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Todd McFarlane's Spawn is the an animated series inspired by the comic book of the same name from Image Comics and was created by Todd McFarlane. The animated series was disseminated on HBO from 1997 to 1999. It had three seasons. The three seasons were included on the DVD. In 1999, this HBO series won an Emmy for Outstanding Animation Program. IGN ranked this series as 5th on their List of The Greatest Comic Book Cartoons of All Time.

This TV show was about Al Simmons, who sold his soul to a devil, so he could see his wife named Wanda again. The devil gives him a grotesque body instead of his actual body. When he returns to Earth, he is dismissed by his wife because he is so ugly. He ends up living in alleyways, protecting people in those alleys and fighting enemies from his past such as Jason Wynn, who had killed him in the first place in Vietnam.

Todd McFarlane's Spawn is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on June 14, 1997.

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3 Seasons, 21 Episodes
June 14, 1997
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Keith David, Richard A. Dysart, Dominique Jennings, Victor Love, Kath Soucie
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Todd McFarlane's Spawn Full Episode Guide

  • Spawn has flashbacks of himself as Al Simmons sent downriver to capture the renegade Major Forsberg--guardian of the war mask of Ghengis Khan which contains the powers of Hell. We now realize that he is Wynn's mysterious prisoner. In hopes of redemption, Spawn sets out to free Forsberg. Meanwhile, Wanda searches for Terry, who has also been captured by Wynn and tortured. Wynn seeks and finds the mask for himself.

  • Victims are found torn apart and drained of blood in Spawn's alley. Sam and Twitch believe it to be the work of the man in the red cloak. At the crime scene, Lisa Wu sees a girl whom she recognizes to be Lily, a Celestial outcast and vampire hired by Heaven to hunt down and kill the Hellspawn. During the climactic battle between Spawn and Lily, he is severely wounded. Lisa Wu then appears as Jade, the Celestial Warrior hunting Spawn.

  • After Cog informs Spawn of his shroud's powers, Spawn transforms himself into the human form of Terry in order to visit Wanda. Twitch, recovering in the hospital with a bullet in his skull, finds his memory foggy. Terry and Richard Sullivan, Vice Chairman of the NSC, try to expose Wynn's evil CIA dealings. Cog warns Spawn that a female Celestial Warrior, Jade, is hunting him.

  • Cog reveals that he was a Hellspawn who served Malbolgia as Merlin. When Wynn orders Chief Banks to find the man in the red cloak, Sam and Twitch are put on the task. Chapel reveals that Al Simmons has returned from Hell. Twitch meets reporter Lisa Wu, also on the Spawn trail, and finds that Al's death may be related to Spawn. Spawn admits to Twitch that he was Al, and that his murder was an NSC cover-up ordered by Wynn. Wynn is alerted to Twitch's discovery and orders his execution. Twitch is shot in the alley. Is it fatal?

  • In the Season Two finale, Spawn takes the fight to Wynn, telling him that he is coming for him at midnight. Seeing his schemes beginning to crumble, Wynn attempts to have his agents kill Lisa Wu as she draws closer to the truth--but Spawn ends up killing Wynn's men instead. Reaching Wynn at last, Spawn tells him his only chance for survival is to leave Terry and Wanda alone.

  • With a serial killer on the loose, Wanda's search for her husband Terry hits a detour when Wynn's men follow and corner her. Appearing on the scene to eliminate the agents, Spawn allows Wanda to see him for the first time--but she's horrified. Meanwhile, as Terry waits to rendezvous with his wife, he's abducted by the serial killer. But before he can make Terry his next victim, the killer is killed by...guess who?

  • When a pack of drug dealers start terrorizing the homeless in Rat City, Gareb pleads with Spawn to get rid of them--initially to no avail. But after a ruthless killing, Spawn takes charge, 'eliminating' all the dealers except the leader, whom he leaves to the mercy of the homeless. Meanwhile, Wynn begins to shadow Wanda with hopes of tracking down Terry.

  • Spawn is tortured by dreams of his former wife Wanda now sleeping with his onetime best friend Terry, and the manipulative Clown fuels the fire by trying to get Spawn to blame Terry for stealing his wife. Terry realizes his investigation is getting dangerous, and tells a disappointed Wanda he has to go away for a while to protect her. Wynn frames Terry in the arms theft, sending Merrick to kill him, but Terry escapes and goes AWOL. Spawn learns to accept that Terry is now married to Wanda, and ends up saving Terry's life because Wanda needs him.

  • In the Season Two premiere, Spawn's nightmares reveal that Al Simmons' killer was his mercenary ex-partner, Chapel. CIA chief Jason Wynn tells Chapel to find a cache of stolen guns before they are uncovered and traced back to him. Chapel's search leads him to Spawn, who reveals that he is the dead Al Simmons, causing Chapel to go mad. Meanwhile, Terry Fitzgerald begins his own investigation into the missing arms.