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Xiaolin Chronicles is a spinoff series of Xiaolin Showdown that originally aired on Kids WB. The show follows up with Omi and the Xiaolin warriors becoming Shoku warriors. As the group harnessing their new abilities, the team are still fulfilling their duties of finding and collecting the Shen Gong Wu before the forces of evil does and take over the world. The show introduces a new person - Ping Pong. Ping Pong is a Xiaolin monk and the new Dragon of Wood, who looks like Omi and joins the group in their adventures. The show still has the entertainment style of the original and is worth watching.

Xiaolin Chronicles is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on August 26, 2013.

Xiaolin Chronicles is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Xiaolin Chronicles on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

Monday 8:30 PM et/pt on Disney XD
2 Seasons, 31 Episodes
August 26, 2013
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: David Kaye, Jennifer Hale, Cree Summer, Tara Strong, Eric Bauza
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Xiaolin Chronicles Full Episode Guide

  • Bonded with her dragon, Kimiko must team up with a jealous Omi to find and awaken the hidden Cosmic Dragon before Chase plunges the universe into ten thousand years of darkness!

  • The Monks join forces with Jack to track down Kimiko, who attempts to bond with a dragon, much to Omi's chagrin. Meanwhile, Chase turns into a Heylin Dragon, unleashing revenge on Xiaolin.

  • Kimiko sees a mystical vision, but the other Monks don't believe her. Following her dragon-sense, Kimiko discovers the missing Dojo, as well as Chase's evil plans.

  • Wuya manipulates Jack and the Monks to steal the very Shen Gong Wu she needs to get her body back. But when Wuya's plan nearly backfires, Shadow secretly helps her.

  • The Xiaolin Monks must save Christmas by traveling into the calendar and fighting Jack Spicer, who has taken over the holiday and turned it into "Jackmas".

  • Tiny Sim, an evil artist and Jack's Number One fan, brings horrible weasel drawings to life with the aid of a Shen Gong Wu.

  • Chase experiences unusual side effects when he is accidentally exposed to a toxic serum, causing him to literally lay an egg. Elsewhere, Omi offers his hand in friendship to Jack, and together they steal Chase's egg believing it to be a new powerful Shen Gong Wu.

  • A cow-costumed hero starts stealing the Monks' thunder in the battles for Shen Gong Wu. He turns out to be Clay's jealous younger brother. When confronted by the silent but deadly La Mime, the brothers must learn to fight together to defeat him.

  • Dojo disappears when a mini-dragon arrives from the future. The Xiaolin Monks travel forward in time to rescue him, only to find Dojo has become the King of the Dragon Planet, where dragons rule and humans are kept as pets.

  • Dojo goes ballistic when he finds out that Rocco, his estranged childhood friend, is wooing the affection of Master Fung. Meanwhile, Chase and Shadow unleash the Chi Creature, banishing the Xiaolin Monks into the Shanga World.

  • Through a bizarre mishap, Jack turns into Good Jack--a dynamite motivational speaker and cult figure. Meanwhile, Dojo, feeling slighted and unappreciated by the Monks, becomes Good Jack's true believer.

  • As the new Dragon Rider, Kimiko must team up with a jealous Omi to revive the Cosmic Dragon to stop Chase from plunging the universe into 10,000 years of darkness.

  • Omi and team join forces with Jack to track down Kimiko. Much to Omi's chagrin, Kimiko has been chosen to become the first Dragon Rider amongst them. Meanwhile, Chase ascends the throne of Heylin Dragon, ready to unleash revenge against Xiaolin.

  • In this first part of the final three episodes, Kim follows her newly developed dragon-sense and goes on a solo mission to track down the missing Dojo.

  • On his long walkabout, Master Fung begins to shrink mysteriously in size. The young monks must find a way to stop him from shrinking and restore their master to full stature.

  • Omi leads the Xiaolin Monks to battle Jack Spicer in an alternate universe, where the evil boy genius has hijacked Christmas and turned it into "Jackmas".

  • When the mysterious Shen Gong Wu surfaces in a dangerous land, Omi grows attracted to its dark powers and leads the team to search for it, with dire consequences.

  • The monks discover that a mystical talking tree named Barkey is guarding the temple, but Chase overtakes Barkey in an attempt to destroy the monks.

  • Re-edited from the final three parters of Xiaolin Chronicles, this triple-sodes brings the series to a finale with a continuous viewing experience. Kimiko proves her worth by tracking down the missing Dojo. As Chase threatens to plunge the universe into darkness, Kimiko must stop him by working with a jealous Omi. Includes bonus material and Xiaolin Bloopies.

  • Furious that the Monks have escaped again, Chase unleashes his fury on Barkey, an ancient warrior turned talking tree in the new temple, and uses him as a weapon against the Monks. A Shoku Showdown ensues!

  • Stressing over the tasks before him, Ping Pong duplicates himself with the Ring of Catsumi Shen Gong Wu, with seriously confusing results.

  • Clay leads the Xiaolin Monks on a Wild West adventure. Meanwhile, evil gangster boss PandaBubba aims for world conquest by controlling the cattle supply, only to be double-crossed by Jack and his robo-cow.

  • Chase launches an attack on the Xiaolin Monks, turning everyone into a cat except Omi, who narrowly escapes. To save his friends, Omi travels back in time to find Grand Master Dashi for advice. In doing so, Omi releases an ancient spell, freeing a Princess who has been trapped in the mountains.

  • Our heroes must escort the slippery, half-man, half-reptilian Salvador to prison. Along the journey, Raimundo succumbs to Salvador's charisma, putting everyone and the mission at risk.

  • Ping Pong grows more powerful as a Xiaolin warrior. To destroy him, Chase plots against Ping Pong, entrapping him inside his own mind.

  • Clay leads the Xiaolin Monks on a Wild West adventure. Meanwhile, evil gangster boss PandaBubba aims for world conquest by controlling the cattle supply, only to be double-crossed by Jack and his robo-cow.

  • Kimiko's father unveils his cyber project, only to fall prey to Jack's nefarious plot in using it as a vehicle to bring down the world.

  • Kimiko finds out that Willow's secret double identity is Shadow. Chase Young catches Ping Pong and takes revenge on Xiaolin.

  • Ping Pong and Willow are in a competition to be a Xiaolin apprentice. Kimiko is suspicious of the motives of Willow.

  • Ping Pong becomes Omi's protege, but it causes a problem with the monks. A new candidate who is beautiful gets there and complicates the situation.

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