This crime drama series features a bitter agent and sniper working for British counterintelligence. Agent Callan performs his duties as a professional even though he no longer wants the job. Following the various exploits of this government agent leads to a look at the dark side of the counterintelligence community and the plots and stratagems which surround this community in the dark, dangerous world of professional spies.

1 Season, 46 Episodes
February 4, 1967
Drama, Action & Adventure, Crime
Cast: Edward Woodward, Russell Hunter, Lisa Langdon, Anthony Valentine

Callan Full Episode Guide

  • The KGB Agent Richmond is on the run. He manages to find a safe house with a sleeper, and stays there for some days. Callan and Meres track him down to this address, but find that he has already fled.Eventually Callan and Richmond have a confrontation in a warehouse, and Lonely gets involved.

  • Richmond is still on the loose. SIS have information that the KGB are interested in one of their agents, a woman called Flo who is presently serving 14 years in Wormwood Scrubs.Callan removes Flo to a safe house, but she escapes and finds Richmond. Callan and Toby Meres track her down, but when they arrive they find that events have taken a tragic turn.

  • Callan, Meres and Lonely are using the taxi to observe the comings and goings of a man called Harcourt, a professional killer who has been hired to kill a Field Marshall.Meres follows Harcourt but gets caught. Callan rescues him just in time, and it is then decided that Callan will impersonate Harcourt and find out as much as possible about the plan to kill the Field Marshall.Callan sucessfully makes contact with the contractors, a girl called Kristina and a young hired assassin called Lafarge.

  • One evening while Lonely is moonlighting with the Department's taxi he picks up a fare and is horrified when one of the passengers, a well known gangster, is gunned down after being dropped off at his destination. Lonely becomes a hunted man, wanted by both the police and the underworld as the only witness to the incident.In fear he turns to Callan who is furious that Lonely has used the taxi, or MCF (mobile communications facility), for commercial gain. However, it is Callan who must get Lonely off the hook and with the help of Meres the gangsters involved in the killing get a lot more than they had bargained for.

  • SIS Agent Cross injures a fourteen year old Russian girl by accidentally hitting her on the head. She has sustained brain damage and lies paralysed in hospital.Dr. Snell is certain that Cross is cracking up, and feels that Cross shouldn't go on any more jobs for the present. Callan, who controls the section, disagrees and sends Cross on a mission to guard a Soviet poet while Meres is employed following the Russian KGB assassin Borov. During the mission Borov attempts to kill the poet, and Cross is shot and killed.When he hears that Cross has been killed, Callan breaks all the rules by going out on the job himself. He locates Borov and shoots him. Borov's last words are: 'He let me kill him'.Callan is suspended from the job of Hunter by Bishop, and Dr. Snell tells him that Cross was really seeking a way out, and had committed suicide.(Pictured at right is Edward Woodward as Callan with Russell Hunter as Lonely).

  • Bishop tells Callan that a British official working in Moscow has been expelled as a spy, despite the fact that he isn't one. In return, Bishop says that they must expell a Russian embassy employee and they must harass one of them until he wants to go back.The job of harassment is handed to Cross. The man is named Medov and he is the cultural attachee to Moscow with a wife and young daughter. In the end Medov cracks under the strain, and approaches Cross asking for asylum. He says that once you start being harassed you become suspect. While all this is happening, Medov's young daughter attacks Cross who accidentally strikes her over the head with his gun butt. The girl ends up in a critical condition in hospital with brain damage.(Pictured at right is Patrick Mower as Cross).

  • Hunter No. Four is leaving the Department, and he and Bishop decide that Callan would be a good replacement. Very much against his will, Callan takes up his position as the new Hunter only to find that a red file exists with Lonely's name on it. There is also a hit out on Callan himself.Callan hasn't seen Lonely since his time as a prisoner of the KGB. He tracks Lonely down and tries to arrange for him to leave the country with false papers, but the plan goes wrong. Fairly soon it becomes apparent that whoever is trying to kill Callan is using Lonely as bait.(Pictured at right is Edward Woodward as David Callan).

