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The series explores what would happen if a teenager had a clone. Carl Squared is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on September 2, 2005.Where do I stream Carl Squared online? Carl Squared is available for streaming on Kid Genius, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Carl Squared on demand at Amazon Prime, Tubi TV online.

Kid Genius
4 Seasons, 48 Episodes
September 2, 2005
Cast: Jordan Francis, Emily Hampshire
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Carl Squared Full Episode Guide

  • After watching too much television, C2 imagines he and Carl are just like the partners in a police series. C2 ends up blowing Carl's chance to impress a hot new girl who is interested in him.

  • When Lorna takes a photo proving there are two Carls, Carl makes C2 dress as a girl and claims he is in fact a long lost cousin from Scandinavia named 'Carlotta'.

  • C2 eats a mouldy bologna sandwich he finds in the bottom of Carl's locker and begins to show signs of rapid aging as the mould infects his clone brain.

  • C2's ability to see into the future leads Carl to use the information for his own personal gain. C2's vision of doomsday leads Carl to settle scores with his enemies, which leads to his own personal pain.

  • C2 accidentally makes the football team. While his clone takes a pounding on the field Carl takes advantage of the attention and privileges afforded a star athlete.

  • Carl tries to score points with Skye by making C2 become a Vegan. The lack of red meat protein raises havoc with C2's doggie DNA, and Carl finds himself being stalked by his hungry carnivore clone.

  • When C2 accidentally causes the breakup of everyone's favorite band, Carl gets the blame and is pursued by an angry mob of fans bent on breaking HIM limb from limb. Carl attempts to reunite the band.

  • After a strange midnight encounter Carl is sure he and C2 were abducted by aliens, and C2 is still being held captive! Clues gradually reveal the truth is out there - but it's a lot more close to Earth than Carl imagined.

  • C2's poem wins Dr. Crashman Mother of the Year, and Carl attempts to send C2 in his place for the grand prize Mother/Son Spa Day so he can play paintball with Jamie. In the end, Carl is forced to endure the spa day.

  • A dispute over a long overdue library book leads internet devotee Carl Crashman to stubbornly forsake the library forever, saying all he needs is his trusty computer... something he might regret saying.

  • Carl takes his clone to school to help him decorate the gym for the spring dance. When Lorna starts seeing two Carls, investigations lead her to Carl's blog, and the startling conclusion that Carl Crashman has a clone!

  • Carl is happy to be the star of Jamie's zombie movie, until he learns Jamie has cast Lorna as his 'love interest'. If Carl quits it will mean Jamie's film is ruined, so it's up to C2 to be the best zombie he can be.

  • Carl's dispute with long time nemesis Ron Bronson over who is the best virtual snowboarder escalates, leading the boys to the steep slopes of the local ski hill, where they trade virtual obstacles for real live danger.

  • Having wowed the judges in the last episode, Carl finds himself competing with Jamie and Skye to see who will become the next Teen Superstar. Trouble brews when Carl sends C2 in his place for some promo obligations

  • C2 auditions for 'Teen Superstar' against Carl's wishes, and makes it to the elimination round thanks to his incredibly horrible singing. Carl has to take the stage to salvage C2's reputation.

  • Jamie bets Carl that he can't go a whole day without switching out with his clone. So Carl gives C2 the day off while he tries to juggle everything!

  • When Mr. Agar has the Skatepark turned into a botanical garden, Carl wages war! Jamie and C2 convince pro-boarder Wheels Wallace to help their cause, but it isn't going to be easy.

  • When Carl sends his clone to get a job at Buccaneer Burger, C2 becomes so efficient he gets Lorna fired, and vows never to return to work! Carl takes over, but creates a mess and is fired. Carl finds a cooler job...

  • After sneaking out of the house with Jamie for an overnight camping trip, Carl winds up lost in the woods, clothes torn and covered in mud. Jamie enlists C2 to help with the rescue, but they mistake Carl for Bigfoot!