Benjamin The Elephant

Benjamin the Elephant is an animated children's television show revolving around the adventures of a talking elephant called Benjamin. The series was produced in Germany and is based upon the German audio books Benjamin Blossom written by British born author, Elfie Donnelly.

Kiddinx Studios of Berlin, Germany is responsible for the production of the animated series Benjamin the Elephant. The plot of the series is that a happy, talking elephant named Benjamin takes on new jobs or finds himself in unlikely situations. The usually catalyst for Benjamin's adventures is a visit to his home in Newtown Zoo by the elephant's ten year old friend Otto; a second friend called Stella often accompanies Otto on his after school visits to the zoo. Otto and Stella have differing personalities, Stella is headstrong, while Otto is more cautious and inquisitive.

Elfie Donnelly is an award winning author in Germany; she published her first books in the 1970s and has become famous for her audio books in Germany and Austria. Her two most famous literary creations have been turned into television shows, which are Benjamin the Elephant and the story of a young witch called Bibi Blocksberg. The Bibi Blocksberg series has spawned a television series and motion pictures.

Benjamin the Elephant has been exported by Kiddinx around the world; the animation has been shown on TV networks in places as diverse as Australia and India. there are 52 aired episodes in the Benjamin the Elephant back catalog that were first broadcast in 2007.

Kiddinx Studios
1 Season, 52 Episodes
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Benjamin The Elephant Full Episode Guide

  • Thieves In The Zoo: The zoo's cash box has been stolen! The Director is in despair - how is he going to pay for the animals' food? Benjamin and Otto set off with Carla Caramba to look for it. They use a trick to find out where the thieves are hiding and hear them planning to kidnap the lion cubs Loop and Lopp. Of course Benjamin, Otto and Carla want to put a stop to this! They decide to set a trap for the crooks in the zoo. If they are caught in the act, they are certain to reveal where the zoo's cash box is hidden.

  • Benjamin Falls in Love: Benjamin and Otto are playing leapfrog with Rocky Raccoon, Ringo Redfox and Dusty Desert Fox. It's almost as good as a circus number. Now they want to know what the animals can do in the circus which is visiting Newtown and so off they go. Otto makes friends with Carmen, the Ringmaster's daughter. And Benjamin falls in love with Marushka, the lady elephant. In order to impress her, he rehearses a great animal act with Otto in the zoo. That evening in the performance they have to show what they've learned.

  • Benjamin in India: Benjamin and Otto travel to India on a flying carpet. Where Tamira, the Maharajah of Turbanistan's favorite white elephant, is ill. Tamira keeps giggling and turning somersaults. The friends find out that two cooks at the palace are giving Tamira and the Maharajah a dangerous herb because they want to rule the land. While they are trying to prevent this, Benjamin and Otto meet a spooky temple spirit. Will they be able save the Maharajah and his favorite elephant?

  • The Lantern Festival: The Zoo Director can't pay for the animals' food. Mr. Stuffkins the animal feed dealer wants to take Zelda Zebra as payment. Of course Benjamin won't allow it. He has the idea to have a lantern festival where the zoo animals and all the children can collect money for food for the animals. Lots of pretty lanterns and spooky pumpkin lanterns are made for the procession.

  • The Giraffe House: During the night, a wild storm rages around Newtown. The roof on the giraffe house gets hole in it where the wind whistles through. Gigi Giraffe has a bad sore throat next morning. Benjamin and Otto wrap a thick scarf round her neck and make her some tea from African herbs. Meanwhile, Keeper Karl orders wood to repair the giraffe house.

  • The Strawberry Icecream Robot: What a hot summer! Benjamin wants to treat the zoo animals to an ice-cream. Together with Otto and Eddie Eddison the inventor he creates a strawberry ice-cream robot, which gives out free ice-cream to everyone. What a success! Now the three of them want to try and win an inventions competition with their robot. But Baron Blunderbuss has the same plan. During the night, he secretly steals their designs and uses them to build a robot of his own. But suddenly this robot won't stop working! Only Benjamin can help now!

