Catherine Cookson's The Glass Virgin

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Catherine Cookson's The Glass Virgin is a mini drama series set in 1870 that tells the story of a young girl named Annabella Lagrange, who finds out about a terrible family secret and consequently runs away from home. She makes a friend on her journey, named Manuel, and together they must finds ways to support themselves. However, Annabelle is torn when she finds herself missing the benefits and luxuries of her upper class upbringing yet yearning the independence and freedom that life on her own provides her with.

Bfs Entertainment
1 Season, 3 Episodes
January 6, 1995
Drama, Romance, Mini-Series
Cast: Nigel Havers, Emily Mortimer, Sylvia Syms, Christine Kavanagh, Jan Graveson
Catherine Cookson's The Glass Virgin

Catherine Cookson's The Glass Virgin Full Episode Guide

  • On the run and in love, Annabelle and Manuel find work in a glass factory and get married, but Manuel's status as a wanted man soon tears them apart.

  • Annabelle heads to Amy's cottage before hitting the road, where she eventually finds work with a family whose servant is a familiar face.

  • Ten-year-old Annabelle is oblivious to her parents' mounting debts, but when she turns 17, her father reveals that her mother is a prostitute.