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Close Quarter Battles is a documentary style television series. The focus is on the battles in urban settings. Urban settings are one of the most difficult battles sites any soldier can encounter. War now includes soldiers, police and civilian contractors. It can also include criminals and terrorists. This is a look at the way battles must be fought in the urban areas of the world by the people who must survive them in order to win.

The focus of this show is on the techniques used in order to survive and win in urban combat situations. There are many strategies explored.

Close Quarter Battles is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 3, 2013.

Where do I stream Close Quarter Battles online? Close Quarter Battles is available for streaming on Anchor Bay Entertainment, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Close Quarter Battles on demand at iTunes online.

Anchor Bay Entertainment
1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 3, 2013
Action & Adventure, Military & War, News
Cast: Terry Schappert
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Close Quarter Battles Full Episode Guide

  • Ten years ago, thousands of US and Coalition forces personnel, ranging from elite soldiers to reservists, found themselves in the middle of two conflicts that required an entirely different approach to warfare than they had previously experienced. Learn how Special Forces were integrated into regular units fighting through many close quarter combat situations with a combination of intelligence, high-tech weaponry, and surveillance technologies to find and capture Saddam Hussein.

  • No country other than France operates an elite military force that invites foreign nationals to serve in its ranks. With a reputation for being a safe haven for individuals with questionable pasts, the French Foreign Legion is a true mercenary army that has garnered significant respect within the global special operations community. While examining a raid by the Foreign Legion on a small airport in Iraq during the 1990 Gulf War, explore the nature of the Legion, how it differs from other special forces, and how it prepares for a wide variety of close quarter battle scenarios in conflict situations around the world.

  • An intimate look at what it was like to be an officer on alert for chemical attacks in Washington DC, or an army reservist monitoring suspicious activities on the streets of NYC!

  • Featuring the elite ex-special forces personnel who guard heads of state and the two person teams that protect CEOs in dangerous regions, modern-day bodyguards who must be well versed in CQB.

  • A more contemporary look at a day in the life of a group of civilian army contractors, and how their role has evolved on the modern battlefield.

  • Learn how snipers were used in the Bosnian War, and the tactics devised to combat them.

  • area north of Los Angeles.

  • A look at the legendary JTF sniper teams.

  • A recreation of the U.S. raid on Panama focusing on the reflexes of the Delta Force team from the moment they entered the prison to their extraction from the roof by helicopter.

  • Learn about the untold story of the firefights and CQBs exchanged between the IRA, the British army and the elite SAS.

  • Following the fall of the Soviet Union, many countries remained in dispute. In 1994 a bitter conflict broke out among the Chechen independence movement and the Russian army.

  • Get "inside the heads" of special police personnel, and learn how their use of military-style strategies and equipment allows them to save lives.

  • We take a look at the history of organizations, from the Green Berets, WWII paratroopers through to Seal Team 6, the British SAS, and private contractors, like Black Water and Brown and Root.