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In this animated series, a group of cute animated robots set out on quests to find the answers to some of the most pressing questions asked by young children. The series debuted on Netflix in 2016 and has spawned a holiday special, A Storybots Christmas.Ask The Storybots is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on August 12, 2016.

Ask The Storybots is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ask The Storybots on demand atNetflix online.

3 Seasons, 22 Episodes
August 12, 2016
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Erin Fitzgerald, Fred Tatasciore, Judy Greer
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Ask The Storybots Full Episode Guide

  • We use the toilet every day, but how does it work -- and where does our waste go? Jason Sudeikis guest-stars as a plumber in the know.

  • To see how cell phones work, the StoryBots hop inside one. Jennifer Garner guest-stars as a cell tower switching-station operator.

  • The 'Bots blast off into outer space to learn how planets are made -- and what they're made of. Zoe Saldana guest-stars as an astronomy professor.

  • After tumbling into a tuba, the StoryBots enter a magical, musical wonderland. John Legend guest-stars as the King of Music.

  • The StoryBots jump into a vending machine to find out where candy bars come from. Alyssa Milano guest-stars as a chocolatier.

  • No two people are exactly alike, thanks to a little thing called DNA. Reggie Watts guest-stars as a nurse who explains it all.

  • A trip to a landfill teeming with trash teaches the StoryBots the importance of recycling. Tony Hale guest-stars as the owner of a sorting facility.

  • The StoryBots brave a castle on a dark and stormy night to understand how eyesight works. Maria Bamford guest-stars as an eccentric scientist.

  • The StoryBots travel to the Land of the Lymph to learn how a cold virus spreads. Wanda Sykes guest-stars as a doctor with the sniffles.

  • The StoryBots get a bug's-eye view of a flower's journey, from seed to bloom. David Cross guest-stars as Bang's free-spirited pal.

  • To find out where electricity comes from, the StoryBots go straight to the source. Edward Norton guest-stars as an electronics salesman.

  • The StoryBots help the lead of a subterranean musical deal with the pressures of fame. David Koechner guest-stars as a pirate.

  • A talking boombox turns it up to show the StoryBots how ears help us hear. Ali Wong guest-stars as an all-knowing brain.

  • The StoryBots take on an awfully big task: counting every kind of animal there is. Kristen Schaal guest-stars as a biologist.

  • A piece of broccoli and a rebellious cupcake teach the StoryBots about proper nutrition. Christina Applegate guest-stars as a bakery owner.

  • The StoryBots climb inside a computer to learn about input, output and processing. Snoop Dogg guest-stars as a tech-savvy operating system.