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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

ConQuest 200 is a hunting show that airs on the Sportsman Channel. It follows a group of hunters as they travel across North America in pursuit of the 29 big game animals recognized by the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Unlike many hunting shows that focus on the thrill of the kill, ConQuest 200 takes a more educational approach. Each episode is dedicated to a different animal, and the hunters spend time researching and studying the animal's behavior and habitat before setting out to hunt it. Viewers are treated to a wealth of information about each species, including its biology, range, and preferred food sources.

The show is hosted by Tom Miranda, a renowned big game hunter and writer. Miranda is known for his expertise in trapping and snaring as well as hunting, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each episode. Joining Miranda on his adventures are a rotating cast of expert hunters, each of whom brings their own unique skills and perspectives to the hunt.

One of the things that sets ConQuest 200 apart from other hunting shows is its focus on ethical hunting practices. The hunters are always mindful of the impact that their actions have on the animal populations they are hunting, and they take great care to make clean, humane kills. They also emphasize the importance of adhering to local hunting laws and regulations, and work closely with conservation groups to help preserve wild habitats and maintain healthy populations of game animals.

Another feature of ConQuest 200 that viewers appreciate is its breathtaking cinematography. The show is filmed in some of the most stunning natural environments in North America, and the camera work captures the beauty and majesty of these places in exquisite detail. Whether it's the rugged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the lush forests of British Columbia, or the sweeping vistas of the prairies, the show's visuals transport viewers to some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on the continent.

But the heart of the show, of course, is the hunting itself. Each episode follows the hunters as they navigate the challenges of tracking and taking down their prey, and viewers get to witness the skill and patience required to succeed in the field. In addition to traditional hunting methods like stalking and spot-and-stalk, the hunters also employ a variety of other techniques, including calling, decoying, and still-hunting.

ConQuest 200 doesn't shy away from the hard work that goes into a successful hunt, either. Viewers get to see the hunters putting in long hours and enduring harsh conditions in pursuit of their quarry. But it's clear that the rewards of a successful hunt are more than worth it, both for the hunters themselves and for the audiences watching at home.

Overall, ConQuest 200 is a compelling and informative hunting show that will appeal to both seasoned hunters and those new to the sport. Its focus on ethical hunting practices, deep respect for the natural world, and stunning visuals make for a captivating viewing experience that is sure to thrill and educate in equal measure.

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