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  • 2010

Decision 2010 was a political news program that aired on MSNBC in 2010. It focused on the 2010 American midterm elections, which marked the first major electoral test of President Barack Obama's administration. The show aired on weeknights at 6 PM Eastern Time, and was hosted by veteran political journalist Chris Matthews.

The show's format was centered around fast-paced discussions and analysis of the latest news and polling data related to the midterm elections. Matthews was joined by a rotating panel of political experts and campaign insiders, who offered their insights and predictions on the key races and issues of the election cycle.

Throughout the show's run, Matthews and his guests provided viewers with a detailed overview of the most competitive races across the country, with a particular focus on battleground states and districts. They also explored the factors driving voter turnout and the issues that were motivating voters, including the economy, healthcare, and immigration.

One of the key features of Decision 2010 was its use of interactive graphics and data visualization tools to help viewers visualize the complex electoral landscape. These included maps showing the key races in each state, as well as charts and graphs tracking the latest polling and fundraising data.

The show also regularly featured interviews with political figures and candidates, as well as live coverage of major campaign events such as rallies and debates. Matthews himself provided in-depth analysis and commentary on the election, using his decades of experience in the field to offer insight into the strategy and tactics of both major parties.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of Decision 2010 came on election night itself, when Matthews and his panel provided live coverage of the results as they came in. With tensions running high and the balance of power in Congress hanging in the balance, the show offered a real-time look at the unfolding drama and provided viewers with up-to-the-minute insights and predictions on the key races.

Overall, Decision 2010 was a must-watch show for anyone interested in American politics and the electoral process. With its insightful analysis, interactive graphics, and in-depth reporting, the program was a valuable resource for voters and political junkies alike. It provided a comprehensive look at the midterm elections, and helped viewers to better understand the key issues and races that shaped the political landscape of 2010 and beyond.

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  • Premiere Date
    October 6, 2010