  • Benjamin In The Arctic Ocean: Benjamin and Otto sail on fishing boat through the Arctic Ocean. They have circus animals on board: a family of walruses, two horses and a giraffe, who are going to a new home in Icetown. During the journey the friends have many adventures. Their boat springs a-leak, the engine breaks down and the crooks Hinky and Pinky steal Wanda the baby walrus so that she will retrieve the sunken treasure from the seabed for them. Luckily Benjamin has lots of good ideas how they can chase away the crooks and bring the animals safely to Icetown.

  • A Friend For Rocky Racoon: Baron Blunderbuss asks Benjamin to help out at an auction as an auctioneer. But Benjamin has to take care of Rocky Raccoon. He's sad because he hasn't got a friend to play with. Only when the Baron persuades an old friend to bring along her raccoon as a playmate for Rocky, does Benjamin agree to do it. But suddenly Rocky disappears and the most valuable item in the auction, the Baron's "golden butterfly" has been stolen.

  • Benjamin The Enginedriver: Benjamin and Otto are at the station admiring the new high-speed train which the mayor wants to buy for Newtown. Bertha the old steam train is to be sent to the scrap yard. But Benjamin and Otto want to ride on her one last time - as engine drivers! Together they plan to bring the train to nearby workshop so that they can repair it. But the Mayor tries to stop them and secretly switches the tracks. And so the friends ride off into an unknown adventure.

  • The Secret Passage: Whilst playing Hide and Seek at the zoo, Little Kanga falls into an unknown underground tunnel. Carla Caramba happens to see this. When she tries to get the little kangaroo back, the secret tunnel suddenly caves in behind her. Now she is trapped too. The way back is blocked. Benjamin and Otto can hear Carla calling for help. But they can't manage to free her and Little Kanga. They have to find the other end of the secret tunnel! Meanwhile, they encounter Meanwhile, they encounter the two clumsy crooks Hinky and Pinky.

  • The Marmots: The Zoo gets new stones from the mountains for the goats' climbing rocks. When Benjamin helps with the unloading, he discovers a scared little marmot in the truck. Benjamin and Otto decide to bring it back to the mountains as its friends will surely be missing it. When they reach their destination, there are no marmots to be seen. Instead, they find a trap which has been used to catch the poor things. But where are the marmots now?

  • Benjamin The Superelephant: Benjamin and Otto are super hero fans. They would like to be like that themselves. In a dream Benjamin's wish comes true. Suddenly he is flying "SuperBenjamin". Together with Flash Otto he fights against "Rough Jack"who looks very much like the feed dealer Stuffkins. "Rough Jack" steals the zoo's cash box and kidnaps Mike and Molly Monkey. Of course SuperBenjamin is able to put a stop to "Rough Jack's" tricks. Gulliver the Raven joins in too. In Benjamin's dream he is "Raveman", the super raven, who makes several blunders.

  • The Baby Tortoises: Benjamin observes the tortoise eggs with interest as they lie in an incubator at the zoo. It's nice and warm so the little tortoises will surely hatch soon. Benjamin takes great care that the temperature remains constant. But suddenly the heat lamps go out: there's power cut in the whole zoo. But the tortoise eggs mustn't get cold! So Benjamin quickly builds a windmill to generate electricity. All the animals help him. But then there's no wind. Who has a good idea now?

  • Benjamin The Pediatrician: One morning Benjamin waits for his friend Otto in vain. Otto is ill and now of all times all the children in Newtown have got influenza. Then Benjamin has an idea: he takes over the surgery of Dr. Kinderley the pediatrician. First he visits Otto. He is only just better when "Dr. Benjamin" has to rush back to the surgery. Lots of small patients are waiting there for him. Carla Caramba acts as Benjamin's assistant. Together they use unusual but very effective methods to cure the children.

  • The Bouncy Castle: The zoo wall needs repairing! A zoo festival should bring in some money. The show master Robert Roll lends them his bouncy castle as the main attraction. They just have to collect it at Newtown Harbor. Benjamin and Otto take on the job. They drive Roll's truck to the harbor where Baron Blunderbuss also wants to collect something. But the crooks Hinky and Pinky steal his valuable parcel and Benjamin's truck with the bouncy castle. A crazy chase begins.

