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In their quest for world domination, the Nazis endeavored to develop the largest and deadliest forms of military technology. Nazi Mega Weapons is a show outlining the quest of the Nazis to build the biggest, the best and the largest amount of military hardware in the hope of achieving world domination. The show walks the audience through the Nazi developments of tanks so big and powerful that no tanks of today come close to their awesome firepower, super guns that can hurl shells weighing more than some SUVs, and rockets capable of leveling entire cities. These tools of war were part of Hitler's plan to dominate a nation and conquer a continent by winning the war. The remains of these unbelievable and incredible developments can still be seen.

Nazi Mega Weapons accompany a group of various experts on an eerie quest over Europe's beaches, mountains and forests to unveil engineering marvels that were hidden over the decades and the lives of the men who developed them. Using incredible dramatic reconstructions and computer generated imaging (CGI) each film will try to unravel the complex challenges of engineering that they faced and the battles that might have fought by the basic soldiers who help to build, protect and survive the terrifying Mega Weapons of Hitler.

Nazi Mega Weapons is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on February 4, 2014.

Where do I stream Nazi Mega Weapons online? Nazi Mega Weapons is available for streaming on PBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Nazi Mega Weapons on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, PBS, FuboTV, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on PBS
4 Seasons, 24 Episodes
February 4, 2014
Action & Adventure, Drama, Kids & Family, History, Military & War
Cast: Eirik Bar, Philip Delancy, Adam Ganne, Michael Koltes, Chris Wilson
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Nazi Mega Weapons Full Episode Guide

  • The story of the Nazis' fighting retreat from the Baltic to the heart of Berlin.

  • The Nazis use propaganda to motivate ordinary citizens to fight.

  • The Luftwaffe, a revolutionary German air force, serves to annihilate the enemy from the skies.

  • The rail networks most sinister function during World War II was to facilitate the Final Solution, transporting Jew to concentration camps.

  • The railways were the lifeblood of the Nazi empire, a vast network of control across Europe and beyond.

  • In 1934 the Japanese begin designing The Yamato, the most powerful battleship in history. Japan is determined to retain control in the Pacific so builds a ship 30 percent larger than anything their enemies have. Constructed in absolute secrecy, the Japanese go to extraordinary lengths to ensure no detail is revealed.

  • In June 1940, the Nazis set foot on British soil. The Channel Islands, a British territory since the 11th century, is now under German rule. Hitler becomes obsessed with holding onto this small corner of Britain and demands the construct of a network of extraordinary fortifications across the island. In his bid to hold on to the territory, the islands become one of the most heavily fortified pieces of land in the whole of Europe.

  • Once Hitler seizes power in 1933 he transforms his Alpine retreat in the sleepy district of Obersalzberg in Bavaria into a vast mansion called the Berghof. The area becomes a magnet for the most powerful Nazis and Hitler's Berghof a show piece for the Reich. Aided by his most trusted assistant Martin Bormann, Obersalzberg is quickly transformed into Hitler's own fortified fiefdom.

  • The tide of war in the Pacific has now fully turned against the Imperial Japanese forces. In a fierce and brutal island hopping campaign, the Americans are winning battle after battle, rapidly gaining ground in their ultimate goal of invading mainland Japan. However, the Japanese decide that the island of Okinawa will be their last bastion of defense. It is a key strategic location for the Americans, but as Japanese territory, the Japanese will defend it at all costs.

  • By early 1943 Nazi Germany is losing the battle in the Atlantic. Their U-Boat menace is no longer invulnerable to attack; it could cost them the war. But Hitler and Kriegsmarine High Command are one step ahead. Since 1940, they've been planning a submarine capable of fast underwater speeds and phenomenal firepower that will outperform anything that has gone before. Designated the Type 21, it's the world's most advanced submarine: Hitler's sea-faring super weapon.

  • In the first years of World War II, Hitler's Germany crushes its enemies in a series of lightning offensives. A new word is coined to describe this incredible string of successes: "Blitzkrieg" or "Lightning War." Extraordinary ruins scattered across Europe tell the story of a revolution in tactics and weapons which almost gives Hitler the chance to create his Thousand Year Reich.