Dr. Beale and his team tackle complex surgeries, diagnose illnesses, and care for animals in their clinic's intensive care unit. The series showcases the daily struggles of veterinary medicine, the highs of unexpected triumphs, and the lows of loss.

The show's format is suited to offer viewers an up-close look at the procedures that are involved in saving the lives of animals. In the operating room, Dr. Beale explains the procedures he's performing as well as why they are necessary to save the animal's life. The show is not for the faint-hearted as it depicts graphic surgeries and procedures. The cases taken up in Animal ER are not just limited to domestic animals like dogs and cats. Still, the show also includes wildlife animals like eagles, porcupines, armadillos, and even alligators.

Throughout the series, Animal ER introduces its viewers to an array of patients and their individual struggles. From a tiny Chihuahua with a rare congenital birth defect that threatens her life to a Great Dane that has accidentally swallowed large rocks, the show demonstrates the many challenges that arise when caring for animals. In one episode, Dr. Beale and his team perform a complex surgery on a racehorse that had broken its leg, potentially ending the horse's career. In another episode, they go toe-to-toe with a venomous snake to save the life of a baby opossum.

The show not only highlights Dr. Beale's work, but it also focuses on the team that helps him save animals. The staff at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists engages in intense procedures and operations that require strength, intelligence, and the ability to work as a team. Throughout the series, viewers learn about the various roles played by the support staff and how their contributions are indispensable to the success of the practice.

The veterinary profession is not all about saving animals, and Animal ER does not shy away from exploring the human sentiment attached to these animals. The show provides a deep dive into the intricate and complicated relationship that humans and their pets share. Viewers are shown the lengths that people are willing to go when caring for their animals. In one episode, a distraught owner brings in her elderly dog, knowing that she might have to make the difficult decision of that pet's euthanasia. Animal ER handles these cases with respect and sincerity, acknowledging the human and animal emotions involved in such situations while still delivering the veterinary care that is required.

The show has unique features that separate it from other veterinary programs. The first episode of every season highlights Dr. Beale's volunteer work in the animal rescue sector. This part of the show puts a spotlight on the herculean efforts of shelters and rescues that care for stray and abandoned animals. In one episode, Dr. Beale travels to Haiti to help animals affected by the 2010 earthquake. While in Haiti, he works alongside local veterinarians, treating animals and donating much-needed medical supplies to the organizations.

Overall, Animal ER provides a high-quality educational and entertaining look into the veterinary world of animal medicine. The show depicts the complexities of the veterinary profession, displaying the challenges and rewards that come with the job. It is an excellent source of information for animal lovers, aspiring veterinarians or anyone fascinated by the medical world of animals. Viewers can rest easy knowing that they are watching qualified, compassionate medical professionals saving animals' lives.

Animal ER is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on September 13, 2016.

Animal ER
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On Pins and Needles
8. On Pins and Needles
October 7, 2017
The top veterinarians in Texas treat a Yorkie that swallowed a sewing needle, a kitten with injuries to its teeth, jaw, and eye after a dog attack and a king penguin with a swollen ankle.
Something Fishy
7. Something Fishy
September 30, 2017
A Chihuahua and a husky with broken jaws; an anemic rabbit with a liver problem.
Down the Rabbit Hole
6. Down the Rabbit Hole
September 23, 2017
Gulf Coast treats a Catahoula; an African serval cat suffers from pancreatitis.
5. Blindsided
September 16, 2017
The clinic treats a peacock with a ruptured tendon and a dog with hermaphroditism.
Miracle Max
4. Miracle Max
September 9, 2017
The clinic treats a peacock with a ruptured tendon and a dog with hermaphroditism.
Unusual Suspects
3. Unusual Suspects
September 2, 2017
The staff at GCVS treat an Asian elephant that has been diagnosed with breast cancer; a giant Schnauzer comes in with a chronic hip fracture; Dr. Hottinger fears that her whippet may have cancer.
The Elephant in the Room
2. The Elephant in the Room
August 22, 2017
The staff at GCVS treat an Asian elephant that has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
Fire Drill
1. Fire Drill
August 15, 2017
After a fire breaks out at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, the staff must evacuate the hospital, while making sure patients and their owners are safe.
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Animal ER is available for streaming on the Nat Geo Wild website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Animal ER on demand at Disney+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    September 13, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (94)