Catherine Cookson's The Moth

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Catherine Cookson's The Moth is a television drama. Set in England in 1913 it is a twisted tale of life at the time. The main character is a young man who works in a shipyard. When his father dies he is invited to live in his uncle's home. Everything is fine until one day his cousin turns up pregnant. She won't say who the father is and everyone believes the young man is responsible. When he fails to marry his cousin he must leave his uncle's home.

This is the story of the morals of England in the early 1900's.

Bfs Entertainment
1 Season, 3 Episodes
October 28, 1997
Drama Romance Mini-Series
Catherine Cookson's The Moth

Catherine Cookson's The Moth Full Episode Guide

  • As Robert's friendship with the Thormans grows, Dave becomes resentful. Meanwhile, Stanley's decision to sell real estate leads to dire consequences.

  • Robert finds Sarah crying on the side of the road and learns that her violent, alcoholic father is in extreme debt, leading to a tragic confrontation.

  • Carpenter Robert Bradley is cast out of his extremely religious family's furniture business, forcing him to find work with a woman known as the Moth.