Ozzid and Suzie

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Fun songs with Ozzie and Suzie.

Kid Genius
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
May 1, 2016
Ozzid and Suzie

Ozzid and Suzie Full Episode Guide

  • Ozzie and Suzie sing the song of the little teapot.

  • Ozzie and Suzie sing together the popular nursery rhyme, Baa baa black sheep.

  • Ozzie tells Suzie, the story of a pussy cat who fell in the well, and how she was saved by a boy.

  • Ozzie and Suzie play with her doll, and as they play they sing the song to her.

  • Ozzie and Suzie see Little Miss Muffet sitting under a tree eating her curds and whey when a spider comes along and scares her away. Ozzie and Suzie sing along seeing this.

  • Ozzie and Suzie sing about shapes.

  • Ozzie and Suzie sing together the song about seasons.

  • Ozzie teaches Suzie the song about transport.

  • Ozzie teaches Suzie about phonics with the help of different names of animals.

  • Ozzie and Suzie stay up late and make a wish together to the stars.

  • Ozzie meets a funny little spider called Itsy Bitsy and sings a song for Suzie telling her about him.

  • Ozzie and Suzie sing a song about a girl called Mary who has a pet sheep.

  • Suzie's doll has fallen sick, so Ozzie sings to her to cheer her up and also tells her the story about Miss Polly and what she did when her doll was unwell.

  • Ozzie sings to Suzie about ten kittens sleeping in a bed and how one by one they fall off.

  • Ozzie tells Suzie the story about the cat playing the fiddle and the cow jumping over the moon. Ozzie and Suzie both sing the song together.

  • Ozzie teaches Suzie the ABC Song, which Suzie is unable to recite.

  • Ozzie and Suzie sing the song of fingers and tells the story about the Finger Family.

  • Ozzie teaches Suzie how to count backwards from five to one with the help of this song.