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Xialoin Showdown is a 2003 Warner Brother's animated action-adventure cartoon that follows the adventures of four young warrior monks in their quest to protect the Shen Gong Wu, artifacts of fantastic power, from falling into the wrong hands. The four 'Xialoin Dragons' are comprised of Omi, Kimiko, Clay, and Raimundo, all hailing from various parts of the world. The show's namesake refers to the climax of the episode, wherein the characters battled over the Shen Gong Wu via magical duels.

Xiaolin Showdown was created by Christy Hui, its first episode premiering after three years in development. Hui was inspired by the popularity of anime, but sought to create a show that blended anime qualities with Western influences. During the show's run it enjoyed immense popularity with its target demographic.

Throughout the show, the Xialoin warriors battled various foes that wanted the Shen Gong Wu for nefarious purposes. The villains were referred to as the 'Heylin' in contrast to the goodly Xiaolin of the protagonists. Recurring villains included Jack Spicer, an evil boy genius, and Wuya, a former witch turned ghost. Both Xiaolin and Heylin were in competition with each other to find the Shen Gong Wu, for each artifact was imbued with magic powers, such as the power to shoot bolts of lightning or see into the future. There were dozens of Sheng Gong Wu seen throughout the show's run, each with its own distinct powers. The showdowns were initiated whenever possession of a Shen Gong Wu came into dispute between two people, who would declare the terms of the duel and wager their own Shen Gong Wu. The environments would then be magically altered to increase the difficulty of the challenges. The variety of Shen Gong Wu and possible challenges meant no two duels were the same.

The show premiered November 2003, and ended after 3 seasons (52 episodes), in May 2006. It was produced by Warner Brother's Animation and exclusively aired on the KidsWB Network during its initial run.

Xiaolin Showdown English Dub is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on November 1, 2003.

Xiaolin Showdown English Dub is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Xiaolin Showdown English Dub on demand atAmazon, Google Play online.

3 Seasons, 52 Episodes
November 1, 2003
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Jeff Bennett, Danny Cooksey, Grey Griffin, Tom Kenny
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Xiaolin Showdown English Dub Full Episode Guide

  • Omi succeeds in changing the past by preventing Chase from becoming evil, but now the present has changed for the worst. Master Monk Guan has joined the Heylin side, and along with Wuya and Hannibal Bean, have taken over the temple. Master Fung has been sent to the Ying Yang World and the Xiaolin Monks have been forced into labor. Omi and the others have to find a way to correct the timeline, without the Sands of Time.The leader has been chosen, and it's the last person anyone would expect!

  • Master Fung is almost ready to choose a leader, but it will take one last quest for the leader to be selected. Omi gets the idea to travel to the past and stop Chase Young from being turned evil by Hannibal Bean. Omi needs the Sands of Time to achieve his quest, so he and Dojo freeze themselves for 80 years in order to ask his future self for the Shen Gong Wu. He awakes from his 80 year sleep to find that in his absence Jack Spicer has taken over the world!

  • Hannibal spies on Kimiko with his Ying-Yang Bird and finds out that Chase Young has a secret. Kimiko, who after putting together the Changing Chopsticks, the Mind Reader Conch, and the Eye of Dashi into her PDA finds she can read everyone's thoughts around the world. When they learn Hannibal's plan, the monks find themselves forced to chose a side as the Heylin fight amongst themselves.

  • Hannibal Roy Bean is up to his old tricks again. When Omi decides to take a nap after practicing with his new elemental Wu, Hannibal Roy Bean tempts Omi into practicing with everyone's elemental Shen Gong Wu at the same time. Can Omi control them or will he end up destroying the temple?

  • A new dragon named Chucky Choo shows up at the Xiaolin temple and Dojo doesn't like him. Chucky is a con artist, but just who is he really conning?

  • Hannibal Roy Bean strikes back at Raimundo in his dreams. He takes the Shadow of Fear and the Sapphire Dragon and uses them to make Raimundo's deepest fears comes to life. Will Raimundo be able to stop his dream monster? Or will everyone fall under the Sapphire Dragon's control again?

  • After losing the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman and the newly activated Wu the Fancy Feet to Hannibal Roy Bean, Master Fung decides the monks should go to a new temple for advanced training. But Raimundo slacks off, and then joins up with Hannibal. Omi and Raimundo face down in a Showdown, but has Raimundo really gone evil?

  • When Jack Spicer finds out he can make dinosaurs from oil with the Rio Reverso, he comes with a plan to create an army of them. Wuya steals the Wu, but her plan fails after she is confronted by Chase Young. Wuya creates a super intelligent dinosaur and Raimundo must challenge it to a game of Xiaolin Chess.

  • The monks go on quest to find their Wudai weapons and the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman. Wuya and Jack team up to steal the elusive and powerful Treasure. The Monks will need to learn how to use their new weapons quickly if they expect to recover the Treasure and save the blind man that guards it.

  • It's the Chinese New Year and Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay all receive gifts from their families, but this reminds poor Omi that he doesn't have a family. Master Fung tells him that he should go on a quest to look for his family, but is Omi so desperate for a family he's willing to accept anyone on face value, no matter how pathetic?

  • The warriors meet a new villain named Hannibal Roy Bean that many years ago turned Chase evil and gave him immortality. He is using a new Shen Gong Wu called the Moby Morpher to change his appearance for his own evil purposes. Is it really the end of the world time again?

  • Master Fung sends the new Wudai Warriors on a quest to find the Bird of Paradise. The bird can only be found in the Land of Nowhere, the home of Chase Young. Will the Warriors find the bird and gain new abilities to combat evil?

