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Curb Appeal is a home improvement show that focuses on the outdoor area of the home. People who are not pleased with their home's exterior apply to the show for a home makeover. Those who are selected have a designer come to their home and change the way their home looks.

After being selected, the designer comes to the home to meet with the owners to learn more about what they don't like about the exterior of their home and yard and if there are elements they do like. The designer discusses colors, architectural features and landscaping ideas and themes with the owners. He then leaves to come up with a plan.

The next time we see them, the designer has a drawing of all of the elements he'd like to use to increase the home's curb appeal. The owners look over the plans and discuss the changes that are to be made. Sometimes the homeowners are a little skeptical about the plans that the designer comes up with. After everyone is in agreement, even hesitantly, the designer and his crew will come to the house and make it over. They often construct outdoor furniture, add retaining walls, plants, patios, facades and many other items. Sometimes the owners are really excited to see the changes, and other times one or more of them will not agree with the plan. So instead of a regular home improvement show, this adds the element of tension with it being a bit of a reality show as well.

The big reveal is at the end of the show, where viewers see how the home used to look and how it looks after all of the improvements have been made. There are often dramatic changes. The show also offers different tips to viewers on tasks that are being done that the viewer could then take and apply to their own home.

Curb Appeal is a Reality, Home & Garden series that is currently running and has 26 seasons (335 episodes). The series first aired on October 18, 2003. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.5.

Curb Appeal is available for streaming on the HGTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Curb Appeal on demand at Pluto TV Hulu, HGTV, Pluto TV online.

Weekdays 7:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
26 Seasons, 335 Episodes
October 18, 2003
Reality, Home & Garden
Cast: Bill Beckwith, Kimberly Lacy, John Gidding
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Curb Appeal Full Episode Guide

  • First-time homebuyers call on the Curb Appeal team to revitalize their Spanish-style home and show their new neighbors they care. Traditional Spanish elements are utilized in new ways to update the once-bland abode.

  • Everyone in the neighborhood knows George's home. It sits on the main corner and it's blindingly blue. Designer John Gidding finds that giving this place some curb appeal is going to take a lot more than a coat of paint.

  • Jason and David purchased a dilapidated Victorian home and have been remodeling the inside on their own ever since. However, the outside has them stumped.

  • Dana and Jen are high school sweethearts and have recently inherited Dana's childhood home from his parents. They are desperately in need of Curb Appeal's help in fixing up their hand-me-down home.

  • A seafoam green home goes from beyond bright to elegant with a $20,000 makeover.

  • A home completely surrounded by juniper gets a major curb appeal overhaul.

  • A 1970s pad is transformed into a modern masterpiece fit for a large family.

  • A boring ranch style home gets a groundbreaking $20,000 curb appeal makeover.

  • A young family's bland and dated home gets freshened up while two neighbors get spruce ups as well.

  • Being a local sports talk radio host doesn't leave Dan much free time see to the sad state of his family's front yard. Dan and Chanda want it to be a point of pride, but that's never going to happen without the Curb Appeal team.

  • Jeff and Simone are first-time homebuyers who purchased a run-down Craftsman bungalow. They were excited to get to work on the fixer-upper, but now their house is littered with displays of good intentions gone bad.

  • A home that was once an office space is transformed into a young family's dream home.

  • Curb Appeal travels to Texas to transform an entire block of homes lacking character.

  • A special family gets a special curb appeal makeover while two nearby neighbors also get spruce ups.

  • A cottage lacking character is transformed into a charmer, as are two nearby neighbor's homes.

  • The Cornejo family bought a home knowing it as a fixer-upper, but they had no idea what they were getting into. After gutting the inside to make it livable, they've run out of money, but are still making the improvements they can.

  • Two friends love their neighborhood as much as their new Victorian home. However, they are at a loss on how to transform their "dowdy dame" into the belle of the block that matches their outgoing personalities.

  • The team transforms an overgrown and neglected bachelor pad into a tranquil and modern space fit for newlyweds.

  • An engaged couple loves their new house but hates its curb appeal. The front door is broken, the porch has overspray of the despised house color and the lawn is only kept alive because their neighbor sneaks over to mow and water.

  • A young family's yard with dead roses, dead grass and a bad paint job is transformed into a low-maintenance space that fits in with the rest of the block.

  • A bright green home is transformed into a timeless Tudor-style home fit for a young family.

  • A hardworking police detective is given a $20,000 curb appeal makeover along with two of her neighbors.

  • An eroding estate, as well as a nearby neglected roundabout, get much-needed curb appeal makeovers.