Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison

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Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison is a reality show that reveals the thoughts and opinions of the mothers within a group of young dancers. This television show captures the drama that occurs in the world of dance. Jennifer Ellison stars as the dance coach.

Mondays 9:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
1 Season, 10 Episodes
October 20, 2014
Cast: Tayluer Amos, Sam Dennis, Jennifer Ellison, Chloe Fenton
Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison

Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison Full Episode Guide

  • Highlights from the series are shown.

  • The dancer sand the mums head to Portugal for the dance world cup.

  • Jennifer gives each of her dancers a solo routine in preparation for their trip to Portugal for the Dance World Cup.

  • Jen alters the group dynamic when she introduces two boys and their mums.

  • Jen declares this week as 'Street Dance' week even though the competition is a very straight-laced and posh affair. How will the controversial routine go down with the upper classes? And to top it off, Jen announces a new addition to the team.

  • Jen is in tears after expelling Chloe Sr's mum Carol. One girl is taken to casualty.

  • Jen has to hold auditions to fill the gap left by Chloe Sr, who was kicked off the team because of her mother.

  • We meet the dance mums and their daughters who are enrolling in pregnant Jennifer's dance school. Jennifer sets the girls a challenge from the off asking them to form the 'Dance Mums Pyramid' which will help her to rank the girls on how well they dance. Sam's mum Charlotte isn't impressed by the position her daughter is in and soon threatens to leave as Charlotte quickly bonds with Danielle. Danielle's daughter Aleah is currently the groups weakest dancer and has been having private lessons behind Jen's back in hopes of improving her skills. Jen finds out and isn't impressed. The team then travel to their first competition of the week in Wales. In the dressing room a argument erupts between Danielle and Carol.