  • Benjamin Finds a Treasure: Benjamin and Otto find and old bottle containing a mysterious map. They read that the Emperor Kuno The Content had hidden treasure near the town of Urbs Nova. The pair decides to hunt for it. They want to use it to help the Director because the zoo desperately needs a new enclosure for the penguin family. Benjamin and Otto find out where Urbs Nova is. But then someone steals their map. Somebody else is after the treasure and an exciting race against time begins.

  • The Magic Circus: A magic circus comes to Newtown. Benjamin invites little Dini DiMagio and her grandfather Joe to put up their tent on the meadow in the zoo. The little girl is worried because her grandfather's tricks keep going wrongs and Rob, a jealous employee is trying to steal the show. But Benjamin can help: together with Dini he makes all the problems during the performance simply disappear. Curtain up and applause for Benjamin the magician's apprentice!

  • The Black Cat: Little Melanie is upset. Her father believes that black cats bring bad luck. This is why her black tom cat Blacky is to go to the animal home. Benjamin and Otto try to dissuade Melanie's father from his superstitions but it's more difficult than they think. Now of all times her father has a lot of bad luck! Dressed as chimney sweeps, the two crooks Hinky and Pinky steal his favorite lucky mascot. Benjamin and Otto have to think up a really good idea so that Blacky the tom cat can stay with Melanie.

  • Benjamin and Billy Ballo: While playing street ball on the meadow at the zoo, Benjamin accidentally destroys Peppo Penguin's igloo with a trunk throw. To earn money to build a new house, Benjamin takes a job as a pageboy in a hotel. There he meets Billy Ballo, the street ball star, and makes friends with him. Billy is in town for an important tournament. If Benjamin could win against Billy then he would win a lot of money as first prize. Benjamin and Billy play hard but fair. But Billy's manager tries to trick them!

  • Benjamin the Babysitter: Benjamin and Otto are thrilled to look after Elmi the baby elephant from Oldtown Zoo. They try to keep Elmi amused with funny games. But soon they realize that babysitting isn't so easy. Cute little Elmi is a little rascal! He runs away, gets up to all sorts of mischief and finally gets into great danger. Benjamin and Otto have their hands full to do a good job and bring everything to a happy end.

  • The Nightwatchman: A mysterious thief is causing mischief around Newtown! For this reason, the Mayor wants to cancel the appearance of the world famous opera star Bella Bellcanta, who is coming to Newtown to give a charity concert for the zoo. To Benjamin it's clear: the concert has to take place - the zoo needs the money! Benjamin spontaneously decides to become a night watchman. As long as the thief hasn't been caught, he wants to keep watch at night. Will he be able to clear up the mysterious series of thefts around Newtown?

  • Benjamins Birthday: Otto is happy because its his birthday soon. But Benjamin is sad. He wants to have a birthday too, but he doesn't know when he was born. "No problem" says Otto. "We'll just decide on a day." Benjamin is happy and immediately gets started on the preparations. Lots of invitations have to be written and sent because Benjamin's 287 relations from Africa should come. But the zoo is too small. Benjamin starts to think where he can find a place for such a big birthday party.

  • Benjamin The Cowboy: Benjamin and Otto are practicing lassoing. Benjamin's trunk throw is sensational! Mr. Mike Donald sees this and invites the pair to his ranch in America. There they meet the little Red Indian girl "Red Feather" and the cute little calf "Moo-Moo". When Mike Donald tells them about cattle thieves, Benjamin and Otto just have to keep night watch. But they fall asleep and next morning all the cattle and "Moo-Moo" have been stolen. Benjamin and Otto have to find them again.

  • The Ghost Train: At the fair in Newtown, Benjamin and Otto meet little Petie and his grandmother. Petie believes that the pirate in the ghost train has had his treasure stolen and runs away from his grandmother to look for the treasure. When he discovers a bag full of valuable diamonds, Petie thinks it is the pirate's treasure and takes the diamonds to the ghost train.

