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Anchor Bay Entertainment is part of Starz Media, and is an American home entertainment and production company. It is involved with the marketing and sale of various movies, TV shows, specials and films all over the world. The movies sold by them are distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Anchor Bay Entertainment specializes in horror movies, such as slasher and cult movies, for example, Prom Night in 1980, The Wicker Man, Children of the Corn and all of the Halloween horror movie series. It was renamed as Starz Home Entertainment in May of 2007, but then got the name of Anchor Bay Entertainment again in the following year.

The first movie it ever released on DvD was The Car in 1997. It went on to put out Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Dawn of the Dead later that year. Many of its films are considered to be horror movie collectables by fans. One of its most profitable movies released was the Living Dead series by George A. Romero.

Besides horror, they have put out special titles such as several children’s movies like the Thomas and Friends videos and fitness videos, as well as a “For Dummies” set of videos, and several anime videos and documentary series. Anchor Bay is also the only company to distribute theatrical titles for Overture Films in the US.

Anchor Bay Films has some of its operations in the UK, Canada and Australia, etc. with its main headquarters in Beverly Hills, California and offices also located in Troy, Michigan.

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