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Bunnytown is a cheerful town filled with bunnies. They all live together and find carrots, sing, swim together, hike, go to other planets, and so forth. There is a town next door called Peopletown where the bunnies sometimes go to to see humans. There are lots of songs sung and activities that practice spelling, counting numbers, the alphabet, and so on. There is the same song to end each episode. The focus of the TV series is about keeping friendship although there is lots of learning involved throughout each episode. The show is great for a younger audience, (i.e. 0-8 years old).

Bunnytown is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on November 10, 2007.

Where do I stream Bunnytown online? Bunnytown is available for streaming on Disney, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bunnytown on demand at iTunes, Disney Junior online.

1 Season, 27 Episodes
November 10, 2007
Kids & Family
Cast: Andrew Buckley, Polly Frame, Ed Gaughan, Keely Cat Wells
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Bunnytown Full Episode Guide

  • The Bunnytown Running Race, hiking with the Bunny Scouts, basketball with Inventor Bunny, and Red and Fred have caught the fitness bug.

  • A happy song by Jester Bunny, it's Norbert's birthday, rhymes with the Cavebunnies and Red and Fred water the garden.

  • A discovery by Inventor Bunny, a song by Space Bunny, laundry with Red and Fred and the "Show and Tell" song with Louise.

  • A bunny gives us a tour of Bunnytown while Red and Fred go fishing.

  • A tour of Bunnytown, fishing with Red and Fred, xylophone music by Melvin and Beach Bunny teach us a new song.

  • Around Bunnytown you can hear the most beautiful voice.

  • Inventor Bunny invents a happy song and lets us go in his laboratory.

  • Farmer Bunny is taking care of his plants, Li'l Bad Bunny is getting into trouble again, Red and Fred are in the kitchen and the Tortoise vs. the Hare on Super Silly Sports.

  • The weightlifting world record is going to be broken by Barbell Bunny.

  • The Big-Top is filled with the Bunnytown Clowns, Rock and Roll Bunny sings and a present wrapped by Red and Fred.

  • Melvin loses Gwinchy his favorite blankie, Red and Fred take a picture and on Super Silly Sports it's the Clog Dancing Championship.

  • A super duper ice cream cone by Inventor Bunny, a game with Hoppy Funtooth, and Pinky Pinkerton and Super Silly Sports.

  • A surprise party for King Bunny, L'il Bad Bunny tries to take the cake and Red and Fred decorate their house.

  • Harold surprises the bunnies with magic tricks, Red and Fred pick apples and the song "Golden Carrot".

  • King Bunny wants a pet fish, but Jester Bunny has a other pets for the King to see.

  • Four bunnies wait on the bus, the "Never Saw" song and it's "Show and Tell" with clay.

  • The "Carrot Giving Day" song, a card by Red and Fred and vegetables make bunnies pop up to shout.

  • Red and Fred have a pizza party, the song "Bunny Scout Hike" and watch Pinky Pinkerton in the Piggyback Races.

  • Mountaineer Bunny goes on an expedition, the disco pirate Bunny song and the Crunchy Carrot Festival.

  • "Pat-A-Cake" by the Bunnytown Choir, pancakes by Red and Fred and nap time for King Bunny.

  • The Bunnytown school puts on a show, Red and Fred are in the garden and Inventor Bunny makes something special.

  • It's wintertime in Bunnytown. Louise recites a poem, the Cavebunnies go sledding and a show dance off for the Super Silly Sports.

  • Spend time with The Cavebunnies, Space Bunny and Fisher Bunny.

  • Red and Fred play basketball, Super Bunny saves the day and the "Circle Store" song!

  • Visit with the bunnies of Bunnytown, including King Bunny. The "Show and Tell" song by the Bunnytown Choir and Louise.

  • Play with the bunnies of Bunnytown.

  • Meet the funny bunnies of Bunnytown.