A.T.O.M. Alpha Teens On Machines

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When teens, Axel, Catalina, Crey, Zack, and Ollie, are handpicked by Janus Lee, head of the hi-tech, cutting-edge Lee Industries, to test prototype vehicles and weapons, they become The Alpha Teens and use their prototypes to combat the criminals that run rampant in Landmark City, namely their arch enemy -- the sadistic Alexander Paine.

Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG)
1 Season, 26 Episodes
Cast: Clancy Brown, James Arnold Taylor
A.T.O.M. Alpha Teens On Machines

A.T.O.M. Alpha Teens On Machines Full Episode Guide

  • A year after the potential death of his father due to a bomb created by Paine, a frustrated Axel seeks to put Paine out of commission for good, even if it means interfering with police business and splitting up the team. Lee creates a lizard-like creature called the "Axel Manning advanced enhancement".

  • Now, without a base to call home, Paine seeks to use a remote that can control electronic devices to blackmail Landmark City into giving him enough money to rebuild. Lioness's cousin from Brazil, Eliza comes to visit and immediately has Hawk and Shark attracted to her. Axel and Garrett, stumble into a mysterious room of Lee Industries that is off limits to anyone but Lee himself.

  • As the Alpha Teens finally discover where Paine's base is located, Paine seeks to tunnel under Landmark City flood the city with lava. However, because of the intense heat of the lava, Paine forces Vinnie Rossi, now the monstrous concrete man, Mass to do the job, or else his mother will pay the price.

  • The mystical sword of Jo-Lan is stolen from the Landmark City museum by a group of ninjas and the Alpha Teens go all the way to Hong Kong to recover it. Dragon returns with interest in the sword, mysterious intentions and unsure alliances.

  • Flesh and Spydah poison Axel with potent venom from a very toxic water spider. As Axel, who is using Jo-Lan to slow down the toxin's deadly effects, is getting medical attention, Shark is put in charge of the team by Axel himself.

  • After a meteorite temporary knocks out all power within Landmark City, Paine intends to steal it to make the city go through a much more permanent blackout. Also, Hawk poses as the leader of the Alpha Teens so he could impress reporter, Michelle Moreno.

  • When a corrupt cop falsely accuses the Alpha Teens of grand theft auto, they become fugitives of the law. Worse yet, Hawk and King are captured, arrested and sentenced to serve time in the same prison where some of the villains they busted were sent to.

  • Magness returns to Landmark City with her new biker boyfriend, D-Zel. She systematically causes problems for Landmark City, the Alpha Teens and her father, Paine. D-Zel experiences a change that makes him truly one with his bike.

  • After being stopped by the Alpha Teens once again, Paine enlists the aid of five extreme athletes to take them out once and for all.

  • After Lee's Mecha Speeder and the crew of the cargo ship that held the vehicle go missing, the Alpha Teens are sent to investigate on Halloween night. What they find is a virtually lost portion of Landmark City filled with zombies. Their leader, Bonez soon make Hawk, Shark and Lioness part of their ranks.

  • After Spydah is fired by Paine for failing to get a crucial flash drive that was protected by the Alpha Teens, he intends to prove himself to his former boss.

  • King has his eyes set on winning the WWC World Title Belt under the guise as the wrestler Royal Rumble. Paine however, seeks the belt for his own dastardly schemes and hires the rhyming extortionist, Vinnie Rossi to stand in for an injured Flesh. During the WWC battle royal for the title, Vinnie's lovesickness for Lioness could cost him the match and much more.

  • Paine unleashes a huge hurricane on Landmark City with the Atmospheric Modifier, a device made by Dr. Nimbus, whose family Paine is holding hostage.

  • Paine steals cyborgs from one of Lee's factories. Having Spydah duplicate their schematics and create more, Paine now controls his own cyborg army.

  • As Paine plots to steal plutonium from Landmark City's nuclear power plant, Col. Richter of Landmark City's law enforcement accuses (with strong video evidence) that Axel stole an armored car filled with money. At the same time, Axel's father, Sebastian Manning, seems to be alive.

  • On their way to the frosty Iron Mountain, the Alpha Teens are greeted by Dr. Magness, a doctor at a ski resort. After a wired rash of incidents involving the team's vehicles, including a car crash that injured Lioness's leg, she suspects that there is more to Dr. Magness than her teammates realize.

  • Bogey, a rival of Hawk's, gets under Hawk's skin at an airshow. Later, Hawk and the other Alpha Teens are trained to fly Mr. Lee's Hypersonic Stratojet, an aircraft Paine has every intention on stealing.

  • At Christmas time, while the other Alpha Teen members are packing to visit their families, a lonely Axel thinks of his late father. He is attacked by Dragon, a ninja mercenary, who like Axel, is skilled in the Jo-Lan martial art.

  • When Shark skips out on a fancy party held by Lee on his yacht, he is captured by the villain, Eel. With various sea creatures under his mind-control, Eel sends his "pet" giant squid to sink Lee's yacht.

  • The Alpha Teens accompany Hawk, who stars in the movie being filmed, "Radioactive Island", to an island that served as a military testing site. While King's animalistic nature steals Hawk's thunder, it also gets the attention of Recombo, a mad scientist who combines different species of animals into one.

  • Tensions start to build when the designer of Lee Industries, the Architect, turns the high-rise into a high-risk death trap. Separated, the two groups have to navigate the labyrinthine halls to find the Architect and stop him. It's a race against time- and maintenance codes- for the Alpha Teens as they try to stop this disgruntled ex-employee.

  • After the explosion leaves Paine with unusual new superpowers, Paine wants revenge on Axel. With the assistance of the constantly bickering Cannonball Brothers, Paine targets the source of the Alpha Teens machine technology- the lonely Mr. Lee. With Lioness hurt and Axel guilt-ridden, can the teens stop these clowns before they bring this circus crashing down?

  • The Alpha Teens start to feel smothered by the parental nagging of Mr. Lee and start to look for a new pad. Meanwhile Paine, with the assistance of his second-in-command Spydah, hatches a dam good evil plan to flood Landmark City. Axel reveals his history with Paine to the group as they try to stop Paine from opening the floodgates to destruction.

  • After winning the reality show Trackdown, five teens- Axel, Lioness, Shark, King, and Hawk- accept jobs as Lee Industries' experimental vehicle testers. When super-criminal Alex Paine breaks out of Lee Industries' triple maximum security prison and decides to wreak havoc on Landmark City, the Alpha Teens find themselves going above and beyond their job description to stop him.