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The film entitled Boys Be is centered on the lives and challenges of a group of teenagers as they experience life. Kyoichi who is the main character in the series is a student in high school at the time. He is in love with his childhood friend Chiharu and after telling her the two start dating. However, not long after Kyoichi travels out of town for a short while to do some part time work during the summer break. On the day he returns he sees Chiharu kissing some other guy and decides to break up with her. After that he starts another relationship with Shoko so as to forget what Chiharu did to him. He is a very talented artist and does a lot of good drawings and paintings. At the end of the series he leaves for Hokkaido where he hopes to start a new life, improve on his talents and learn more about relationships and possibly start a new one.

Yoshihiko is a young man who is very gifted in baseball though he does not like playing it. He also gives his friends the impression that he is not interested in girls and relationships. However things start changing when he comes across a young lady called Aya who encourages him to start playing baseball with passion. After some time the two become very fond of each other and start dating.

Makoto is a hardworking young man who is a perfect example of a guy who is obsessed about girls. He has and updated electronic database of all the pretty ladies around him and reads all magazines and books where he can find advice on love and relationships. Sometimes he even searches for single ladies on the internet to find a perfect match for himself. He finally starts dating Yumi.

Chiharu is Kyoighi's childhood friend whom he loves so much but while Kyoichi is away on summer break she starts dating Okazaki.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 11, 2000
Anime, Comedy
Cast: Junko Noda, Michiko Neya, Ken'ichi Suzumura, Akira Ishida, Chie Sawaguchi
Boys Be

Boys Be Full Episode Guide

  • Sketchbook in hand, Kyoichi sets off for the northern island of Hokkaido. His intention is to relax, see a few sights, and draw a couple landscapes. So how does he end up speeding down the highway on a motorcycle with a mysterious blonde stranger? He doesn't even know her name, but together they might just find the answers they've been searching for.

  • The countdown to the New Year and the turn of the millennium is fast approaching, and everyone is busy making plans. What about Kyoichi and Chiharu? When the clock strikes midnight, will the New Year find them together or apart?

  • It's Christmas Eve, but Yoshihiko isn't spending it with his family. He's being dragged all over town by a sexy supermodel in a Santa suit!

  • Loneliness has overcome Kyoichi. He keeps having dreams of old, wrecked airplanes with their tails in the air, creating shadows on the ground in the shape of long, spindly crosses. Even when he is awake, a cross takes him by surprise -- a cross earring that is, worn by a shy, handsome classmate named Takuya. It turns out that Takuya suffers from loneliness, too... could he be the answer to Kyoichi's solitude?

  • Makoto's finally found the secret to true happiness: Dr. Kirara Mitsuboshi's Love Diagnostic Software! This miracle program will sort through all of his carefully collected data on girls and pick out a perfect match! But even when his "destined girl" turns out to a bit out of his league, Makoto refuses to give up. All he needs is a few pointers on how to court her, and the one who's going to help him is... Yumi?!

  • The school's cultural festival is coming, but Kyoichi is still wrapped up in thoughts of Chiharu. As the autumn days grow colder, a new girl takes the stage: Sayama Shoko, a hot-tempered redhead who dreams of being lead singer for the indie rock band Sail. As Kyoichi reaches for comfort, she reaches for support. What will happen when they discover they're both searching for the same thing?

  • Kyoichi is away for his part-time job, and Chiharu is off at a summer track camp... Unfortunately, the two didn't part on the best of terms. While running through the forest one afternoon, Chiharu meets a college senior named Yuki. His friendly charm and carefree confidence are a comfort to her lonely heart. But is he after more than a simple friendship?

  • Natsue's biggest dream in life is to play baseball in the Nationals! There's just one problem: Girls aren't allowed to enter the tournament. Yoshihiko ends up being the bearer of bad news, but even though she'll never reach her goal, Natsue's love for baseball remains as strong as ever. In fact, she loves the sport so much that she wants Yoshihiko to give it a second chance and pick up her dream where she left off!

  • Blue skies, endless beaches, and tons of pretty girls! Makoto and Kyoichi are surrounded by sun and surf as they start their new summer jobs at a restaurant called the Marine House Nitta. Makoto, especially, is in beach-bunny heaven and has his sights set on the lovely Nao -- but first, he'll have to get past Daisuke, her hyper-protective hulk of a brother!

  • It's the rainy season, and Aki's thoughts are drifting back to her old middle-school crush: a photographer named Ueno. When a chance meeting brings him back into her life, she discovers that he's changed, somehow...

  • After a foul ball flies through the school library's window, Yoshihiko volunteers to go get it and encounters a pretty girl... who gives him a kiss, and runs away!

  • One minute, Makoto's driving along on his moped... the next, he's in the accident of a lifetime. The only things broken are his leg, his PDA, and his pride, but he's got a long hospital stay ahead of him. The future seems bleak, until he meets his new nurse...