Robo Roach

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The vicarious adventures of Rube the robotic cockroach and his brother Reg.

Kid Genius
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
September 5, 2002

Robo Roach Full Episode Guide

  • Jockey Shorts: Reg is promoted from dung-shoveller to professional jockey when Sterling Uberbucks needs someone to ride Thunderguts in the next big race. The RoboRoach Show: Rube and Reg are given their own tv show in Sterling's desperate bid to boost his station's ratings.

  • Sluggies: On a glorious morning hike, Rube and Reg stumble upon a rare mountain creature they call a sluggie. Delivery Bugs: Rube and Reg take on jobs as Chinese food delivery bugs!

  • Under the Rainbow: Rube and Reg are wisked away to the magical world of the Leprecants to help the search for their missing King. Bed Bug Walking: Reg is glued to the tv set for the biggest Bug Tussling event of the year!

  • Family Feud: Rube drags Reg to a family reunion up in the Applecore Mountains. Robo-Reg: Reg poses as RoboRoach when two business bugs come to offer Rube a huge endorsement deal.

  • Vexberg 500: Reg builds himself a racecar, and with a little Robo-help, he is sure to win the Vexberg 500 and huge cash prize! Guilty Please: The Widow Black has been released from jail, and intends to settle the score with her former husband - Reg.

  • Bugs with Gas: For once, Rube decides to make a business investment and buys an old gas station along the deserted Highway #1. Insectizoids: When Rube's antennae pick up a signal from some distant friends, he and Reg are beamed aboard an alien spaceship.

  • Political Partying: Reg decides to throw his hat into the mayoralty race, and winds up winning by just one vote! Bugfoot Fetish: Rube and Reg take on jobs as Forest Rangers.

  • Flying Roachinis: When Reg is caught sneaking into the circus without a ticket, Rube and Reg are forced to make good by working backstage as second-class clowns. Cowbugs: Rube takes Reg on a stress-free holiday to the I'm OK, You're OK Corral.

  • A disgraced superhero blows into town and the citizens of Vexberg are soon chanting Megamite!.

  • Rube and Reg are copybugs at the Vexberg Daily Dirt newspaper.

  • Rube and Reg end up as tag-team wrestlers in the Vexberg Bug Tussling Championships.

  • Reg finally lands himself a decent job as Vexberg's new air traffic controller!

  • Reg decides to re-open a deserted beach - and some profitable concession stands! - and hires Rube to patrol the waters to protect the beach from Jowls.

  • Reg hacks his way into Santa's North Pole Network and adds his name to the nice list for a change.

  • While cooking Reg a healthy breakfast, Rube cracks open an egg and out pops - well...a baby!

  • Reg milks an injury for all it's worth, sending Rube on a spree for extravagant gifts.

  • Rube and Reg don their Halloween costumes and go undercover to capture the monster who is terrorizing Vexberg.

  • When Reg insults Uberbuck's glutonous girlfriend, Sterling challenges him to a gladiatorial fight to the finish!

  • Too many bacon fat binges have left Reg overweight and out of shape. Rube designs a super robo-workout for Reg, but unfortunately he falls asleep at the switch!

  • Reg discovers a winning lottery ticket and puts pedal to the metal in Rube's Robo-dragster to cash it in on time.

  • When Rube donates Reg's beloved tv to the Old Bug's Home - it's the last straw! Reg bugs out and winds up in the care of Dr. Pillbug who proposes a radical new therapy: Rube and Reg should never see each other again!