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Follow the 6 members of the Duckport Adventure Club on their exciting daily activities from volunteering to exploring hidden treasure. Suzy's Zoo: Adventures in Duckport is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on January 2, 2015.

Where do I stream Suzy's Zoo: Adventures in Duckport online? Suzy's Zoo: Adventures in Duckport is available for streaming on Kid Genius, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Suzy's Zoo: Adventures in Duckport on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Kid Genius
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
January 2, 2015
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Suzy's Zoo: Adventures in Duckport Full Episode Guide

  • Suzy and her friends make a new Halloween friend, Frederick Furflapper.

  • Suzy and her friends help Grandma Gussie with her vegetable patch and apple picking.

  • Emily inspires her friends to do good deeds and become better citizens.

  • Suzy and her friends help Stanley sort and deliver the mail when he goes out of town.

  • Mayor Fripp holds a concert to celebrate the new Duckport gazebo.

  • Suzy and Corky help Gramma Gussie with her laundry so that she can go out on the town.

  • On games day, Emily dresses up as a nurse to take care of all of her friends in case they get hurt.

  • Suzy and her friends help Mrs. Nestor find her chicks when she loses them sping cleaning.

  • Suzy and her friends go on an overnight camping trip for school.

  • Suzy and her friends stage the annual Duckport play for the town.

  • Ollie tries to drive the Adventure Wagon, but ends up crashing it instead.

  • Gramma Gussie and Suzy grow a pumpkin to enter in the county fair.

  • Suzy and her friends find a fish in a pail and determine that he must be a magic fish.

  • Boris hides in his cave while Suzy and her friends look for dinosaur bones in the marsh.

  • When Boris forgets to wake up, Suzy and her friends get him an alarm clock.

  • Jack and the Adventure Club make their first kite.

  • Suzy and her friends learn all abot fossils and dinosaurs from Boris.

  • Suzy and her friends help Stanley deliver the mail when he gets a cold.

  • When Boris comes down with Dinoenza, Suzy and her friends must find a new way to get to the harvest festival.

  • Suzy and her friends compete in a bake-off at Gramma Gussie's house.

  • Suzy and her friends try to cheer Boris up on Apatosaus day.

  • Suzy and her friends going on a camping trip.

  • Suzy and her friends take a trip to the Duckport Museum and go on a treasure hunt.

  • Penelope and Emily make pots for their friends. They just don't know how to get them to town.

  • Suzy and her friends have the day off school to volunteer around Duckport.