Blood Dolphins

Blood Dolphins brings to light the terribly tragic world of dolphin killing and dolphin trading. The series features Ric O'Barry and his son traveling to different destinations with the desire of shedding light on the tragic reality of dolphin hunting. Viewers will follow as O'Barry, with camera in hand, makes the journey to Taiji, Japan where brutal dolphin hunting has been prevalent for many years. While the fight is a long and hard journey at best, O'Barry and son are taking major risks with respect to their own safety and well-being in hopes of one day accomplishing a ban on the sensationally violent acts that still take place at this very moment.

Friday 11:55 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
1 Season, 3 Episodes
August 27, 2010
Cast: Richard O'Barry, Lincoln O'Barry, Kate Tomlinson, Lawrence Makili
Blood Dolphins

Blood Dolphins Full Episode Guide

  • Ric and Lincoln O'Barry's mission to the Solomon Islands continues as they now must determine the validity of reformed dolphin dealer Chris Porter.

  • The Solomon Islands have become one of the great crossroads in the blood trade of wild dolphins. Ric and Lincoln O'Berry head to the Solomons on a mission and with a lot of optimism.

  • Ric and Lincoln are on a mission to stop the dolphin hunt. Initially their hard work delays the hunt, and then they get a disturbing phone call.

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