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Superhero Captain Atomic suffers a setback as he is shaking hands with Joey, a 12-year-old fan, when his disgruntled sidekick transforms him into a powerless puppet. The suddenly not-so-super superhero quickly realizes that the only way he can regain his former powers is to team up with the boy -- which is a dream come true for Joey but not so much for Captain Atomic. Together, the two form an unlikely and awkward partnership that allows them to become the city's newest superhero duo--known as Atomic Puppet.

Monday 9:30 AM et/pt on Disney XD
1 Season, 57 Episodes
May 30, 2016
Animation & Cartoon
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Atomic Puppet Full Episode Guide

  • Joey needs some time off from being a hero.

  • Joey gets super powers and threatens AP's position as Atomic Puppet.

  • Joey suspects trouble at Princess War Tickle's truce party.

  • Joey tries on a pair of artificially intelligent sneakers from the Atomic Invisi-shed.

  • Buck the space monkey returns to Mega City.

  • When Mookie's newly-acquired super-powers spiral out of control, Atomic Puppet must rush to save him.

  • Joey and AP befriend a folksy down-on-his-luck super-hero named Dyna-Moe.

  • Joey and AP organize a charity wrestling match with Manatee Man.

  • Joey unintentionally reels in underwater foe Megalo-Don while fishing; Zorp and the aliens from Pizza Planet plot to abduct the citizens of Mega-City.

  • Conclusion. A special event is interrupted by a bitter Mookie who is resentful of the city's new champion.

  • Part 1 of 2. A special event is interrupted by a bitter Mookie who is resentful of the city's new champion.

  • AP gets a lot of gifts from a very wealthy citizen, but things end up too good to be true.

  • A duplicate of Captain Atomic surfaces, which complicates the tasks of AP and Joey.

  • Joey tends AP after he is transformed into a child.

  • Joey takes a leave of absence from being in "hero mode," requiring AP to pick up the slack.

  • Villainous doppelgängers are set loose after Atomic Puppet opens an entrance to a parallel dimension.

  • Mookie catches Atomic Puppet during an event honoring Captain Atomic.

  • Conclusion. Joey gains super powers and threatens AP's position as Atomic Puppet.

  • Part 1 of 2. Joey gains super powers and threatens AP's position as Atomic Puppet.

  • Atomic Puppet opens an entrance to a parallel dimension unintentionally and unleashes wicked doppelgängers.

  • Mookie lays a snare for Atomic Puppet.

  • Joey becomes a Mookie follower after getting hit with a dodgeball.

  • Atomic Puppet becomes weak following a battle and he and Joey try to find out why.

  • AP gets a visit from an old buddy.

  • The evil Snow-Maniac is reborn as Abby's snowman and plots to enclose the whole city in ice.

  • Buildings start to sink in Mega-City and Joey and AP try to locate the culprit.

  • Ms. Erlenmeyer comes back and gets even with Joey.

  • AP competes in a soccer game with the Alliance.

  • A new enemy surfaces and becomes a challenge for the team.

  • Joey finds an old bucket list.

  • A babysitting job goes wrong when Captain Atomic's old rival shows up.

  • Princess War Tickle and AP switch bodies, leading to a host of complications. Lacer leads the appliances in a citywide revolt.

  • Eager to be Mega City's only hero, the new police chief exploits AP's weakness. Joey's decision to join forces with Mookie raises red flags.

  • Joey's new artificially intelligent sneakers may be too smart for their own good. Joey and AP aren't invited to a superhero/villain party.

  • Mookie has a hard time controlling his newly acquired powers. An old friend's unexpected visit could spell trouble for Atomic Puppet.

  • Ms. Erlenmeyer returns with a fiendish new scheme to brainwash Joey. When buildings start to sink, Joey and AP must do battle with the Mole Men.

  • Joey and AP enter a charity wrestling match against the formidable Manatee Man. A hapless superhero seeks a few tips from AP and Joey.

  • On a fishing trip with his dad, Joey reels in a real whopper: Megalo-Don. A trip to the monster truck show takes a monstrous turn.

  • While exploring nature with his dad, Joey learns how to survive without AP. A talkative tick makes itself right at home in Joey's neck.

  • Absorbo-Lad's powers make life draining for the Justice Alliance. AP and the Justice Alliance play Queen Tentacleez in a high-stakes soccer game.

  • A glue snafu forces Joey and AP to stick together, no matter what. After being transformed into an evil genius, Bubbles the cat seeks revenge on AP.

  • After a fight with Joey, AP refuses to power up and moves to Abigail's doll house. Joey and AP face an evil comic book artist who can bring his drawings to life.

  • A trip to the farm inspires memories of one of AP's toughest enemies. Joey comes across an old list of things he'd like to accomplish as a superhero.

  • Joey gets memorabilia. AP doesn't get media attention.

  • AP creates a double. Fabric softener changes AP.

  • Joey's big mistake. Pauline possessed.

  • AP asks his former sensei for help fighting a tricky opponent. Joey and AP race to turn a mutant Bubbles back into a normal cat before Dad finds out.

  • The Justice Alliance comes to town seeking to replace the vacancy left by Captain Atomic. Joey and AP pay a visit to the old Captain Atomic Headquarters.

  • There's a ravenous conspiracy in Mega City, and Joey's the only one who can stop it. AP and Joey cross paths with the nefarious Mudman.

  • Joey takes Bubbles to the Mega City Kitty Expo.

  • When Joey gets sick for the first time since he and Atomic Puppet fused together, Mookie schemes to replace them.

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