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World record-holding angler Jakub Vagner would die for fishing and has come close more than once. In "Big Fish Man," he embarks on extreme fishing expeditions in the most remote regions of the world in search of fish that have never been filmed in the wild. Packed with drama and danger, Jakub's stubbornness sits front row as he faces nature at its most extreme time after time.

Big Fish Man is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on November 19, 2015.

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1 Season, 6 Episodes
November 19, 2015
Cast: Jakub Vagner
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Big Fish Man Full Episode Guide

  • Jakub goes to Thailand on the hunt for a giant freshwater stingray. This is one of the biggest river fish on the planet and, with its deadly barb, is known as "the demon fish" to locals. At up to 300kg, this fish can weigh as much as a horse while also being armed with a lethal weapon. 

  • Jakub's heading up towards the Canadian sub-Arctic on a mission to prove it's still possible to catch a massive Northern Pike - even when their natural habitat is completely frozen over. In the middle of winter, with temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius, Jakub realizes the only way to succeed is to drill hole after hole in the ice covering the pike's new home - the Great Slave Lake.

  • In the Congo, Jakub Vagner searches for a natural born killer. His target is the mighty Goliath Tiger Fish, and he's heading up one of the world's most powerful and dangerous rivers to catch this giant predator with 32 shark-like teeth. Jakub will need to learn from local fishermen and put his life on the line if he wants to land the toughest freshwater fish to catch on Earth.

  • Jakub's on a quest to catch a giant Wels Catfish and reclaim a world record. In 2007, Jakub broke the International Game Fishing Association world record for the largest Wels Catfish ever caught. Since then, his record has been broken - twice. Now, Jakub wants the record back, and so travels across Europe in search of one of the biggest freshwater fish - one that can grow to the size of a man.

  • Jakub travels into the vast Mongolian wilderness on the hunt for a magnificent fighting fish that few people have ever seen. The giant Taimen is a two metre long predator with a cavernous mouth lined with teeth, earning it the nickname "the River Wolf." Along the way, Jakub needs to convince a family of reindeer herders to help him trek to the fishing pools.

  • Jakub ventures to South America on a quest to land the Amazon's largest freshwater fish; he's already got the world record for catching the biggest Arapaima ever - a unique, prehistoric and air-breathing fish. But he's convinced there's an even bigger one, in the remote jungle border region between Ecuador and Peru. And so the trek begins...