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  • 1982
  • 1 Season

Doctor Who is an iconic British science-fiction television show that has been entertaining audiences for decades. This particular series focuses on the adventures of the fifth incarnation of the Doctor, played by Peter Davison, and contains some of the most memorable moments from the show's long history. Doctor Who: The Best of the Fifth Doctor revisits these classic episodes, providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane for veteran viewers and an excellent introduction for newcomers to the series.

The Fifth Doctor made his debut in 1982 and immediately became a fan-favorite. Unlike his predecessor, Tom Baker's flamboyant Fourth Doctor, Peter Davison's portrayal was more restrained and thoughtful, creating a character that was both sensitive and intellectual. He was accompanied by a variety of companions, each bringing their own personality and backstory to the show.

One of his most significant companions was Tegan, a brave and outspoken stewardess who accidentally joined the TARDIS crew during the Fifth Doctor's first adventure. Her strong will and determination made her a memorable character in her own right, as well as a perfect counterpoint to the Doctor's more reserved personality.

Another companion who became a fan-favorite was Nyssa, a highly intelligent and compassionate alien who became a regular during the Fifth Doctor's tenure. Her logical approach to problems and her willingness to help those in need made her an integral part of the show's narrative.

The show's stories were equally memorable, featuring a mix of science-fiction and fantasy themes. Some of the standout episodes from this era include "The Visitation," where the Doctor and his companions arrive in 17th century England during the onset of the Great Plague. There is also "Kinda," where the Doctor discovers a unique culture living inside a strange dome on a barren planet that is threatened by a malevolent being that lives inside one of the inhabitants.

Other notable episodes from this era include "Earthshock," which introduces a powerful new enemy in the form of the Cybermen, and "The Five Doctors," a special anniversary episode that brought back previous incarnations of the Doctor for an epic adventure through time and space.

One of the most memorable elements of the Fifth Doctor's era was the presence of the Master, one of the Doctor's most deadly enemies. Played with devilish glee by actor Anthony Ainley, the Master became a frequent thorn in the Doctor's side, appearing in several key episodes and creating chaos wherever he went.

Doctor Who: The Best of the Fifth Doctor showcases some of the most memorable moments from this era of the show, including many of the Fifth Doctor's most iconic episodes. It provides an excellent opportunity for fans to relive some of their favorite moments from the classic series while offering newcomers a chance to experience the magic of Doctor Who for the first time.

Overall, Doctor Who: The Best of the Fifth Doctor is a must-watch for anyone who loves science-fiction or wants to experience one of the most beloved television shows of all time. With memorable characters, thrilling adventures, and unforgettable moments, this series has something for everyone, making it a cultural icon that has stood the test of time.

Doctor Who: The Best of The Fifth Doctor is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 1982.

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The Caves of Androzani, Episode 4
16. The Caves of Androzani, Episode 4
March 16, 1984
Events on Androzani reach a bloody climax. Morgus is ruined, exposed as the one funding Jek's gunrunners, and Jek himself goes on a murderous rampage. Will the Doctor and Peri survive the carnage? And at what cost?
The Caves of Androzani, Episode 3
15. The Caves of Androzani, Episode 3
March 15, 1984
As Morgus continues to plot his political future on Androzani Major, Sharez Jek insanely believes Peri will fall in love with him. The situation on Androzani Minor is building toward a violent confrontation. And the Doctor and Peri are slowly succumbing to spectrox toxemia.
The Caves of Androzani, Episode 2
14. The Caves of Androzani, Episode 2
March 9, 1984
Military captive Salateen tells Peri and the Doctor they are dying from spectrox tomaemia and the only cure is the milk of the queen bat, who sleeps deep below the caverns.
The Caves of Androzani, Episode 1
13. The Caves of Androzani, Episode 1
March 8, 1984
The planet Androzani Minor, the distant future. In the planets' caves war rages between government troops and the android warriors of the mysterious Sharaz Jek. But what makes spectrox, the substance they battle to control, so valuable? And how far will the Doctor go to protect his companion?
Earthshock, Episode 4
12. Earthshock, Episode 4
March 16, 1982
The Doctor realises the freighter is now a huge bomb and manages to send it back through time, where it can explode millions of years ago...but with one passenger still aboard...
Earthshock, Episode 3
11. Earthshock, Episode 3
March 15, 1982
The Cybermen are released from their silos and on the march, wiping out Briggs's crew and ensuring that the freighter remains on course for Earth. But why...
Earthshock, Episode 2
10. Earthshock, Episode 2
March 9, 1982
With her crew slowly vanishing mysteriously, Captain Briggs assumes the Doctor to be the guilty party, but the traitor is closer to home... as are the Cybermen.
Earthshock, Episode 1
9. Earthshock, Episode 1
March 8, 1982
Silent but deadly androids are protecting a bomb buried beneath the Earth from all investigation. However, the Doctor manages to disable it, alerting its owners -the Cybermen...
The Visitation, Episode 4
8. The Visitation, Episode 4
February 23, 1982
The Terileptil heads to the city of London to enact his deadly plan, leaving the now mesmerised Tegan to do his bidding. Can the Doctor release Tegan from the Terileptils evil spell, and prevent the terrible plague about to be unleashed?
The Visitation, Episode 3
7. The Visitation, Episode 3
February 22, 1982
Adric manages to escape while Tegan is brought under the complete control of the Terileptil. The Doctor and Mace are taken prisoner and learn of the Terileptils' plans, while Nyssa creates a machine to protect the TARDIS.
The Visitation, Episode 2
6. The Visitation, Episode 2
February 16, 1982
Having discovered an energy barrier in a cellar wall, the group are attacked by a figure dressed as the grim reaper. Tegan and Adric are captured but Nyssa, Mace and the Doctor escape and find a terrileptil escape pod, the source of the mysterious comet.
The Visitation, Episode 1
5. The Visitation, Episode 1
February 15, 1982
In a 17th Century English village a comet explodes in the night sky and the villagers are attacked. When the Doctor tries to return Tegan to Heathrow they arrive three centuries too early and they find themselves caught up in the villagers problems, including the plague.
Castrovalva, Episode 4
4. Castrovalva, Episode 4
January 12, 1982
Realising the true nature of Castrovalva's reality, The Master, seeing all is lost, flees to his TARDIS. The Doctor and his companions flee from the city, but who will survive as the city collapses in on itself...
Castrovalva, Episode 3
3. Castrovalva, Episode 3
January 11, 1982
Nyssa and Tegan follow the trail of blood away from the Cabinet, trying to find the Doctor while avoiding the feathered warriors in the forest. They eventually spot the Doctor some distance away, but although they call out to him he doesn't recognize his own name. The warriors take the Doctor into Castrovalva with them, but Nyssa and Tegan arrive seconds too late.
Castrovalva, Episode 2
2. Castrovalva, Episode 2
January 5, 1982
The Master reveals to the trapped Adric that he has a further trap set for the Doctor. Tegan searches the TARDIS computer systems and finds a place named the Dwellings of Simplicity on Castrovalva which will be a suitable place for the Doctor to recover from his regeneration, but when they arrive the Doctor vanishes!
Castrovalva, Episode 1
1. Castrovalva, Episode 1
January 4, 1982
The universe has been saved, but at the cost of the fourth Doctor's life. The newly-regenerated fifth Doctor must rely on his friends to survive as the regeneration threatens to fail. Adric has been captured by the Master, who is taking advantage of the Doctor's weakened state to ensnare him in an elaborate trap which threatens to destroy his mind.
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    January 4, 1982