  • Chase Young is now all powerful after he drains Omi's chi and turns him into his slave. Can Kimiko, Clay, and Raimundo stop him or is this really the end of the world? Meanwhile has Jack Spicer really turned over a new leaf?

  • Things looks bad for the other monks when Omi has turned evil and becomes too powerful to stop. It's up to the monks to turn Omi back to his normal self, but is it enough?

  • Master Fung tells the young monks only one will be able to advance up to Wudai level, but when Master Fung is trapped in the Ying Yang world, it seems a bit strange for Chase Young to help Omi. Omi takes the Ying Yo-Yo and tries to get Master Fung back, only to return from the Ying Yang world evil!

  • Underneath the Earth's surface a horrible family of huge spiders live. They crawl out from their subterranean home and begin to terrorized the cities on the surface. Can the monks stop the marauding monsters, or will the fate of the world depend on Jack Spicer?

  • Jermaine is back, but Omi isn't happy. Jermaine was made a Wudai warrior before him and is able to perform moves even Omi can't do. But Omi's suspicions are raised after Jermaine uses "Repulse the Monkey" against him, Chase's signature move.

  • Katnappe and Jack competing to become Chase's new apprentice. Meanwhile Omi is too trusting and manages to get himself into trouble. Who will become Chase Young's apprentice? Will Omi learn to be sneaky?

  • Jack Spicer is now the new man in charge of evil after trapping Chase Young. Or is he really that victorius?

  • Master Fung charges the monks with a very special task, they must guard a Demon Seed. Raimundo talks the other monks into taking the seed outside so they can play and water gets to the seed, bringing it back to life. It grows quickly and falls under Jack and Vlad's control. The plant manages to gather all of the monk's, and Jack's Shen Gong Wu. Will a simple plant be able to take over the world?

  • Chase Young comes up with a plan for Jack. He tells Jack to use the Tongue of Saiping and the Monkey Staff to command a monkey army. After a humiliating defeat, the monks need to come up with a plan to defeat Jack or they will never be able to leave the temple again. But what is Chase's real agenda in helping Jack?

  • Raimundo falls under the spell of several Shen Gong Wu during a mysterious event known as the Heylin Comet. He disobeys Master Fung in order to protect his hometown in Brazil from a volcano. Wuya tries to possess the helpless Raimundo and in the end, only Raimundo can save Raimundo.

  • Panda Bubba is back and so is a new Shen Gong Wu. The Wu is located in Kimiko's home city of Tokyo and the boys get to meet her father who is a toy maker and a video game mogul. But why does Daddy Tomohiko have Panda Bubba as a partner?

  • A mermaid and a hunter are both frozen in ice, and are released after a Showdown. Raimundo, Clay, and Omi are smitten with her beauty but is she just a normal mermaid? Just who is the real predator and who is the prey?

  • While getting a Shen Gong Wu in Texas, the monks run into trouble with an all girl motorcycle gang called the Black Vipers. It turns Clay's baby sister is the leader! Is she really a criminal, or does she just have something to prove?

  • When Kimiko breaks the Mosaic Scale by accident, she hides it in Clay's room. Clay is soon overpowered by an evil force named Sabeeny, a creature that was trapped in the Wu. Sabeeny is after a sister Shen Gong Wu, one that will make him powerful enough to destroy the world. It's up to Kimiko to save Clay and imprison Sabeeny back in the Scale.

  • Jack Spicer is now using the monks own fears to defeat them using a new Shen Gong Wu called the Shadow of Fear. Can they go against their own deepest fears to win the Showdown?

  • When the Monks gain the Mind Reader Conch they can't help but use it on each other, causing dissension in the ranks. So after Jack steals the Conch, can their trash-talking thoughts stop Jack and distract him long enough for Omi to gain back their Wu?

  • Jack uses the Sand of times to bring his older self to this time, so that he will be able to locate every Shen Gong Wu there is before they activate. Will the monks be able to compete with an older, wiser Spicer or will Jack Spicer finally be able to take over the world with the help of his future self?

  • Every 1000 years Dojo turns into a two-headed Wu devouring monster and his time has come again. It was Omi's task to keep Dojo locked up until the danger had past, so when all hope seems to be lost, Omi must take responsibility and stop Dojo's rampage.

  • After losing a Shen Gong Wu to Cyclops, Omi decides that it's his size that lost the match. He decides to make himself larger using the Changing Chopsticks, but his immense size makes it impossible to get to a battle on time. But in trying to change back to his normal size he shrinks himself to the size of a grain of rice. When a new Shen Gong Wu is activated, Omi calls on a Shen Yi Bu Dare. Can he win or be stuck as a grain of rice forever?

  • Omi, Clay, and Kimiko are trapped by Panda Bubba after they trusted Jack Spicer, ignoring a warning from Raimundo. Raimundo forms an elaborate plan to rescue his friends and the stolen Wu, but in the end it turns out to be a Wu free for all. Raimundo, Jack, and Panda Bubba challenge each other to a Xiaolin Trio, but when Jack and Panda Bubba gang up on Raimundo, he has to find the inner strength to pull off a win.

  • A new person named Vlad offers to help the monks find the Crystal Glasses, but he isn't your usual Russian seller. Vlad is working for Jack to get rid of Omi. Vlad convinces Omi to use the Crystal Glasses, but the vision he sees is bleak and he is evil! Omi runs away in despair and the other dragons must find Omi and defeat Jack and Vlad, before a whole treasure trove of Shen Gong Wu reveal themselves.

  • Jack Spicer has a brand new robot, and it looks and acts just like him! He uses it to steal Shen Gong Wu and play pranks on the monks. But when his robot self turns against him and defeats Jack in a showdown, Omi has to rely on Jack to give advice on how to defeat his own robot self.