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Bordertown is an animated series created by Mark Hentemann (Family Guy). It follows two families living on the Mexico/United States border in a southwestern town in Texas. The show centers around two men who are friends despite their conflicts and differnces. Bud Buckwald, who is an American born man with an American born family that includes his wife, Janice and their their kids. Bud makes his living as a border agent. Ernesto Gonzales is an immigrant who has been in the United States for ten years and is happy to be in American with his family and wants to make a better life.

Sunday 9:30 PM et/pt on FOX
1 Season, 13 Episodes
January 3, 2016
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Richard Comar, John H. Brennan, Sophie Barjac, Beverley Elliott
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Bordertown Full Episode Guide

  • When the Department of Homeland Security places El Coyote as #1 on its "Most Wanted" list, Bud and Barracuda both set out to snag him. Bud wants to catch him so he can retain his employment, because he accidentally let him over the border. Barracuda hopes to catch him to reclaim the lead spot on the list. In the meantime, Ruiz is determined to free El Coyote in an attempt to appear "more Mexican" to a lovely waitress.

  • Janice covertly maxes out her credit card when buying an American Gal doll and accessories and gets employment as Ernesto's housekeeper to earn some extra money. Bud, however sets up a plan to get her fired, while Gert looks for vengeance on the American Gal business.

  • An excited Ernesto and Placido find out their most loved TV show is filming in Mexifornia and the Buckwalds and Gonzalezes get tickets to the filming, where Bud's heated reactions land him on the stage and he shockingly becomes a big celebrity in the Mexican community.

  • Gert's unhealthy eating result in a heart attack during the Little Miss Mexifornia Pageant. Unable to pay for the surgery in America, Bud takes her to Mexico to have her arteries cleared and heart repaired. Meanwhile, Ernesto and Maria start Pepito on medication that causes him behave, but they aren't happy with the side effects.

  • The Santa Ana winds introduce a series of weird happenings in Mexifornia: looking for a new energy drink, Sanford visits Mexico and gets addicted to a new, even more powerful brew; Bud assists a Mexican "Bud" look-alike sneak over the border, so he can take a rest from his own life; and Ernesto battles a stubborn demon leaf which even his super-powerful leaf blower is unable to remove.

  • Bud unknowingly becomes drug lord Pablo Barracuda's inside man at the Border Station, as he fights to be wealthier and more successful than Ernesto.

  • Ernesto tries to introduce J.C. into the "real world" by making him work on his crew. J.C. is alarmed by the horrible working conditions and goes on strike, causing hard feelings in the Gonzalez family and in his relationship with Becky. In addition, Bud is followed by an ostrich that he believes is his "spirit animal".

  • Maria's sister delivers a baby, resulting in increasing the Mexifonia population to a Latino majority. Bud determines he must have a baby to balance out the white and Latino population.

  • Bud is given the job of high school football coach after the old coach is thrown out by the local redneck fans. Bud, determined to win, finds a secret weapon - an illegal immigrant he watched gracefully and skillfully run across the border. The kid turns out to be the number one drug mule in Mexico.

  • Ernesto is lured by Bud to attend a new place of worship.

  • Bud helps finance the building of a border wall with confiscate drug money. When the wall ends up hurting the economy, however, Bud looses his job. In order to pay the bills, he starts an illegal immigrant smuggling business.

  • This animated series starts with border guard Bud upset about the engagement of his daughter to young Latino man. Bud is excited to hear that this young man may get deported due to a new anti-immigration law.

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