Camino a Premios TV y Novelas

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  • 2017

Camino a Premios TV y Novelas is an annual television event from Univision that celebrates the best of Spanish-language television. This exclusive event brings together the biggest stars of the entertainment industry, honoring their talents, and achievements in different categories. The show is a precursor to the prestigious TV y Novelas Awards, which recognize the best of Spanish-language television, held annually in Mexico.

The show is an exciting night, represented by graceful and stunning performances by the most influential celebrities in the entertainment industry. The anticipation, excitement, and glamour surrounding the Camino a Premios TV y Novelas bring together a large audience, eager to witness the spectacular showcase of talent and entertainment.

The ceremony is presented in a joyful atmosphere, breaking the traditional protocol of the awards shows with fun, music, and dance. The performances are remarkable, including the beautiful choreographies, eye-catching costumes, and exceptional stage design. The show promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for its loyal viewers.

The event is a celebration of the creativity that inspires Spanish-language television in several different categories. These categories range from drama, comedy, talk shows, reality TV, and others. The categories serve to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of the most talented artists in the various entertainment segments.

Viewers can expect to see their favorite television personalities, including lead actors and actresses, comedians, and hosts, in attendance. They have the opportunity to witness their favorite television icons being recognized for their excellent work, further motivating them to excel in their respective fields.

As much as Camino a Premios TV y Novelas is a celebration of the industry professionals, the fans are also an essential part of the show. The event acknowledges the role of the fans, creating a platform for their votes to showcase their support for their favorite characters and actors.

Overall, Camino a Premios TV y Novelas from Univision is a must-watch show for anyone who loves Spanish-language television. It recognizes the hard work, dedication, and creativity of the most influential personalities in the industry. The event is an opportunity to experience the glamour, excitement, and joy that defines Spanish-language entertainment.

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Premios TV y Novelas 2017
1. Premios TV y Novelas 2017
April 16, 2017
The 35th TV y Novelas Awards is an Academy of special awards to the best of soap operas and TV shows. The awards ceremony took place on March 26, 2017. The ceremony was televised in Mexico by Las Estrellas and in the United States by Univision.
  • Premiere Date
    April 16, 2017