Curious and Unusual Deaths

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Discovery channel aired Curious and Unusual Deaths not long ago and it was a highly interesting series on strange deaths. It was a six episode series that explored some of the oddest and sometimes, grizzly deaths that have ever happened to a human being. Some of the deaths could have been avoided but they were and are curious and unusual deaths.

For instance, there was a salesman who sold Bibles who was struck by lightning but it happened under a cloudless sky. It shouldn't have happened, but it did. Then another strange death occurred when a woman drowns in her cat dish but with only three inches of water in it!

Still another strange death occurred in Manhattan in 1945 when a scientist by the name of Harry K. Daghlain was working on the Manhattan Project and somehow accidentally put two deadly materials together. Once the materials hit each other, there was a nuclear reaction which killed the scientist.

Another odd death occurred in Canada when a lawyer by the name of Garry Hoy ran into a very thick glass window on the 24th floor of the Toronto Dominion Tower. The odd thing about this was that he ran into the window to prove that the window would not break; and that he would be alright. Shockingly, the window did break and he fell to his death, into a room of interns.

This series was strange to watch but highly interesting and also showed what can happen if we're not careful or aware of our surroundings. This series also showed what can happen to anyone at anytime and it may not be the fault of anyone but only a mixture of time, chance and circumstance. Some episodes were very interesting but at the same time, shocking and hard to believe.

Crime & Investigation Network
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
October 31, 2009
Cast: Steve Herringer, Lou Bloomfield, Peter Lin
Curious and Unusual Deaths

Curious and Unusual Deaths Full Episode Guide

  • Suction in a hot tub traps someone, a diving bell decompresses and a senior citizen's violent sneeze.

  • Death by answering the phone, a deadly canister and a laptop catching fire.

  • A football player dies in a sand hole on the beach, a caver gets stuck and a cosmonaut causes a fire.

  • A pressure cooker explodes, a couple is killed in a restaurant, and a wrestler is killed of dehydration.

  • An employee killed power washing, fumes from a carpet kills a woman, and honeymooners are killed by poison gas.

  • Gum and potassium chlorate, and smallpox from taking photography.

  • A kite, a snake and a golf club are all causes of death in this episode.

  • A tanning booth death, death by bronchial infection and a fatal vitamin overdose.

  • The curious deaths of Brandon Lee, Rasputin and Isadora Duncan.

  • A homemade sauna, an electric chair kill 2 men and an amateur repairman is electrocuted.

  • A booby trap claims the life of a gardener, a saleswomen, and a retired engineer.

  • Ray Chapman, a shortstop, dies on the field in the 1920's when a pitch hits him in the head and other sports deaths.

  • Radiation poisoning, parachute gone bad, and hoarders.

  • Six years having an injured toe, 50 straight hours of game playing, and frostbite.

  • Deaths from fugu fish, a stingray, and in a barrel over Niagara Falls.

  • A drinking contest, a spitting contest, and a dancing contest - all caused curious deaths.

  • A pet lover falls into a cat dish filled with less than three inches of water; an impatient man finds a way to make his lava lamp work faster; a bricklayer is provoked to laugh for 25 minutes straight.

  • A Bible salesman is struck by lightning under a cloudless sky; a nuclear scientist accidentally explodes his research; a lawyer tests a glass window on the 24th floor.

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