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Chasing UFO's is a television series that follows our intrigue with the unknown as it pertains to unidentified flying objects, and poses the question are they real or not? The reality show Chasing UFO's follows a unique perspective then normally outlined in shows that deal with the unknown, as it puts three people together who form differing view points in the belief of unidentified flying objects. The first of the three is a strong believe in unidentified flying objects, the second is someone who strongly disagrees with the possibility of their existence and the third is someone who falls in somewhere in the middle and is unsure which side to gravitate towards.

The television series Chasing UFO's was met with heavy criticism and many people were unsure whether to like the show or not. Critics and the public alike did not give the show above average views, although some people have commented and put reviews about enjoying the show very much.

In each episode it seems that they typically see something to which they could attribute to being an unidentified flying object. The point of this is to sway one of the believers or not believers further in their opinion and to get the person in the middle who is unsure to gravitate towards one of the sides. However, the show has taken a lot of speculation that the characters in the show are paid actors and that the things they see and here and attribute to unidentified flying objects could in fact be fake and be a scripted response.

Regardless of whether the show is in fact real or not, the show attempts to touch on subjects that fascinate all of us as human beings on this earth. We are constantly curious about the unknown and are fascinated to find answers to questions such as are unidentified flying objects real.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
1 Season, 8 Episodes
June 29, 2012
Cast: Ben McGee, Erin Ryder, James Fox
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Chasing UFOs Full Episode Guide

  • The team heads to Mexico to investigate a tiny creature of mysterious origin that some claim to be a baby alien.

  • Erin, Ben and James travel to Varginha, Brazil, nicknamed the "Roswell of South America," because of claims of numerous UFO sightings.

  • Claims that aliens are watching Earth from above are investigated near the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

  • Reported UFO sightings in Phoenix are investigated. Included: video footage from 1993.

  • The team visits Roswell, N.M. and investigate the alleged UFO crash site.

  • The team goes to San Luis Valley, CO to investigate reports of alien abductions and animal mutations. A man who claims to have been abducted by aliens shares his story.

  • The team investigate claims that the government spies on citizens using alien aircraft in Central California.

  • In the premiere of Chasing UFOs, Reports in two Texas towns of mysterious lights in the sky are examined by a team comprised of a believer, a skeptic and an undecided.

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UFO Over Phoenix? | Chasing UFOs Clip (02:37) Flyby or UFO? | Chasing UFOs Clip (01:51)

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