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  • 2011

Cable Highlights from MSNBC is a daily news and current affairs program that offers a comprehensive round-up of the day's most important events in politics, business, and world affairs. Airing multiple times throughout the day, the show features a mix of live reports, guest interviews, and expert analysis to give viewers an in-depth understanding of the major issues shaping our world.

The show is hosted by a rotating group of high-profile news anchors and correspondents, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the program. With a focus on breaking news coverage, the hosts provide updates on developing stories as they happen, keeping viewers informed in real-time.

One of the defining features of Cable Highlights from MSNBC is its commitment to balanced and objective reporting. While the program skews liberal in its political leanings, it strives to present all sides of every story, giving viewers a nuanced understanding of the issues at hand. This commitment to fair and accurate reporting has earned the show a loyal following of viewers who trust it to deliver honest journalism without bias or spin.

In addition to breaking news coverage, Cable Highlights from MSNBC also features in-depth reports and investigative journalism on a wide range of topics. From investigations into government corruption and corporate malfeasance to stories highlighting promising new solutions to some of the world's intractable problems, the show aims to inform and inspire its viewers to take action and make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Guests on the program often include high-profile politicians, business leaders, and experts in various fields, who offer their insights and analysis on breaking news and other key issues. The show's hosts are skilled interviewers who know how to ask the right questions, eliciting substantive answers and providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

One of the most popular segments on Cable Highlights from MSNBC is its "Daily Roundup," which provides viewers with a concise summary of the day's top stories in just a few minutes. This segment is particularly helpful for viewers who may not have time to watch the entire program but still want to stay abreast of major developments in the news.

Overall, Cable Highlights from MSNBC is a must-watch program for anyone interested in staying informed about the major issues of our time. With its commitment to balanced and objective reporting, in-depth coverage of breaking news, and inspiring investigative journalism, the show offers viewers a comprehensive look at the most important events shaping our world today.

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  • Premiere Date
    August 22, 2011