  • Benjamin in the Hospital: Benjamin wants to impress the roving lady reporter Carla Caramba and his friend Otto with his famous trunk stand and collapses as he does so. His trunk is broken and he has to go to the hospital. Doctor Kinderley puts his trunk in plaster. Before long Benjamin feels homesick. But he soon meets children in the children's ward and makes friends. Together they are able to persuade the hospital managers that playing and cuddling are as important as medicine to get well.

  • The Little Dog: Whilst Benjamin and Otto are playing with the young animals in the zoo, little Susie is taking her darling "Snuffles" for a walk - a dog from the dog's home. She runs to the zoo and sees what a good life the animals have there. So that "Snuffles" doesn't have to go back to the dog's home, she ties him to the gate at the zoo.

  • The Golden Egg: Benjamin and Otto collect Easter eggs for the zoo from Egmont Eggman. Gold painted eggs are a big hit this year because a valuable golden egg belonging to the Baron's great-aunt is on show at the museum. Benjamin takes an especially large egg, which is making a sound. He keeps it warm and soon "Beakily" a little goose hatches out.

  • The Petting Zoo: Benjamin and Otto go for a picnic and meet an old shepherd who wants to retire and sell his flock to Mr. Scratchsocks, the woolly sock manufacturer. Because the two of them are really fond of the little lamb Spotty, the shepherd gives it to them as a gift. Spotty becomes a big star in the zoo. All the children want to cuddle him and pet him. Benjamin and Otto have the idea to open a petting zoo with lots of sheep. They collect money to buy the whole flock from the shepherd.

  • The Blue Elephants: A mini flying saucer comes through Benjamin's window. Cap'n Mix and Cap'n Mux, two little blue elephants are on a mission to find sugar lumps because there's no food on their planet Blue Elephantos: They can't dig out any more sugar because there's an enormous monster in the mine. Benjamin and Otto aren't afraid. They fly off to Blue Elephantos to chase away the monster. Their adventures on the distant planet end with a big surprise.

  • Benjamin The Gardener: The Zoo Director asks Benjamin and Otto to look after his Aunty Hilda's garden. She has to go away at exactly the same weekend when the grand garden contest is to take place. Benjamin and Otto take on the job because Aunty Hilda would love to win first prize. But then somebody kidnaps Aunty Hilda's frogs and tries to steal her beautiful water lilies. Benjamin and Otto want to set a trap for the crook.

  • The Squirrel Gang: Someone is stealing in Newtown Zoo! Otto's peanuts and the Zoo Director's chestnuts have gone. Benjamin and Otto find the thieves: it's three squirrels who are laying in supplies for the winter. No-one can be mad at them for that! But when a silver walnut brooch disappears, which belongs to Baron Blunderbuss, who has his villa right next to the zoo, his butler catches the squirrel gang. Benjamin is outraged. The squirrel gang must be innocent! But how can he prove it?

  • The Magic Flower: Floribus the botanist gives Benjamin his rare "Wake-me-up orchid" to look after. This is a very special flower: whoever smells its scent is immediately wide awake. The two crooks Hinky and Pinky find out about this. They steal the orchid from Benjamin and run off to the harbor where the Maharajah of Rubistan is arriving on his yacht. He is suffering from a rare sleeping sickness. Whoever cures him will get a big reward. Benjamin and Otto follow the crooks' trail and try to get the orchid back.

  • Benjamin Saves the Beavers: Benjamin and Otto are out on the river in their rowing boat. They find a frightened little beaver and take it to the zoo. But where are the little one's parents? Carla Caramba finds out that Baron Blunderbuss is having a new boathouse built at the river. The beavers' dam has been destroyed and the family has been split up. Benjamin and Otto are able to bring them back together again. And they also have an idea how they can all live peacefully together again in the future.

  • The Pink Car: Benjamin and Otto are given the Mayor's old car and want to repair it. Carla Caramba tells them about a rare, delicate flower in the Botanical Gardens which won't bloom because there are too many fumes from cars in the air. She organizes an inventors' contest for the environment. Benjamin and Otto immediately turn their car into a solar mobile, which is clean. But the Mayor wants to take part - and he uses unfair methods!

