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Follow the toothfairies in their adventures all over the world as they help children and battle the evil McCavity. The Magical Toothfairies is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2004.

Where do I stream The Magical Toothfairies online? The Magical Toothfairies is available for streaming on Kid Genius, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Magical Toothfairies on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Kid Genius
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
January 1, 2004
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The Magical Toothfairies Full Episode Guide

  • The Toothfairies travel to Cameroon.

  • A New York boys wish comes true when he wishes to go back home.

  • The Toothfairies travel to France to grant a wish for a young girl.

  • The Toothfairies travel to Australia to stop Dee Kay from stealing toothdust.

  • McCavity tries to steal one child's wish. Will it make him happy?

  • The children of Machu Pichu throw a celebration for the Toothfairies.

  • The Toothfairies travel to Rome to find out why teeth are disappearing into the air.

  • The Toothfairies travel to the Caribbean to gather quartz sand for their wishing coins.

  • The Toothfairies travel to the rainforest of Brazil and learn the wonders on this place.

  • A family in Greece goes on a treasure hunt to find the treasure of Olympia.

  • A family in Egypt finds a stray crocodile egg. They call on the Toothfairies to help find its family.

  • The Toothfairies plan a huge party that McCavity and Dee Kay try to ruin.

  • Jan and his friend spend the summer on Jan's father's ship. The Toothfairies enjoy adventures on the seven seas.

  • The Toothfairies travel to Germany to save the teeth of twins from a farm.

  • The Toothfairies travel to Alaska to grant a boys wish to save a baby whale.

  • When Sean, the Leprechain, is caught by McCavity and ordered to grant his wishes, it's up the Toothfaires to save him.

  • Amy, the zookeepers daughter, loses her tooth when it's knocked out by a monkey. It's up the Toothfairies to protect it from McCavity.

  • The Toothfairies visit Florida to encourage a boy named Michael to go to school.

  • The Toothfairies travel to Mexico to protect Toothfairy Town from the evil, McCavity.

  • Learn how the toothfairies mission to collect healthy baby teeth first began.