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The television series is about a couple of high school students who have a comic book in their possession which shows events that are about to happen to them and people they are associated with. In episode 11, Sage, who is friend to Cally and Lance, tricks Lance into kissing Cally's pet toad. Unbeknown to any of them, the toad is actually a person known as Omen who had been turned into a toad by accident by a wizard name Doyle who operates a book store that sells comic books and various types of games.

When Cally meets Omen in the school cafeteria and becomes interested in him, she has no idea that he was once her pet toad named Nemo. Lance also meets Omen in the cafeteria, and Oman persuades Lance to skip a class to go to the book store operated by Doyle. When they arrive at the book store Doyle recognizes Omen and realizes that he is there to take revenge for being turned into a toad.

When Lance finds scenes is the comic book him and Cally have, he attempts to talk Cally out of associating with Omen, because he thinks that Omen is going to harm her. She gets upset because she thinks Lance is trying to pick her friends. Omen gets assigned to Cally's class so that he can get closer to her in order to get his revenge on Doyle.

When Cally, Omen and two other students form a team to complete a project for the class, Omen suggests that they do a movie with a horror theme filmed in the school. His main plan is to get Doyle to come to the school so that he can get possession of a book that Doyle has which contains various spells used by the wizard.

The series is filmed on location in Toronto and Dundas, Canada. Jana Sinyor created the series and was the producer for five episodes.

Dark Oracle is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2004.

Dark Oracle is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dark Oracle on demand at, Pluto TV, Tubi TV online.

Saturday 7:30 PM on YTV
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
October 2, 2004
Drama, Anime
Cast: Paula Brancati, Jonathan Malen, Alex House, Mark Ellis
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Dark Oracle Full Episode Guide

  • Lance is finally out of the comic, thanks to the help of Cally, Doyle, Vern and Omen, but while doing it he gets caught in the comic by his evil counterpart, the puppet master, who has secretly directed everybody's life.

  • Everybody thinks Omen is now a hero when he saves Lance from being suck into the "Dark Oracle", but is he really what he appears to be?

  • Omen finally returns to the real world when Vern takes a psychic journey through all the back issues of Dark Oracle

  • Cally freaks out as soon as the kids on a camping trip start vanishing one by one, probably involving the comic book.

  • Dizzy enters a TV singing contest after the "Dark Oracle" predicted that he will became a famous rock star. But he soon understands that for every good thing there is a bad thing when he has the misfortune of picking up an obsessed fan who won't leave him alone.

  • Cally and Lance have to solve two dangerous situations. First, they must control a wild party on their house, and second, they must fight Vern, that has recently gained information about the "Dark Oracle" comic book

  • Cally, and even Dizzy, are worried about Lance: he has been playing an online videogame in an unhealty way. After looking for clues in the new "Dark Oracle", they finally realise that Lance has been playing with his dark alterego: Blaze.

  • Lance is worried about Sage, that has been acting oddly. What he doesn´t know is that an evil version of her has taken over the real Sage!

  • Cally is horrified when she sees that Emmett, her new crush, will have a car accident. So on the day of the fall dance, Cally and Dizzy must do everything to stop Emmett from using his car.

  • Cally is tired about the comic, so she tries to get rid of it. But as soon as she does it odd things start happening in her life.

  • Cally thinks that Omen, the new guy around school, is her perfect match, but Lance doesn't think he is what she thinks. Is he wrong, or Omen indeed has to do with "Dark Oracle"?

  • the comic bool predicts that Blaze will kill himself by jumping off a building whilst Lance gets dumped by Sage because of his worried attitude about this.

  • Cally uses a magical spell while trying to get Annie's friendship back, but she doesn't know that the spell will attract every single one of her classmates except for her.

  • A "bad girl" comes from Quebec to Cally and Lance's school and befriends Cally, after having had a falling-out with Annie, who radicaly changes her actitude for worst. Cally's new friend promises her she'll help Cally get the guy she's after, but Cally is going to know that "you can't judge a book by it's cover".

  • The Stone twins and most of their classmates participate on a "Scavenmger Hunt" around the town, Sage and Lance being partners. During the hunt, Sage gets weird anonymous phone calls, which she thinks are from pranksters--but she wrote her phone number on the last issue of "Dark Oracle". Could the phone calls be from Violet, trying to make contact with Cally and Lance?

  • The fifth issue of "Dark Oracle" predicts that Violet's and Cally's school men fashion show will be a disaster. So now Cally must do everything she can to prove the comic wrong.

  • Jack, a boy Cally likes, has a frightening change of personality, now she must find out what has caused it. Meanwhile, Lance offers his help at Gamerz Cave, and accidentaly discovers that the owner goes to meetings of a secret society.

  • One day, 15 year-old Cally Stone finds a wierd looking comic book on her backpack, after visiting a local comic book store with her brother, Lance Stone. She soon finds out that the main characters of the comic, named Violet and Blaze, are their dark, animated alter egos, and that the comic can predict future events on the real world, such as Cally new secret admirer.