Botched Up Bodies

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Documentary following some of Britain's top plastic surgeons who correct cosmetic surgery disasters. With exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the renowned plastic surgery unit at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, the surgeons correct the catastrophes and give the victims the boobs, faces, teeth and tums that they have always wanted.

Monday at 09:00PM et/pt on Channel 5 (UK)
1 Season, 10 Episodes
February 16, 2013
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Charlie Brooks, Sue Johnston, Rajee Narinesingh
Botched Up Bodies

Botched Up Bodies Full Episode Guide

  • For 45-year-old Dawn, choosing to have a second breast reduction close to her wedding day was a decision she would live to regret. In the hope of getting her married life back on track, and to find out if anything can be done to repair the damage so she can finally book her honeymoon, Dawn visits plastic surgeon Patrick Mallucci. 47-year-old Deborah decided to have her lips plumped for her wedding. But the filler that was injected caused a horrific reaction, leaving her with hideously swollen and pus-filled lips for her wedding day. Craniofacial surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick is tasked with repairing the damage. By far the most common goal on a pre-wedding beauty wish list is to lose weight. A staggering 96% of women aim to shed pounds, with the average weight loss for a UK bride being 11 pounds and 3 ounces. 38-year-old Rachel had a gastric bypass to help slim down in time for her wedding to fiancé Michael. But following the operation her skin split open, resulting in a deep hole in her stomach, oozing with infection. Can surgeon Peter Arnstein repair the damage in time for her to walk down the aisle?

  • Last year 25,000 Brits travelled abroad for cosmetic surgery and more and more are ending up botched up abroad.

  • A woman’s surgery abroad results in ruptured implants. An operation on a woman's ears gives her a wobbly nose. A hair transplant leaves a man scarred.

  • Bad dental procedures wreak havoc on a man’s smile. Filler causes a woman’s lips to leak pus. A mom’s arm lift leaves her skin sagging and scarred.

  • A mom’s gastric sleeve gives her excess skin. Faulty buttocks injections cause a woman to lose her hands and feet. Iris implants nearly blind a woman.

  • A doctor doesn’t insert implants during a manicurist’s breast surgery. Bad face filler nearly blinds a woman. Bathroom sealant deforms a woman’s face.

  • Patrick Mallucci attempts to put right the effects of 10 procedures that have left beautician Annalee's breasts lopsided, rippled and scarred. Chadwick decided to have his nose straightened following a BMX accident that left it misshapen, but was shocked to wake up from his operation to find out that it was now leaning the other way.

  • Danielle decided to have implants and an uplift, but her boobs ended up uneven and the nipples started to rot.

  • Paul believed that a gastric bypass would help to slim his physique, but he was left with folds of loose skin. Victoria's breasts are still uneven following four operations whilst laser lipolysis burned Siddiga's chin, leaving it scarred and misshapen.

  • Jackie had hoped to boost her bust after breastfeeding left her saggy, but she was left lopsided after one of her implants had to be removed. Alison had an emergency dental operation while stationed in Germany, but woke up to find she had no teeth in her upper jaw left.