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  • 2020
  • 1 Season

When car addict Tyler Hoover finds a good deal on a hard-to-find car, he has to have it -- for better or for worse. Usually for worse.

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Bummer Hummer and The Cop Car
9. Bummer Hummer and The Cop Car
March 27, 2021
Tyler finds a (mostly) demilitarized Humvee in Oklahoma for only $15,500 and tries as hard as he can to completely destroy it. He also gets to live out a childhood fantasy when he finds a decommissioned police car, complete with working light bar, PA system, and sirens.
Somebody Call 944/Lightning in the Throttle
8. Somebody Call 944/Lightning in the Throttle
March 20, 2021
Tyler finds a 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo in what looks close to mint condition, but the car apparently has an axle to grind. He also finds a great deal on a ridiculously fast, supercharged pickup truck made famous by The Fast and the Furious and decides to take it up a few more notches from there.
The Jurassic Jeep/Heavy Vetting
7. The Jurassic Jeep/Heavy Vetting
March 13, 2021
Tyler would spare no expense to get his hands on a replica Jurassic Park Jeep, and luckily he finds one that the seller decorated himself for only $6,500. But is this monster actually built for power? Tyler also heads to Denver to pick up the cheapest 1991 Corvette ZR1 being sold in the country.
The Bimmer and The Boxster
6. The Bimmer and The Boxster
January 23, 2021
Tyler gets lured to Shawnee, Oklahoma, for a 1987 BMW 325i with only 69,000 original miles on it, but when he arrives he finds out why the seller is only asking $2,000. Then he's off on a mission to Wynne, Arkansas, to prove that the Porsche Boxster isn't the "lesser Porsche" so many people think it is.
El Camino/Jaguar XJ6
5. El Camino/Jaguar XJ6
January 16, 2021
Tyler finds one of his bucket list cars, a 1975 Chevy El Camino, born from a gimmicky time when the cars had swiveling bucket seats. Trying to up his sophistication game, he also buys a cherry-red 1971 Jaguar XJ6, one with a Chevy 350 Engine swapped in.
Half Price Jeep/Savage Salvage
4. Half Price Jeep/Savage Salvage
January 9, 2021
For only $6,000, Tyler finds a well-maintained 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and nearly drives it off a cliff on Colorado's Skyline Drive. His second discovery is a late-night impulse buy of a salvage-titled but insanely fast 1989 Ford Mustang Saleen.
Beach Benz/Grandma's Toy
3. Beach Benz/Grandma's Toy
January 2, 2021
Tyler visits Houston to pick up a Mercedes-Benz SL 500, which he gets for an insanely low-price due to hurricane damage. He also buys an "old lady" car, only this beast comes from the brief period in time when GM was putting Corvette engines in the Cadillac Fleetwood.
Saab Story/Trucked Up
2. Saab Story/Trucked Up
December 26, 2020
Tyler Hoover finds a rare "Saabaru," a Saab with a Subaru WRX engine, for a great price, and takes it on a dream grand prix course. For his second adventure, he picks up one of the first "sport trucks" produced by Chevy, a 1990 Chevy SS 454, known as the king of the burnouts.
The Lambo and The Bronco
1. The Lambo and The Bronco
December 19, 2020
Tyler Hoover goes all-in when he buys a surprisingly inexpensive 2007 Audi, equipped with a Lamborghini V10 engine as well as a classic beater a 1988 Ford Bronco. Will these rides be keepers? Or will he decide they're not worth the effort and flip 'em?

When car addict Tyler Hoover finds a good deal on a hard-to-find car, he has to have it -- for better or for worse. Usually for worse. Car Issues is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on December 19, 2020.

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Car Issues is available for streaming on the Motortrend website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Car Issues on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo and FuboTV.

  • Premiere Date
    December 19, 2020