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  • 2002
  • 2 Seasons

Aussie Animal Rescue, a show from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is an emotional and heartwarming documentary series that follows the efforts of dedicated veterinary professionals and rescue organizations in Australia as they work tirelessly to save the lives of vulnerable and endangered animals.

Hosted by actor Burgess Abernethy, the show takes audiences on a journey across the vast and diverse landscape of Australia, from the sandy beaches of Western Australia to the arid outback of the Northern Territory, showcasing the stunning natural beauty of the country and the amazing wildlife that calls it home.

The series features a range of different animal rescue scenarios, including the dramatic rescue and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned animals, the relocation of animals that have wandered into urban areas, and the challenging work of conservationists who are fighting to save endangered species from extinction.

Through intimate and often emotional interviews with the animal rescuers and caregivers themselves, the show delves into the personal stories behind some of Australia's most beloved and iconic creatures, including kangaroos, wombats, koalas, and even crocodiles.

In one episode, viewers are introduced to a team of veterinarians who are tasked with treating a group of critically endangered western ground parrots, one of the rarest birds in the world. With only a few dozen left in the wild, every individual bird is precious, and the team works around the clock to help heal their injuries and give them a second chance at life.

In another episode, audiences are taken behind the scenes at a wildlife hospital in Perth as veterinarians battle to save a kangaroo that has been hit by a car. With a broken leg and internal injuries, the kangaroo's prognosis is grim, and the team must use all of their expertise and the latest medical techniques to give the injured animal the best possible chance of survival.

Throughout the series, viewers are treated to stunning, up-close footage of the animals being treated and rehabilitated, as well as rare glimpses of them in their natural habitats. And with behind-the-scenes access to some of Australia's most renowned animal rescue organizations, audiences get a unique insight into the complex and challenging work that goes into saving the lives of Australia's precious wildlife.

Overall, Aussie Animal Rescue is an inspiring and moving documentary series that celebrates the beauty and resilience of Australia's wildlife, and the passionate individuals who dedicate their lives to protecting it. Whether you're an animal lover or simply appreciate the natural wonders of our world, this series is sure to capture your heart and leave you feeling inspired.

Aussie Animal Rescue is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (35 episodes). The series first aired on July 5, 2002.

