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The Walker, Texas Ranger series is a television drama that stars Chuck Norris. It takes place in the Western United States and prominently features the use of martial arts techniques. This show has built up a following over the years, which made it one of the highest rated action television shows during its run. The plot lines for most episodes revolved around crime solving and detective work, with brief action scenes mixed within.

There were a number of characters that appeared alongside Chuck Norris throughout the run of the show. Clarence Gilyard starred as Sgt. James Trivette, who was Norris' partner and a fellow Texas Ranger. He appeared in all of the episodes of the series, except for two. Sheree J. Wilson and Noble Willingham both made frequent appearances as well. There have also been a number of famous actors who made guest appearances throughout the shows run as well, including Tobey Maguire and Mila Kunis.

9 Seasons, 202 Episodes
April 21, 1993
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Walker, Texas Ranger Full Episode Guide

  • Walker and Alex are so excited about the arrival of their new baby that they start decorating the nursery with everything a baby could want and more. Meanwhile, the Rangers stumble onto a movie set and become stars for a day, and Walker and Trivette participate in a charity motorcycle ride. (Taken from the CBS Homepage)

  • Walker and the Rangers try to intercept a huge black-market arms deal where "blood diamonds" are traded for weapons. At the same time, and outbreak of the Ebola virus threatens Alex. (Taken from the CBS Homepage)

  • When high-tech carjackers wreak havoc in Texas and kill Gage's old high school sweetheart, the Rangers make it their mission to bring the murderers to justice, while Gage learns to deal with his disability with the love and support of Sydney. (Taken from CBS Homepage)

  • Sydney and Gage use their undercover skills posing as bikers to infiltrate a meth-making gang. (Taken from CBS Homepage)

  • While kickboxing friends of Walker's visit, the son of a recently jailed mob boss vows revenge on those who put him there--a list that includes Alex.

  • Workers at a Medieval-themed restaurant moonlight as fine art and jewelry thieves.

  • The Rangers have six hours to rescue a billionaire's daughter before she is killed - live - over the Internet.

  • When a lawyer preparing to file a scathing police brutality lawsuit is found dead, Walker investigates.

  • Cooke and Gage go undercover in a nightclub to help the owner thwart a group of gangsters looking to take ownership.

  • To help stop gang related activites, Walker organizes basketball tournaments amongst a group of interracial kids.

  • Four women escape from a bus taking them to Gaitesville Prison. Two of the women and their boyfriends go back to robbing banks. The other two are on the run and end up giving Gage a ride. Alex checks into the case of one of the women, Laura Pope. It looks like her case was mishandled by her attorney.

  • Walker tries to keep a promising young boxer from falling in with the wrong crowd. Meanwhile, the Rangers seek to stop an Ecstasy ring.

  • Walker tracks down a hijacked ambulance containing an urgently needed donor liver.

  • Alex discovers an abandoned infant, and she and Walker become instant parents.

  • In a desperate bid to avoid capture as Walker closes in, The Chairman kidnaps Alex.

  • Walker begins making real progress in ending The Chairman's reign of terror.

  • The Chairman continues to use knowledge gained from his computer hacking to terrorize federal agents, and manages to keep Walker at bay.

  • At a senator's behest, Walker must stop a criminal genius who has infiltrated federal law enforcement computer systems.

  • A professional wrestler friend of Trivette's dies, and the Rangers go undercover to investigate the truth about his death.

  • Walker investigates the mystery of a statue that appears to cry real tears. Meanwhile, Gage goes undercover to bust the dealers of a designer drug called "white buffalo."

  • A rookie officer framed for departmental corruption takes Alex hostage.

  • After Walker and the gang put an end to a baby kidnapping ring, Walker and Trivette must rescue a group of people including Alex and a young boy who are trapped in a collapsing building.

  • Episode two of two. Alex and Walker make the proper preparations for their wedding.

  • Episode one of two. Alex and Walker make the proper preparations for their wedding.

  • While on their trip, Walker, Gage, and Trivette face two deadly situations: a murderous criminal on bail, and a grizzly bear with a taste for blood.

  • Second part of two episodes_4-18. Sydney and Alex are kidnapped by two Mexican brothers that are looking for revenge. Now is up to Trivette, Gage and Walker to save them. Or will the girls end up saving them?

  • Sydney and Alex are kidnapped by two Mexican brothers that are looking for revenge. Now is up to Trivette, Gage and Walker to save them. Or will the girls end up saving them?

  • Walker seeks to bring justice to a Vietnamese gang responsible for murdering the son of his former martial arts instructor.

  • Walker has to stop white supremacists who are out to prevent the racially inclusive Unity Day.

  • A diplomat's son assaults Gage, but is protected by diplomatic imunity.

  • Walker comes back from Los Angeles with Sammo Law to track down a killer.

  • After a powerful laser is stolen, Walker hunts down the thieves to discover they've subsequently had it stolen from them.

  • After his daughter is shot in a bank robbery, an old man goes on a hunt for the shooters along with Walker.

  • Temporarily blinded by a bomb, Walker learns to cope while the other Rangers seek out those responsible.

  • A Santa-suited group hits armored cars; a gang steals Christmas donations from a church where former members now worship.

  • After an amnesiac finds nerve gas at a genetic research facility, they need Walker's protection.

  • After a young boy commits suicide, Walker works to improve conditions at a middle school; Sydney goes undercover as a singer to get close to a club owner.

  • Walker goes undercover inside a prison to investigate enforced prize fighting.

  • As the community prepares for the first annual charity rodeo, Trivette is being targeted by a vengeful father who believes he killed his son.

  • The deaf daughter of an Elvis impersonator witnesses a murder, necessitating the Rangers' protection until the suspect is apprehended.

  • Country Singers Patsy,and Peggy Lynn are kidnapped by Record Pirates hoping to make a killing off the illegal sale of the Sisters Music.

  • Gage and Sidney must go undercover to save Gage's sister who's gone missing, while Walker and Alex go on a camping trip.

  • An indian shaman transports Walker back to the 19th century to prevent a recurrence of a 20th century injustice.

  • Gage and Sydney have to protect an accountant from his criminal boss so he can live to testify.

  • Walker and Trivette must stop a group of terrorists from releasing anthrax into the city in 48 hours.

  • In last year's season finale, a vicious serial killer who set his sights on wealthy members of Dallas society was successfully apprehended, with Walker, Trivette, Alex and C.D. all risking their lives trying to stop him. But when Walker and Alex transported crucial evidence for a potential conviction, their plane mysteriously crash landed and trapped them inside. In the new season premiere, the serial killer awaits his trial, perilously close to being released from custody and ready to flee the country, as Walker and Alex struggle against all odds to get to the courtroom with the critical evidence that will convict him. (Taken from CBS Homepage)

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Texas Senate Makes Chuck Norris Honorary Texan

But it's fake news. He was really born in Oklahoma.

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