Beyond the Athlete

There are a number of shows that people can watch. One of the types of shows that are available for people to view are ones that are about sports. With sports shows there are many that discuss the current issues and the latest games. However there is another documentary series known as Beyond the Athlete. This is a very unique show that covers the accomplishments and also the lives of many current star athletes. By viewing this show, people will be able to get to know these famous athletes as a person and not just what they accomplish in their respective sports. The show therefore gives viewers a whole new perspective on who these star athletes really are and what they are like as people.

The first part of the show provides an introduction to the athlete and discusses their accomplishments. On the show, the documentary will talk about the details about the athlete's career. In this segment they will go over who this athlete is, their background based on how the become a famous athlete and all of the accolades they received over the course of their career and recently. With this particular segment viewers will get a brief introduction of the athlete and give both casual and hardcore fans a glimpse of the athlete.

In the next part of the show, viewers will get to learn more about the athlete at a personal level. Viewers of this show will watch various interviews of the athlete and learn more about what they do in their spare time. They will also learn about the athletes' favorite activities during their leisure time. This can include their training regimen, their social life and also what they do when spending time alone. As a result viewers will get to learn a lot about the athlete and how he or she lives their daily lifestyle. The viewers of the show will therefore get to know and learn about what the athlete is like as a person. By viewing this show, people will learn about the top athletes in the world and how they go about their lives when not participating in their respective sports.

Young Hollywood
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
September 9, 2009
Beyond the Athlete

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