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Lost Lab, Cat with a Tick, & Neglected Shetland Hooves
22. Lost Lab, Cat with a Tick, & Neglected Shetland Hooves
An old Labrador rescued from a riverbank is emotionally reunited with its grateful owner a week after he went missing. A cat saved by RSPCA when found dying of a tick bite is reunited with its owners after being missing for two years. A shocking case of neglect has left two Shetland ponies with severely disabled hooves.
Horse in a Ditch, Boxer in Canal, & Woolly Sheep
21. Horse in a Ditch, Boxer in Canal, & Woolly Sheep
An old horse stuck in a muddy ditch needs a team of people to rescue it. The RSPCA, a crane and a group of volunteers come to the aid of the horse much to the relief of its young owner. A boxer dog missing for several weeks is found living in a storm water canal. After a difficult chase, inspectors catch the dog and reunite it with its grateful owners.
Kew Bat, Hit and Run Dog, & Fiona's Flock
20. Kew Bat, Hit and Run Dog, & Fiona's Flock
A fruit bat carrying a potentially deadly virus becomes trapped in nets at a suburban home. As traffic builds, a dog injured in a hit and run accident won't get off the road. A woman loves animals so much, she can never say no to a stray. But the 10 cats, 4 goats, 2 ponies, 2 alpacas and many others crowd her home, and she's been evicted with only a week's notice.
Three Hungry Dogs, Six Dumped Kittens, & Saving Jack the Foal
19. Three Hungry Dogs, Six Dumped Kittens, & Saving Jack the Foal
Inspectors discover three hungry dogs in a suburban back yard without food water or shelter. They confront the owners. The RSPCA hunt down a man who was seen dumping six kittens. The Royal Flying Doctor Service help the RSPCA save an orphaned foal who was attacked by dingoes in a remote community.
Wheel Dog, Honky Tonky Donkey, & Cats Foot the Bill
18. Wheel Dog, Honky Tonky Donkey, & Cats Foot the Bill
Ambulance Officer Mary Ryan finds a dog with its head stuck inside the rim of a tyre. The dog won't budge, until Mary's emergency lubricant jelly comes to the rescue. In rural Sydney, the RSPCA help educate the owner of two skinny and lethargic donkeys. The RSPCA helps a down and out pensioner whose five cats are in desperate need of dental and flea treatment.
Two Dead Dogs, Cat in the Bag, & A Dog's Best Friend
17. Two Dead Dogs, Cat in the Bag, & A Dog's Best Friend
Inspector Cliff Singer investigated the mystery death of two puppies. The primary suspect is a cane toad swimming in their water bucket. In Melbourne, a cat with a dog food can stuck on its head plays hide and seek with the RSPCA under a suburban house. Inspector Maree Crabtree helps educate an elderly man who is slowly killing his 16 year old dog with love.
Bull Cross Seizure, Toey Pony, & Three Caged Cats
16. Bull Cross Seizure, Toey Pony, & Three Caged Cats
In Brisbane, Inspector Katie Heaton investigates a report that a dog was abused and thrown down stairs by its owner. Because of a previous incident, Katie calls in police backup in case she needs to seize the dog. Inspector Tony Croker enlists the help of vet Jarrod Coleman to catch an ex-circus pony suffering from an extreme case of overgrown toe-nails.
Drowning Daisy Cow, Five Cross Dogs, & Shopping Bag Kittens
15. Drowning Daisy Cow, Five Cross Dogs, & Shopping Bag Kittens
Sydney inspectors respond to a report of a cow stuck in a dam. The cow is weak and unable to move even though her calf is calling for her. The inspectors need to decide whether to continue with the rescue or put the cow down. Inspectors are called to a property to take charge of five aggressive caged dogs surrendered to the RSPCA.
Tethered Birds, Goats in Trouble, & Abandoned Collie
14. Tethered Birds, Goats in Trouble, & Abandoned Collie
Sydney Inspectors attend to two different calls about tethered birds in the western suburbs. A goat with an injured leg is proving hard to catch for some elderly Sydney owners. An abandoned dog gets a second chance when a passerby offers it a new home.
Lucky Duck
13. Lucky Duck
December 15, 2004
In Victoria wildlife rescuers face snake infested waters to save ducks and swans from the annual duck shoot, and one duck undergoes surgery to mend a broken wing.
Bad Reputation
12. Bad Reputation
December 14, 2004
While snakebuster Bruce George rescues a snake from a household laundry, an Edge Tailed Eagle in Queensland undergoes intensive physiotherapy on an injured wing, and essential research is carried out on a population of endangered Grey Nurse Sharks.
Bat Rescue Mission
11. Bat Rescue Mission
December 13, 2004
In far North Queensland, Jenny Maclean is rescuing hundreds of bats that are victims of a crippling and fatal paralysis caused by a tick.
Rescue in the Rainforest
10. Rescue in the Rainforest
December 10, 2004
A seriously wounded Echidna that's been hit by a car is delivered to Vet, Annabelle Olsson for emergency treatment, while just down the coast, a cassowary is prepared for the risky process of release back into the wild.
Animal Epidemics
9. Animal Epidemics
December 9, 2004
In Western Australia, Kanyana Wildlife hospital is fighting a flu epidemic affecting the local lizard population, and in Victoria, it is feared that a rescued orphan wombat may be suffering froma disease called mange.
Marine Rescue
8. Marine Rescue
December 8, 2004
Cormy, a pied cormorant, faces death if the fishing hook embedded in his stomach cannot be removed and Stinky the turtle's mysterious and potentially fatal illness requires some unconventional treatment.
Baby Boom
7. Baby Boom
December 7, 2004
Wildlife carers prepare to say goodbye to Koala orphans at the Moggill Koala Hospital in Queensland, while at the Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria, an extremely young wombat is in a critical condition.
Annie's Story
6. Annie's Story
December 6, 2004
Annie the performing seal has lumps on her flipper...luckily it turns out not to be cancer.
Suburban Casualties
5. Suburban Casualties
December 3, 2004
This episode looks at the difficult situation of native animals who live on the fringes of expanding suburbia.
Zoe's Last Day, Solo Tabby, & Drover's Dogs
4. Zoe's Last Day, Solo Tabby, & Drover's Dogs
Inspector Matt French attends to a call about a dog in poor condition. It turns out to be much worse than he ever imagined. A young abandoned cat has been left to fend for itself after it's owner moved house. The RSPCA try to tame and re-home the cat. Several working dogs are found chained up in a tip. The RSPCA go in search of the owner to find out why the dogs were abandoned there.
Koala Orphans
3. Koala Orphans
December 1, 2004
Wildlife carers tend to the needs of orphaned baby koalas.
Roo Rescue
2. Roo Rescue
November 30, 2004
Wildlife rescuer Manfred Zabinskas rescues a kangaroo trapped in a fence.
Lucky's Story
1. Lucky's Story
November 29, 2004
It's dusk on Queensland's Gold Coast, and for the many nocturnal animal species that live there, this is when they are at risk. The story of Lucky the bat who is rescued, but can't be saved.
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    July 5, 2002