  • The Banana Thief: Benjamin and Otto meet the barrel organ player Gary Grinder and his little monkey Ali Baba who are giving a performance in the Newtown department store. Otto and all the customers really enjoy it. Only the manager of the fruit and vegetable department is annoyed by it. He wants to get rid of Gary Grinder and Ali Baba. Benjamin is able to prevent it but a little later Ali Baba is accused of stealing bananas and is arrested. Benjamin and Otto know that this is completely unfair and set a trap to catch the real thief.

  • The Little Ghosts: Benjamin and Otto visit Concord Castle. When Benjamin sits in a time machine, which a royal inventor of long ago had developed, the historical apparatus collapses. A wooden beam hits Benjamin on the head and sends him to the land of dreams to Princess Lea and the ghostly children Cuddle and Ticklish, who lived at the castle many years ago.

  • The White Rhinoceros: The Newtown Zoo has a new inhabitant: Nico Rhinoceros. First Nico has to pass through a new fully automatic animal washing system invented by Eddie Eddison. As he does so, he surprisingly loses his gray skin color and is suddenly white. The Director sees at once that Nico is a valuable albino rhinoceros. When the wicked director of Newtown's visiting animal show discovers this, he steals the white rhinoceros. Benjamin and Otto immediately set off to look for him and follow Nico's trail through the whole of Newtown.

  • The Lighthousekeeper: Benjamin and Otto are standing in for the lighthouse keeper on a small island. Part of their job is to keep watch over the nests of rare birds. During the first night Benjamin and Otto chase an egg thief away. They also have to make sure that the lamp in the lighthouse never goes out so that the ships are warned about the rocks.

  • The Baby Hippo: Nino the baby hippo is really cute! But he's got no room to play. When a larger hippo pool is built, Baron Blunderbuss, whose villa is next to the zoo, feels disturbed. Because of a complaint the Mayor cancels all financial help for the zoo. All the building workers go home. But Benjamin and the zoo animals continue the building work on their own. Angrily the Baron blocks the stream which flows through his land and into the zoo. This has unexpected consequences.

  • Benjamin The Ghost: Kashmir the little ghost at Concord Castle can't float or go through walls any more. Now he plans to visit his uncle in Scotland to get his advice and help. The ghostly guided tours will now have to stop. Benjamin wants to stand in for Kashmir but the castle keeper doesn't like the idea.

  • The little Runaway: It's the Zoo Director's birthday and Mr. Pickler, the Mayor's secretary presents him with Chico the tassel-eared monkey from his boss. Because Chico doesn't get on with the other monkeys, he is put into the cockatoos' cage. But then Chico has suddenly disappeared. Benjamin and Otto set off to look for him. They find him with Anna and John, two children who have made friends with him in the zoo. Is Chico really a little runaway or have the children secretly taken him out of the zoo?

  • Benjamin The Forest Ranger: Benjamin and Otto visit the forest ranger's house and discover that the mayor plans to build a road straight through the beautiful forest. The forest animals are to be shut up in cages in the zoo. Mr. Woodman, the forest ranger can't do anything against it because he's lying in bed with a fever. Benjamin becomes his stand-in and immediately has a lot to do. He has to look for a lost bambi, catch a poacher and also get the road build around the forest, with the help of the animals.

  • The Weather Elephant: The Newtown weather cock is in desperate need of repair. When Benjamin finds this out, he immediately stands in as the weather elephant. The fire brigade builds him a platform on the town hall tower and Otto supplies his friend with food and drink. At last Carla Caramba gets proper weather reports for her newspaper. Everything would be just fine, but then the two crooks Hinky and Pinky steal the freshly gilded weather cock and a heavy storm is coming towards Newtown.

  • The Veterinarian: Gogo Gorilla has hurt his hand while playing. Unfortunately the vet Dr. Zoolittle is away. So Benjamin treats poor Gogo. He does it so well that the Zoo director makes him the new veterinarian. When the zoo gets a new inhabitant - Dusty the African Desert Fox - Benjamin should vaccinate him against the "African Hickhop": an infectious illness that makes you hiccup and hop. But Benjamin didn't listen to what the Zoo Director said and next day the whole zoo is hicking and hopping.

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