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Thomas Edison Secret Lab Full Episode Guide

  • Marooned on the moon on December 24th by Rupert and the elves, the Secret Lab Kids have only a few hours left to get back to Earth, restore Santa Claus to his sleigh and save Christmas.

  • With Bob (Santa Claus) and Von Bolt stranded on the Moon, the Kids must figure out how to devise space suits so they can travel in Rupert's super-duper jet to rescue them.

  • With time running out, the Edison kids have only to perfect the cloaking technology to complete their new airship - right after they figure out how to get back inside the impenetrable mountain lab they're locked out of, that is!

  • While the kids try to solve the payload problem for Bob's secret craft (with Rupert hindering their efforts), Von Bolt believes he uncovered proof in form of a tiny wrapped present that Bob is Santa Claus.

  • The Secret Lab kids race an impossible deadline toÊfinish a secret new aircraft for the mysterious, jovial character named "Bob".

  • When an old friend of Edison's visits the lab and asks the Secret Lab Kids to help him with an urgent, top-secret project, they have to follow him through a wormhole to get to his own secret lab

  • When Von Bolt with his eyes, The Secret Lab Kids grow an assortment of fantastical eyeballs but when they accidentally get bounced all over town it means big trouble!

  • When Kent feels ignored by the other SLKids, he unexpectedly becomes friends with the ants of Ant-Urbia, who eat a special substance from the Kafloogalator that allows them to communicate with Kent and become a super-organism super-friend.

  • Angie invents a machine that can change the weather but, when Nicky falls into the beam, it's her unruly emotions that alter the weather

  • The Antimatters send the whole Edison complex into the sky by pumping it full of heliumand it's up to Newtman (a.k.a. Kent) to save the day!

  • When Von Bolt accidentally destroys the museum's new moon rock, the Secret Lab Kids must find a way to replace it.

  • The Secret Lab Kids give Von Bolt an upgrade complete with prosthetic skin and now, looking quite human, Von Bolt ends up a top model destined for runway greatness.

  • A growth ray expands a tiny pizza up to gigantic proportions, and the Secret Lab Kids muststop it before it totally destroys their city!

  • When the Anti-Matters steal JD's backpack and discover the portable ALVA, the Edison Lab Kids must concoct a plan to retrieve the backpack before the AMs locate the Secret Lab.

  • When JD and Kent accidentally create a static electricity charged laundry monster, it rampages through town. With the help of Robert Van de Graaff they find a way to defeat the monster's static cling.

  • Kent's youth serum works a little too well and turns the gang into screaming babies

  • Having wrought destruction on the Lab's indoor greenhouse, JD seeks refuge from the consequences of his actions by escaping through the VR Window to the Stone Age.

  • When Kent gets zapped by an electro-magnetic coil, he becomes a living magnet and tries to use his newfound magnetic personal to impress a girl he likes.

  • When Von Bolt loses his memory - including the password to the lab's ticking self-destruct mechanism! - the kids must explore his robot ancestry and with it the history of computers to help him remember.

  • Kent flies Edison's Awesomobile to France to meet Sheila, but he is mistaken for an alien in a UFO, and the Team Kids must rescue him from an Area 51-type base.

  • When the Antimatters create a rogue robot, it's up to the Secret Lab Kids to save the day.

  • Hoping to get on a dance show, Von Bolt wears a remote-control dance outfit! But if he lets someone else dance for him, is he really a winner?

  • JD creates a mini-universe to store his stuff but it grows wildly out of control and starts consuming everything and everyone in the lab.

  • When Kent manages to contact aliens, they land at the Edison complex and demand that the Secret Lab kids help them find a very valuable "treasure" that their planet needs.

  • When the Secret Lab Kids are responsible for a female gorilla breaking out of the zoo, they'll do some heavy lifting to return her.

  • Kent's extreme attempts to cure his toe fungus in time for a pool party cause the fungus to mutate and grow into a fungus-based replica of Kent himself.

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