  • A murdered man is found in the river. In his pocket he is carrying a card bearing the ace of spades motif.Amos Green, an extreme right wing politician who believes that all coloured people in Britain should be returned to their home of origin receives a similar ace of spades death card. The Section are called in to act as body guards, and to find out who is responsible for the hit. (Patrick Mower pictured at right)

  • KGB agent Lubin gives himself up to the police knowing that he is safe from Hunter's Section in a British prison cell. He has a list of names of British agents working in Europe, all of whom are marked for death, and Callan's name is among them.Callan arranges for Lonely to be transferred to the same prison as Lubin and he and Cross disguise themselves as KGB Officers and arrange to break Lubin out of prison. They intend to kill him as quickly as possible, but unfortunately Lonely gives the game away and Lubin escapes.(Patrick Mower and Edward Woodward pictured at right)

  • Mark Tedder is suspected of being a KGB agent, but nobody is really sure. When he becomes engaged to Beth Lampton, a NATO Translator, the Section gets edgy, worrying about the secrets which Beth could tell her husband.Hunter orders Callan and Cross to do something to break up this engagement, and in the end they are successful but the results of their interference are tragic.(Patrick Mower and Stephanie Beacham pictured at right.)

  • Lady Janet Lewis is the widow of Sir Colin Lewis, a very prominent public servant. She is approached by Joinville, a Frenchman who claims to be a TV producer. Joinville wants to do a documentary on the late Sir Colin's life, and Lady Lewis agrees to this as he is offering ten thousand pounds and she has two small sons and needs the money.Hunter tells Callan that this must be stopped as Lady Lewis may unwittingly be indiscreet. Callan visits Lady Lewis and persuades her to change her mind. Lady Lewis is attracted to Callan and he to her, and a romance begins between the two.Tragedy is never far off when Callan is involved, and things soon take a turn for the worse. Cross finds himself in danger from a KGB hitman and Callan must act decisively.(Edward Woodward and Zena Walker pictured at right)

  • Liz is late for work and Hunter is so anxious that he puts The Section on Red Alert. Liz is in a red file as she probably knows more about the Section and its workings than anybody else.Hunter tells Callan a bit about Liz. She is of Polish origin, having escaped the Nazis but being the only person in her village to do so, both her parents dying at the hands of the Nazis. Brought to England, she was adopted by a couple called March. They were killed in a road accident by a drunken driver five years earlier. Liz has no family at all, and her life is rather a solitary one.Callan soon finds that Liz has been taking shooting lessons, and also that a revolver is missing from The Section. Coinciding with this is the arrival in London of Sabovski, a man who is a wanted war criminal, and who was responsible for the deaths of Liz's parents and their entire village in Poland. Callan discovers that Liz has been dating Cross, which is against the Section's policy.It is a race against time for Callan and Cross to find Liz before she kills somebody or gets killed herself.(Lisa Langdon and Joseph Furst pictured at right)

  • Agent Cross makes a mess of an attempted assassination of the KGB agent Palanka, and an innocent man dies in Palanka's place. Unfortunately Callan was an observer to the man's death and is summonsed to appear in the Coroner's Court.The Section decide that they will use a man previously injured by Palanka, a Czech national by the name of Karas, as bait to lure Palanka out of hiding.Callan gives his evidence to the Coroner, and the verdict satisfies all those concerned.

  • Callan has almost entirely recovered physically from the bullet wound to the lung which Meres gave him, but psychologically he has been damaged. Dr. Rose tells Hunter that Callan's aggression has lessened, that Callan is worryingly mild-mannered, but Hunter wants him back the way he was.During the five months that he has been in hospital Callan's flat has gone, and Lonely has been sent to prison for stealing. One of the first things which Callan does is to visit Lonely in Brixton where he has been remanded in custody. Callan tells Lonely that he will get him out.The agent Cross makes his first appearance in this episode, replacing Meres who has been sent to America.

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